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27 Must-Read LinkedIn Posts Ideas that Will Help You Build Your Business

A friend messaged me on Facebook the other day, asking if I had an article or two that could help him build his business on LinkedIn.  As I scanned our Vengreso blog, I realized that a comprehensive list of articles, (and what they’re about and how to use them) that we’ve posted on LinkedIn and might benefit a bigger audience.  

A Roundup of LinkedIn Posts to Help You Win More Business in 2023

So here are 27 LinkedIn posts and resources you should read, that will help you create a stronger brand, have more success in your content marketing and generate more leads! And if you need a more in-depth guide, you can review our LinkedIn Training Program!

I’ve divided them into these categories:

  1. Foundations
  2. Branding
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Networking
  5. Engagement
  6. Lead Generation

1. Foundation

Hands and puzzles

Back it Up!

Before you do any work on LinkedIn, make sure you back up your profile!  Thanks, Mario!

Read: 4 Steps to Backup Your LinkedIn Account in the NEW User Interface

Buyer Personas

Guess what? You may be able to help everyone with a face, anyone with a computer or all business professionals, but that ain’t gonna get you where you want to be! In order to be successful on LinkedIn (and in business), you MUST know your Buyer Personas—and Brynne Tillman will show you how on LinkedIn.

Read: Build your buyer persona before prospecting on LinkedIn

Speaking of Buyer Personas, are your Marketing and Sales Personas aligned? This article explains the difference between these two personas and why alignment between them is so crucial.

Read: Why Buyer Persona Alignment for Sales and Marketing Can Be a Game Changer 

The Buyer’s Journey

Are you aware of the change in the buyer’s journey?  If you’re not growing your sales, it might be because you’re still doing things the old way.  Read this article by Mario Martinez, Jr. to make sure your strategies are aligned with the modern buyer!

Read: 8 Reasons Why You’re Not Growing Sales

SEO and LinkedIn

LinkedIn can shoot up your SEO! So make sure to read Brynn’s article on how to use SEO and LinkedIn together, to get found!

Read: 15 LinkedIn Profile SEO Tips for Getting Found 

2. Branding

Personal Branding note

LinkedIn Personal Branding

Don’t let the title deceive you—this article is relevant anytime, NOT just the holidays!  These 20 LinkedIn Tips are down-and-dirty quick hacks to help you build a better profile!

Read: 20 Linkedin Profile Tips to Be Merrier in the New Year

In this article, I talk about 15 more ways you can ROCK your personal brand!

Read: LinkedIn: 15 Ways to Rock Your Personal Brand!

Background Images

You need a background image, as it’s one of the first things your audience sees.  Enough said….

Read: It’s Time to Update Your LinkedIn Banner – the Right Way!

Need help creating the perfect profile?  No problem, click here and you are on your way!

Company Page Branding

Are you making the most of your Company Page on LinkedIn?  Probably not.  But that’s Okay—we have the solutions. 

Read: 10 Ways to Leverage Your LinkedIn Company Page

3. Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Plan

Do you have a plan in place?  Here, Bernie Borges helps you to map your Buyer’s Journey in Content Marketing.

Read: How to Map the B2B Buyer’s Journey in Content Marketing (Useful for LinkedIn and beyond!)

Content Marketing Strategy

Again – don’t let the title fool you!  These content marketing “hacks” by Kurt Shaver will serve you all year long!

Read: 3 Social Selling Benefits of Thanksgiving Leftovers

Native Video

Oh boy—Do I ever love the Native Video feature on LinkedIn!  This little article will tell you everything YOU need to know about how to use LinkedIn Native Video effectively!

Read: LinkedIn Video Best Practices for Social Selling Success

What?  I haven’t convinced you that you need to use Video? Okay fine—then read this article by Kurt Shaver.

Read: 5 Reasons Why You Should Care About LinkedIn Video

Writing Articles

This Podcast with Amy Cook shares some practical tips you can use to write articles that sell!

Read: Practical Tips For Writing Articles That Sell with Amy Cook, Episode #1

LinkedIn Publisher

I may be one of the few fans left of LinkedIn’s blogging platform, Publisher.  But it’s still an extremely relevant tool in your Content Marketing and Thought Leadership initiatives.  Here’s why:

Read: Social Selling with LinkedIn Publisher

Content Marketing got you Stumped? We can help! Click here to check out the many ways we can solve your content marketing dilemmas!

4. Networking

Business woman LinkedIn Networking

Boolean Search

Boolean Search Strings are crucial to finding the right leads.  Here are some strategies around using Boolean logic:

Read: Advanced LinkedIn Networking Thanks to George Boole

Want to know more?  Then read this article: Build LinkedIn Search Strings that Deliver Your Ideal Prospecting List Using Boolean Search

Nurturing your Network

Okay, there are other writers besides Brynne on our Vengreso blog—but you can’t beat this article she wrote on how to nurture your LinkedIn network to create real conversations!

Read: Nurturing LinkedIn Connections to Create Conversations

Local Networking

Do you work locally? Some people still do!  In this article, I write about the 7 steps you can take to ensure more powerful and successful business in a specific geography.

Read: Local LinkedIn: 7 Steps to Better Local LinkedIn Marketing!

5. Engagement

robot hand and Human hand and LinkedIn logo

Curating Content

You don’t have to create all of your own content!  Brynne Tillman will show you how to leverage other people’s content to engage with prospects.

LinkedIn Update Magnet

Have you heard of LinkedIn’s new AI Update Magnet?  LinkedIn is using what appears to be Artificial Intelligence on mobile shares (so far) to create further engagement with your posts. This feature allows you to share status updates with a targeted audience most likely to be interested in the content, based on the words in the update. Find out if you have this new tool and how to use it here:

Read: Meet the New LinkedIn Magnet: Uses AI to Create Engagement

Employee Advocacy

Got employees?  Maybe you should be leveraging them a bit more.  Bernie Borges talks about the power of Employee Engagement and Advocacy in this article. 

Read: How to Get Your Employees to Engage in Social Media

6. Lead Generation

Qualified Leads Note

Successful Messaging

Whether you’re writing emails, LinkedIn Messages or InMails, these tips by Mario Martinez, Jr. will help you get more people to click through and read!

Read: How to Write Powerful Cold Emails That Actually Get Replies

Sales Navigator

If you are serious about Lead Generation on LinkedIn, then you MUST consider Sales Navigator! And if you’re seriously considering Sales Navigator, then you have to read Brynne’s article about how to roll out a successful LinkedIn Sales Navigator Program!

Read: 7 Steps to Rolling Out a Successful LinkedIn Sales Navigator Program

We have literally HUNDREDS of other articles for you, covering everything from Account Based Marketing to White Papers.  We also have not one, but TWO podcasts—one by Bernie Borges titled Social Business Engine and the other by Mario Martinez, Jr. titled Selling With Social – that you can listen to anywhere! I hope after reading these articles you’ll think of Vengreso as your one-stop shop for LinkedIn, Social Selling, and Digital Sales Transformation strategies!

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