With almost 800 million users, LinkedIn isn’t only for showcasing your professional skills, researching new employers, looking for jobs, or for getting career advice! The platform has quickly become a vitally important resource for B2B sales professionals too! Yet many sellers still don’t know how to take full advantage of their LinkedIn account’s potential to book more business, grow their sales pipeline and close more deals. If you’re not making the most out of the #1 social media platform for B2B sellers, we created LinkedIn Sales Mastery just for you! This on-demand LinkedIn training for sales professionals program teaches you how to leverage the site to create more sales conversations and build your book of business.

If you have any questions or doubts about using your LinkedIn profile as part of your marketing strategy – we’re here to help! In this article, we will dive into a host of items to help you elevate your LinkedIn profile, get it in a prime position to attract more clients or customers, and help you transform it into a powerful lead generation tool!

Why is it Important to Use LinkedIn for Social Selling and Business Development?

That’s an excellent question! As a B2B seller, your online presence is an important part of how you sell. Research has found that 80% of all B2B leads are now coming from LinkedIn over any other online platform. As you can imagine, that’s why having the right LinkedIn profile is critical to your sales success.

So, if you want to make the very best online impression and actually attract customers to you, taking a LinkedIn learning course, tutorial, or training is the way to go! Because popular LinkedIn learning courses from the most recognized industry experts in the field can help you master the art of social selling and transform your LinkedIn presence and activity into a reliable, scalable sales engine for your business!

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Can LinkedIn Support Your Sales Goals for Your Team?

With 48% more conversations happening on LinkedIn in 2021 than the year prior, it’s becoming a hotspot for B2B sales professionals to book more meetings and have more sales conversations. Plus, as the number of LinkedIn users has ballooned to 740 million worldwide, it is the perfect place for B2B prospecting. Add to that this outstanding fact: 4 out of 5 LinkedIn users drive business decisions – no wonder it is the #1 rated social media platform among B2B sellers and marketers! So, whatever your sales goals are for this quarter and next quarter, leveraging the social selling power built into LinkedIn can help you land more customers and rapidly increase your brand’s awareness.

That’s why, now more than ever, investing time into sharpening your LinkedIn profile and expanding your social selling skills will be a key differentiator for sales professionals looking to not just meet quota, but to exceed it!

Tips for Finding the Right LinkedIn Training for Sales Professionals

Not all LinkedIn training courses are made equally! To get the most out of an online learning experience, you’ll want to be sure that it includes these 3 key elements to improve your social selling skills.

1. How to update your LinkedIn profile to stand out.

You’ll want to know more than just the parts that make up your profile.  It’s important to know the how and why of each section and feature and why each is important in creating your digital presence. For instance, your LinkedIn headline should be more than “Title at Company”.  It can become a powerful selling tool to let those who land on your LinkedIn profile know who you work with, who you are, and what problems you solve. There are so many sales gems built into your LinkedIn profile, you just need to learn where they are and how to maximize them to get more sales leads.

2. The best way to leverage video on LinkedIn.

Not every B2B seller knows this, but there are a few special places where you can add a video to give your LinkedIn profile a unique touch. Not only do we know that people are 4x more likely to watch a video instead of reading text, but having a video on your profile can help you build an instant relationship with your prospects. That’s why you’ll want to make sure that any LinkedIn training that you take also includes a series of: “How to use video in LinkedIn” tutorials.

3. How to write outbound messages on LinkedIn to get connections.

Even though LinkedIn can be a great sales machine for the modern seller, it is still a social media platform. As such, making connections is an important part of fueling your LinkedIn engine. A great Linkedin training will show you how to create highly personalized short messages that t will get you connecting with people without feeling pushy or sales-y. By knowing the right way to use the outbound connection features of LinkedIn, you’ll be able to truly maximize all that the platform has to offer!

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LinkedIn Sales Mastery On-Demand Course

LinkedIn Sales Mastery is one of the many on-demand learning courses available in our Modern Sales Mastery for Individuals program, and it provides salespeople with the tools and techniques they need to succeed using LinkedIn.

In fact, the platform is so much more than a LinkedIn training for sales professionals. It includes 24×7 access to our Modern Sales Industry Experts Forum, a community where you can share comments, questions and network engage with other participants.

LinkedIn Profile & Personal Branding Module of LinkedIn Training Program

The Benefits of LinkedIn Training for Sales Professionals

“Our mission is to teach business professionals how to use all that LinkedIn has to offer so that they can maximize their win rates,” said Mario Martinez Jr., Founder, and CEO of Vengreso. “To help them do this, we have developed the most detailed, practical, affordable, and proven social selling with LinkedIn training available.”

In March 2019, we launched the corporate version of this LinkedIn training program for sales teams of 15+. Since then thousands of sellers have taken the online course through our Vengreso on-demand platform. Today, we’re very excited to make it available to anyone from individuals to sales teams up to 14.

Social Selling Training Is More Effective Sales Enablement

As Vengreso’s Co-founder and Chief Visibility Officer, I’m keenly aware that knowing how to use and share content effectively –whether it is curated or created –is key to enabling sellers to start and sustain conversations with prospects.  Simply put, we help B2B sellers create more sales conversations and keep their sales pipelines full of high-quality leads.

Of course, in order to create those conversations, you need to either attract your buyers with your LinkedIn profile and content or find and engage your buyers with the right content.  Creating conversations that lead to sales opportunities is a major factor in our own success and the success of our clients. That’s exactly what this online LinkedIn training teaches B2B sellers and other client-facing professionals, along with showing them how to enhance their professional brand on LinkedIn.

