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The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Hashtags and Growing Your Followers

How do you feel about using LinkedIn hashtags? Maybe you used them for a while and then stopped. Maybe you thought hashtags were only for Instagram or TikTok?

In fact, LinkedIn Hashtags are very useful for getting your content found and engaged upon and can be the key to successful engagement on LinkedIn content, improving your content strategy, and growing the number of followers on your personal profile.

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What are Hashtags, and How Do People Use Them On Social Media?

Hashtags are used in social media to organize and categorize content, making it easier for users to find and engage with relevant content.

Whenever a user adds a hashtag to a post, it immediately becomes easily searchable and discoverable by other users who are either looking for or following that specific hashtag.

Using hashtags can significantly boost the reach and interaction of a post, as it increases the likelihood of it being discovered and engaged with by users who have an interest in the topic associated with the hashtag.

Hashtags are used across various social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Threads, and Pinterest. Each platform has its own set of rules and best practices for using hashtags.

Take Twitter, for instance. It serves as a platform to join conversations and keep up with the latest trends. On the other hand, Instagram is focused on amplifying the reach and interaction of your posts.

two chat boxes with hashtag symbol

Hashtags can be used for various purposes like:

  • Organizing content by topic.
  • Joining a conversation on a particular subject.
  • Increase visibility and reach of posts.
  • Create branded hashtags for campaigns, events, or products.
  • Follow trending topics on a particular subject.

It’s important to remember to use relevant tags and use them in an appropriate context. Using too many or using irrelevant hashtags can make your posts appear spammy and decrease engagement.

Why Should You Use LinkedIn Hashtags

There are several reasons why you should use hashtags on LinkedIn:

  1. Increased visibility: Using LinkedIn hashtags makes your post more discoverable to users who are searching for or following that particular hashtag.
  2. Targeted reach: By using relevant hashtags, you can reach a targeted audience who are interested in the topic of your post.
  3. Increased Engagement: Incorporating hashtags on LinkedIn can significantly enhance the reach and interaction of your posts. By utilizing these hashtags, you can attract the right audience who actively follow or search for those specific tags, thereby increasing the visibility and engagement of your content.
  4. Increased brand awareness: By using relevant hashtags, and creating your own hashtag, you can increase brand awareness and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry.
  5. Stay up-to-date: By following trending hashtags, you can stay up-to-date on the latest conversations and trends in your industry, and contribute to these conversations with your own insights and perspectives.

Do Hashtags Work on LinkedIn?

3d drawing of an open laptop with various icons and images coming out such as a megaphone smiley face a graph and the words marketingYes, hashtags work on LinkedIn. When you use hashtags on LinkedIn strategically, they can help increase the visibility and discoverability of your posts and LinkedIn profile on the platform.

By using tags in your LinkedIn posts, more people who are interested in the same topics as you will see your content. This can give you a better chance of reaching a wider audience and getting more attention from professionals.

Additionally, they can also help you join relevant conversations and engage with other LinkedIn users who are discussing similar subjects.

So, incorporating hashtags into your LinkedIn strategy can be an effective way to expand your reach and connect with like-minded professionals.

What Are Some Best Practices for Using LinkedIn Hashtags?

Here are some best practices for using hashtags on LinkedIn:

  1. Use relevant hashtags: Use hashtags that are relevant to your industry and the content of your post. This will help your post reach a targeted audience who are interested in the topic.
  2. Keep it simple: Use a maximum of 3-5 hashtags per post. This will help your post appear more relevant and not cluttered.
  3. Use popular hashtags: Use these, but be mindful of their relevance to your post.
  4. Create your own: Create your own LinkedIn hashtag to promote a brand, event, or campaign.
  5. Follow trending hashtags: Follow trending hashtags to stay up-to-date on the latest conversations and trends in your industry.
  6. Be consistent: Incorporate hashtags into your posts regularly and consistently to increase visibility and engagement.
  7. Place them strategically: Place hashtags strategically in your LinkedIn posts, for example at the end of the post, so that they are easily found by other users.Ninja Trick!⭐️ The first THREE LinkedIn hashtags that you share will show up in your post’s URL – and that will make your LinkedIn post more findable on Google.It doesn’t matter if you put them in the LinkedIn hashtag in the body of the post or at the end – just be strategic about the first three hashtags you add.The first three hashtags on LinkedIn that you add to your LinkedIn Posts may get you found

Where Can You Find Good Hashtags For LinkedIn?

