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How CA Technologies Turns Employees into Advocates


Andrew Spoeth is Digital Marketing Director and Head of Social Media at CA Technologies, a large global software company in the application economy. CA Technologies has a presence in dozens of countries and over 12,000 employees, many of whom are engaging on social media.

On this episode, you’re going to learn how CA Technologies is harnessing the reach and business potential of its advocates, namely its employees. You’ll hear Andrew’s two “confessions” and discover how CA Technologies is mobilizing their employees on social media.


On this episode you’ll discover:

  • How CA Technologies is transforming from doing social media to becoming a social business.
  • How social media is used to communicate efficiently internally among employees.
  • How social media can connect to customers and influencers.
  • How social media was identified to contribute to go-to-market strategies.
  • Why Andrew says social has become an integral part of how they do business.
  • How Andrew says paid social became a factor for CA Technologies about five years ago, and how it provides scale, reach, clicks and impressions.
  • How Andrew’s confession is a dislike of the phrase “paid social media.” Instead CA Technologies refers to it as “Hybrid Social Media,” which is the orchestrated effort of owned, earned and paid.
  • How hybrid social media affords a lower cost of engagement and can drive higher quality traffic.

“Social is the driver of connected conversations.” @andrewspoeth

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  • How CA Technologies is using Chatter and Salesforce to involve employee advocates and drive social business internally.
  • How many large technology investments are initiated by the IT department, as was CA’s adoption of Chatter.
  • How the employee advocacy program at CA is a journey and how it has many parallels to their use of public social media.
  • How their internal metrics are around efficiency while external social media metrics are more tied to sales impact.
  • Why CA has conducted training and coaching through their internal teams, as well as through technology vendors.
  • How the social media training at CA involves how to craft messages, addresses alignment with the company tone, provides examples, and recommends their employees add their own opinions to posts.
  • How social media governance begins when employees are going through their on-boarding process, starting with a course on CA Technologies’ best practices, with a one pager of do’s and’ don’ts allowing employees to represent the company well.
  • How content is the core of CA Technologies’ social media advocacy program and how it is managed by their Social Media Center of Excellence.
  • How their content marketing team creates original content and how localized curated content is also made available through their social media advocacy platform.
  • How the executives at CA Technologies have a lot of enthusiasm about social and how Andrew is focused on a cohesive strategy that drives business results.
  • How Andrew and the Head of Marketing Technology at CA noted that social helps to spread brand awareness and create moments that matter with customers.
  • How Andrew listed the 5 steps to social media marketing maturity including developing a presence, engagement, sales impact, and connected conversations.


Featured On This Episode:

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