How to Unlock the Power of Employee Advocacy

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How to Unlock the Power of Employee Advocacy

On this episode I spoke with Eric Nystrom on location in Los Gatos, California. Eric is Vice President of Marketing at EveryoneSocial, an employee advocacy platform used by top brands in the retail, high tech, software, finance and CPG industries. Eric and I discussed why employee advocacy is so strategic to brands across all industries.


Your employees can collectively deliver a larger reach through their online engagement than your brand. Your buyers are more likely to respond to online engagement with real people with domain expertise from your company, as compared to online engagement with your “company logo.” This episode with Eric Nystrom hones in on how to develop and roll out an employee advocacy program. With the recent release of Everyone Social’s eBook, Employee Advocacy Launch Plan, Eric had plenty of fresh perspectives to share for your consideration. Hint: you might want to share this episode with others at your company…


A few pages from Everyone Social’s eBook: Employee Advocacy Launch Plan

On This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • How the role of employees in the enterprise has evolved and the impact it is having on how a business engages with customers and prospective customers.
  • How employees can be a powerful voice of the brand to build affinity in the marketplace.
  • The issues with how the employee engages on social media while at work, versus how they engage outside of work.
  • How social media has changed the way people interact, blurring the lines between personal and professional.
  • How the status of an employee can affect how often they use social media professionally.
  • Some of the challenges are encountered when launching an employee advocacy program.
  • How there must be a culture shift with executive support for an employee advocacy program to be successful.
  • Why a governance policy should be simple and give the employee confidence to use social media.
  • Why business objectives (a use case) must be identified before launching an employee advocacy program.
  • What employee advocacy can do for your business across the enterprise.
  • Why Eric says that by helping employees build their personal brands you strengthen the “connective tissue,” thereby increasing employee morale and retention.

    Helping employees build their personal brands strengthens
    the “connective tissue,” and increases retention.
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  • How employee advocacy relates to social selling.
  • Why Eric says social selling is not about selling, but about driving behavior and awareness.
  • Why B2B organizations are more successful with employee advocacy programs than B2Cs.
  • How regulated industries are seeing results from employee advocacy too.
  • The types of companies seeing the best results from employee advocacy programs.
  • How you need to show employees the value of an employee advocacy program, so they will be inspired to contribute.
  • Why Everyone Social’s philosophy is all about the employee first.
  • The steps involved in developing and implementing an employee advocacy program.
  • How long it will take you to start an employee advocacy program.
  • Why it’s all about the employee first!
  • The need to establish your metrics from the start.
  • The mistakes you should avoid when starting an employee advocacy program.
  • That a successful employee advocacy program requires continuous support and training.
  • That a successful employee advocacy program requires a tool to implement, manage and track.
  • The roles required to implement and maintain an employee advocacy program.
  • How long it takes to rollout an employee advocacy program and see results.
  • The metrics that prove employee advocacy ROI.
  • Why not all employees are going to be impactful employee advocates.
  • Why Eric’s “one thing” is about the importance of investing in your employees to build loyalty.

Featured On This Episode:

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Meaghan Alvarado

Meaghan Alvarado is one of Vengreso's social media and content writing masters. She is a valuable member of our social media client content writing team. She manages employee advocacy, and video marketing programs. Her more than ten years of experience in sales and digital marketing afford her the business acumen and insights to communicate our effectively with amazing results. In her spare time, you can find her practicing or teaching yoga, or watching Shark Tank alongside her husband and three dogs.

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