There are several ways to find good hashtags for LinkedIn:

Where you can go to find and add a relevant hashtag

  1. Use LinkedIn’s search function: You can search for hashtags on LinkedIn by using the search bar at the top of the homepage. By searching for a keyword or phrase, you can see related hashtags that you can use in your post.
  2. Check out competitors: Follow hashtags that your competitors and other thought leaders in your industry are using. This will give you an idea of what tags are popular and relevant in your industry.Find the right LinkedIn hashtag on industry leader's profiles
  3. Use Hashtag Research Tools: There are several Hashtag Research tools available like ‘Hashtagify’, ‘Keyhole’ and ‘All Hashtag’ which can help you find related hashtags, trending hashtags, and hashtag statistics.
  4. Create your own hashtags: You can also create your own to promote a brand, event, or campaign. Use unique, memorable and easy to spell hashtags that relate to your brand or campaign. For example, one LinkedIn hashtag we use is #VengresoVidsCreate a unique LinkedIn hashtag that you and other LinkedIn users can follow

20+ Top LinkedIn Hashtags To Consider Using

3d drawing of balloons and the number 20Popular tags change frequently; some of them are industry-specific; you could easily find LinkedIns Top hashtag by their follower count and number by simply looking them up.

Here are a few LinkedIn top hashtags with a hugh follower count that you might consider using in order to make your content trend:

  1. #innovation – 38M+
  2. #management – 35M+
  3. #digitalmarketing – 27M+
  4. #entrepreneurship – 22M+
  5. #startups – 21M+
  6. #marketing – 20M+
  7. #venturecapital – 19M+
  8. #branding – 17M+
  9. #personaldevelopment- 14M+
  10. #productivity – 8M+
  11. #sales – 5M+
  12. #strategy – 5M+
  13. #culture – 4M+
  14. #business – 3M+
  15. #leadership – 3M+
  16. #artificialintelligence – 2M+
  17. #careerdevelopment – 67K+
  18. #smallbusiness – 812K+
  19. #ai – 619K+
  20. #diversityandinclusion – 77K+

How to Use these Hashtags

These hashtags have gained significant traction and engagement within the LinkedIn community, reflecting the current trends and interests of professionals across various industries.

For example:

  • #Leadership is a popular hashtag that showcases content related to leadership skills, management strategies, and professional development.
  • #Careerdevelopment is widely used to share tips, advice, and resources for advancing one’s career and achieving professional growth.
  • #Digitalmarketing is a trending hashtag that encompasses discussions on digital advertising, social media, marketing automation, and online branding.
  • #Diversityandinclusion highlights the importance of creating inclusive work environments and promoting diversity in the workplace.
  • #Artificialintelligence reflects the growing interest in AI technologies, machine learning, and their impact on different industries.

These top hashtags demonstrate the diverse and dynamic nature of conversations happening on LinkedIn.

Where Are My Hashtags On LinkedIn?

3d drawing of a mobile phone laying down and a big location icon coming out with other social symbolsYou can find the hashtags you have saved and/or are using on the left sidebar of the LinkedIn® homepage.

When you’re getting started with LinkedIn® Hashtags, LinkedIn will suggest a few based on past activity on the platform. Each time you click on them, you end up in a hashtag’s feed which will show you all the LinkedIn articles and posts (LinkedIn company page posts or personal LinkedIn profile posts).

Find and follow hashtags on the left rail

Hashtags on LinkedIn are typically located within the text of a post or update. When you are creating a post, you can include hashtags within the text of the post by including the “#” symbol before a word or phrase.

For example, if you wanted to use the hashtag “productivity,” you would include the text “#productivity” within your post. Once the post is published, all the other hashtags used will be hyperlinked to the other hastag feeds, so that users can click on them to see other posts that also use that same hashtag.

You can also add hashtags to your headline when you are publishing an article on LinkedIn.

When you’re viewing other people’s posts, you’ll see how many hashtags appear as hyperlinked words, usually at the end of the post. You can click on the hashtags to see other posts that use the same hashtag.

