Customized Social Selling Training Programs

Explode your revenues with team social selling training

Let’s start with the mindset that social selling training should be a part of your digital sales strategy. With this context, let’s look at how Vengreso will deliver a customized training program to help you explode your revenue.


As a Sales, Sales Enablement or Marketing leader, you’ve heard a lot about Social Selling. Maybe you’ve even tested the waters, or use it yourself on a regular basis. But you want to understand how to scale and leverage the power of Social Selling training across the entire enterprise. Good move—You’re in the right place.

There are two primary reasons why your Social Selling training program will fail:

1. You haven’t developed an adoption strategy backed by gamification, KPI measurement and success stories.

People love competition…no surprise here. Incorporate a prize or giveaway for the top social seller in your training program to boost motivation across the board. Bonus: there’s nothing like a heartwarming anecdote about a sales professional achieving great success after implementing social selling techniques, to inspire the rest of your team to follow suit.

2. Your training program doesn’t speak the language of the sales rep.

Our team is an epic collection of some of the most influential and successful minds in the digital sales industry, curated by our CEO, Mario Martinez Jr., one of the most accomplished experts in Social Selling with practitioner experience to back up this claim. Our social selling experts provide every aspect of the training as well as crucial insight that your company needs to become a digital selling force in your industry.

Vengreso is the most qualified firm to provide your organization with comprehensive, all-encompassing and customizable social selling training for success in today’s digitally-engaged sales culture.

Social Selling Training from Vengreso

Our social selling training programs take the guesswork out of who, when, how, where, and why. We work with your leadership, training and enablement teams to introduce a complete adoption strategy that will deliver the end user training needed to fill the sales funnel and drive massive success.

We will help ensure your entire business is transformed to a digital selling culture running on all cylinders and converting hot sales leads into revenue. Want to understand more?

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