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How to Use LinkedIn Kudos to Boost Your Visibility on LinkedIn


Are your LinkedIn posts getting the visibility you desire? LinkedIn Kudos allows you to spotlight a colleague or other LinkedIn Connection while boosting your LinkedIn post views. It’s both nice for them and enables you to maximize your exposure on the platform.

Unlike many of LinkedIn’s new features and updates that roll out on Mobile first, Kudos are already available on Mobile AND Desktop.

Watch this video with Vengreso CVO Viveka von Rosen or keep reading to learn more about LinkedIn Kudos and how to use them to get more views on your LinkedIn posts.

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What Are Kudos and How Can You Use Them?

LinkedIn Kudos are a digital shout out to someone you’re connected to on the platform. They don’t have to be a colleague. You can give Kudos to a speaker you recently heard at an event, a client you’ve been working with, or perhaps a vendor who goes above and beyond for you on a regular basis.

At the time of this blog post, LinkedIn is limiting the number of Kudos to three per week, but who knows! That could easily change in the future.

Similar to the way Facebook reported giving more exposure to Facebook Lives over other content types, it appears LinkedIn is giving the same visibility to Kudos.  So be sure to take advantage while it’s still new!

Giving Kudos on LinkedIn is easy! Simply go to your homepage and click into the New Post area. Next to the camera and video icons, you’ll see a ribbon.  It looks like this:

LinkedIn Kudos screenshot 1

Step #1: Click the Kudos Ribbon.
Step #2: Tag the person(s) you want to give Kudos to.
Step #3: Chose an image or theme.

LinkedIn Kudos screenshot 2

Step #4: Update the text to create your own special message.

Step #5: Post your LinkedIn Kudos!

Remember, you can give Kudos to anyone that you engage with on LinkedIn. What are you waiting for?! Post one today!

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