Create a Strategy for Using LinkedIn Hashtags

Develop a strategy around relevant LinkedIn hashtags for your personal brand. Do some research and find out how many followers other popular hashtags you may want to monitor.

  • Finding the right hashtags on LinkedIn to follow is also a great way to find prospects or other LinkedIn users to connect with. Though you cannot trademark LinkedIn hashtags, there are plenty of relevant ones to discover and follow. (For example, if you’re looking for more valuable content from me and Vengreso, check out  #VengresoVids)
  • Following the right LinkedIn Hashtags that are relevant to you allows easy access to engage with posts.
  • When you start to write a post from within a hashtag feed, LinkedIn® adds in the hashtag for you.
  • And when you are writing new content, LinkedIn will also suggest adding relevant hashtags just for you.

How Many LinkedIn Hashtags Should You Use?

3d drawing of a circle and a plus sign inside for linkedin hashtagsFirst, there is no limit to the number of hashtags you can use on LinkedIn. If you use 10 broad hashtags on a LinkedIn post, your post will appear in all 10 communities. However, it’s only up to three hashtags that your post can be theoretically amplified in.

Yes, it’s the first three in the order by which they appear in your post that LinkedIn will give the post the opportunity to be visible.

There is a hashtag strategy you can leverage to gain followers and find the right audience or target audience. Here is some valuable advice from our CEO at Vengreso, the creators of FlyMSG, a text expander and AI writing assistant, on effectively utilizing them in your social media marketing.

  • 3 Macro and 0 Micro hashtags on LinkedIn
  • 2 Macro and 1 Micro hashtag

Macro and Micro Hashtags

What is a macro vs. micro hashtag?

Think of a macro hashtag as a very large broad hashtag whereas micro is much smaller and more applicable to niche hashtags.

Suppose you were composing a post on sales, for instance. In this case, you could opt for two popular or broad hashtags such as #sales, followed by 5 million users, and #entrepreneurship, followed by a staggering 22 million users.

For the micro niche hashtag you might choose #socialselling or #prospecting which has less than 20K followers.

I recommend:

  1. One to two popular hashtags (with 50K or more followers) such as “#Productivity” or “#WFH”
  2. One to two “niche’ hashtags, that are specific to your industry, which have fewer but more focused followers (like “#AutoTextExpanders”)
  3. One to two unique (or even branded) hashtags to help increase discovery of your content, and help your employees find and share company content, (like “#VengresoVids” or “#VengresoPics” or “#FlyMSG”)

At the end of the day, it’s your content marketing and social media marketing strategy so EXPERIMENT!

How to Use the FlyMSG LinkedIn Hashtag Hack

Let me show you a quick and easy hashtag hack using FlyMSG.

Often times, you find yourself using the same hashtags time and time again. They should be a combination of popular hashtags, niche hashtags, and unique to you. (Remember, you can actually find hashtags in the creator profiles of influencers that you follow.)

Once you have compiled your list of recommended hashtags, simply add them to FlyMSG. I recommend creating a category called “hashtags” so that you can easily add clickable hashtags to find, edit and customize them.

And then simply add the hashtag using your FlyCut you already created when you share your content on your socials.

Here’s how to do it👇🏻

The Benefits of Following LinkedIn Hashtags

Following LinkedIn hashtags can bring several benefits to professionals and businesses alike. One of the primary advantages is the ability to stay updated on specific topics of interest. By adding hashtags relevant to your industry or areas of expertise, you can create personalized hashtag feeds on LinkedIn. These feeds will curate posts, articles, and discussions containing the those you follow, ensuring you receive the most relevant and up-to-date information in your feed.

LinkedIn analytics also provide valuable insights into the performance of your posts. By using these, you can track the reach and engagement of your content associated with specific tags. This data enables you to gauge the effectiveness of your hashtag strategy and make informed decisions to optimize your content and increase its visibility.

Following them on LinkedIn also allows you to stay connected with industry trends and gain exposure to a wider audience. By following those used by thought leaders and influencers in your field, you can access their content and insights. This exposure can help you expand your professional network, engage in meaningful discussions, and establish yourself as a knowledgeable expert within your industry.

3d drawing of a notification icon with a heart inside

In addition to following industry-specific tags, it’s also beneficial to follow general hashtags that align with your professional goals. These can include broader topics like #leadership, #careeradvice, or #marketing. By following such, you can discover diverse perspectives, gain inspiration, and uncover new opportunities beyond your immediate industry niche.

Moreover, by using more hashtags strategically in your own content, you increase the likelihood of your posts being discovered by a larger audience. When you add relevant tags to your LinkedIn posts, they become more discoverable to people who are searching for or following those. This expanded visibility can lead to increased engagement, profile views, and potential connections with individuals who share your interests or work in complementary fields.

Finally, the number of followers for a particular hashtag can give you an indication of its popularity and reach. By following those with a substantial number of followers, you can tap into a larger community and access a wealth of knowledge, insights, and opportunities. These often attract industry leaders and professionals who actively contribute and engage with the content associated with those hashtags.

In conclusion, following hashtags on LinkedIn offers a range of benefits. It enables you to stay informed, assess the performance of your content, connect with influential figures in the industry, gain new insights, enhance the visibility of your content, and engage with larger professional communities.

By leveraging the power of hashtags on LinkedIn, you can enhance your professional journey and stay at the forefront of your field.

How to Follow Hashtags on LinkedIn

3d drawing of a target with arrows in the center an alarm clock and a calendar on itOn LinkedIn hashtags, you can see more of the content related to the hashtag topic on your homepage. You can find your tags in the sidebar of the right menu, so you know when new information is available on LinkedIn.

When you click on a hashtag, it displays everything LinkedIn has to say using them. Or, use the search bar to search for the hashtag and click post. Please click the hashtag and click the Follow button. You’ll see the posts you’re currently posting using this tag on your Feed. Yes, using a hashtag helps to gain views. It might be useful for building a connection.

Do Hashtags work on LinkedIn Company Pages?

Yes, they work on LinkedIn Company Page Posts.

When used strategically, they can help increase the visibility and reach of your posts, making them more discoverable by users who are interested in the topics or themes associated with the social media-related hashtags you use.

By incorporating relevant hashtags in your Company Page Posts, you can join relevant discussions and interact with a broader audience on LinkedIn, just like you would with personal posts.

However, Company page posts on LinkedIn – as a whole – are difficult to go viral. So in all fairness, posting from your current profile gives you “more visibility” than posting from your company page. Now there is an exception to this rule and that is, you have a large following on your company page.

Amplify your Content’s Visibility and Reach with LinkedIn Hashtags

3d drawing of hands holding a pencil and writing on a notepadLinkedIn Creator mode focuses on adding hashtags. In Creator Mode, you must choose 5 key hashtags for each topic on which your content is created regularly. Using these in your content will make it easier to find.

You can add hashtags to any article by joining an interview on LinkedIn. And more vitally, make sure you have posts visible for a specific conversation. This can increase your engagement, boost your online reputation and increase your number of followers.

Creating New Hashtags on LinkedIn

You can create hashtags for yourself if you like. Simply putting a ‘#’ with a letter or number is creating a LinkedIn hashtag. For example, we have all of our Vengreso content categorized under:

  1. #VengresoPics
  2. #VengresoVids
  3. #VengresoTips

3d drawing of a profile icon for linkedin hashtags for profilesWe use that, so we can quickly and easily find our content. Clearly, they don’t have a ton of followers in those hashtag communities, but it sure does make it easy to find something you’re looking for when you have your own posts.

Take some thought, think about it carefully. Perhaps you want to blaze your own trail and have a hashtag that others begin to follow. Or perhaps you want to use the ones that are out there already. The answer is, you can!

In Conclusion

In conclusion, LinkedIn hashtags are a powerful tool for improving your content strategy, engagement, and follower growth on the platform. By using relevant and strategic tags, you can increase the visibility of your posts and reach a targeted audience interested in your content.

Following industry-specific and general tags allows you to stay updated on industry trends, connect with thought leaders, and expand your professional network.

Incorporating hashtags into your posts can lead to increased engagement and profile visibility, while tracking analytics helps you optimize your strategy.

It’s important to use hashtags appropriately, keeping them relevant and not overwhelming your posts. By following best practices and exploring popular tags, you can effectively leverage LinkedIn hashtags to enhance your professional presence and achieve your goals. So don’t overlook the power of hashtags when using LinkedIn; they can be a game-changer for your content and follower growth.

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