4,000+ Hours of Course Development

To create the most comprehensive and impactful online, on-demand LinkedIn Sales Mastery course and community on the market, the Vengreso team has devoted more than 4,000 hours to developing and refining the content. I know this first-hand because I logged many of those hours myself! Over the past 3 years since we initially launched this LinkedIn social selling program, we have spent an additional 10,000 hours updating, supporting, and developing new content. 

In LinkedIn Sales Mastery, you’re getting the mindshare and knowledge of some of the most recognized social selling industry experts in the world. We took into account a wide range of experiences – from solopreneurs to enterprise sales teams – to make this LinkedIn training useful in any B2B selling environment. Not to mention that it has quickly become one of the most popular courses we offer!

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What’s Included in LinkedIn Sales Mastery?

The LinkedIn Sales Mastery course is a virtual sales training made up of 6 Phases and 54 bite-sized mini-lessons that can be completed in about 7 hours. The training sessions are led by myself and Mario Martinez Jr. We’re recognized as two of the world’s leading authorities on LinkedIn and social selling. After all, my handle is @LinkedInExpert!

LinkedIn Sales Mastery is the most advanced, richest and proven course on the market. Establish yourself as a digital sales powerhouse in this 6-phase on-demand course that includes:

Phase 1 – Mindset: During this phase, you’ll learn why it’s so important to adapt to today’s modern buyer and you’ll unlock secrets in your personal settings.

Phase 2 – Branding: In this phase, you’ll get access to the LinkedIn Profile Mastery on-demand learning. We’ll take you from head (banner) to toe (recommendations) on how to reconstruct your buyer-centric profile to “attract” your target buyer. We like to say we’ll help you “bring your sexy” back to LinkedIn, with sexy new features like Name Pronunciation (or as I like to call it, your 10-second elevator pitch.)  Also included are stand-alone new courses, like Video Cover Stories, (what I call the “Harry Potter Effect”) which magically turns your LinkedIn profile picture into a 30-second video where you can tell your buyer who you are, and how you can help them solve some of their biggest pain points and challenges.  Check out both of these features on my LinkedIn profile here: (www.LinkedIn.com/in/LinkedInexpert)  

Phase 3 – Find and Engage: When the pandemic struck a lot of sellers were told, “get on LinkedIn!”.  But no one taught them the right way of finding and then engaging with their audience. I mean, look at your LinkedIn inbox right now.  How many “invitations” do you have from people you don’t know that are blatant sales pitches? Most of them, right?  Our program shows you how to use this powerful tool called LinkedIn the right way.  We will show you how to find the right people, and then turn your online interaction into offline discussions. We got you. This phase will take you through the deep search and engagement techniques you need to crush LinkedIn.

Phase 4 – Connect: Whether you are focusing on Inbound or Outbound we will help you take all of those techniques and tips from Phase 3 and teach you how to convert those likes, comments, shares, profile views into actual connections. And… we’ll help show you how to turn those connections into conversations.

Phase 5 – Feed your Network: With this phase, we’ll take you through how to curate content, create and schedule LinkedIn posts, and even showcase the advanced LinkedIn algorithm hacks so your content will be seen.

Phase 6 – Cadence: Finally in this phase, we’ll show you how to wrap it all up into daily, weekly, and/or monthly cadences.

Social Selling 6 Phases to Transforming into a Modern Seller Graphic

Additional LinkedIn Training Resources 

In addition to the training modules, LinkedIn Sales Mastery includes over a dozen downloadable resources, including:

  • Buyer Persona Playbook (for individuals only)
  • Your Social Selling Index (SSI) Playbook (for all courses)
  • Profile Banner Image Template – Playbook (for individuals only)
  • Emoji Playbook (for individuals only)
  • Request a Recommendation Playbook (for all courses)
  • 30 Social Selling Triggers Playbook (for all courses)
  • Boolean Search Scripts Playbook (for all courses)
  • My Accounts Playbook (for all courses)
  • My Leads Playbook (for all courses)
  • Accepting an Invitation Playbook (for all courses)
  • Writing a Professional Invitation Playbook (for all courses)
  • Creating a Welcome Message to New Connections Playbook (for all courses)
  • Two-Step Referral Process Playbook (for all courses)
  • Trigger Events Playbook (for all courses
  • Daily Cadence Playbook-LinkedIn® (for all courses)

Vengreso LinkedIn Sales Mastery  Emoji Playbook Cover

When you combine your acquired knowledge from the course with these playbooks, you’ll enhance your digital selling skill set and have the tools to execute what you’ve learned.

More Than a LinkedIn Training Course: A Growing Community of Social Sellers

More than just a course and a powerful lead generation tool, LinkedIn Sales Mastery also includes a growing online community, where participants can share their online sales experiences, ask questions, and receive answers from their peers and Vengreso coaches. In addition to learning from the course content, you’ll learn from those who have already completed the training and from those who are currently going through the modules. This is truly community learning and networking at its finest.

Vengreso LinkedIn Sales Mastery Community Forum Access


But Wait, There’s More. 

We already mentioned that LinkedIn Profile Mastery and Sales Navigator Mastery were part of the Modern Sales Mastery program. But there’s so much more.  With your one-year subscription, you will get access to the following courses, dripped to you over a period of 12 months.  Keep an eye out for the release of:

  • Video Sales Mastery

  • Sales Messaging Mastery with FlyMSG™

  • Virtual Sales Mastery

  • LinkedIn Video Mastery

  • Content Writing for Sales Mastery

  • Hashtag Mastery

  • Twitter Sales Mastery

  • LinkedIn Job Search Mastery

  • LinkedIn Company Page Mastery

  • Digital Sales Leadership Mastery

  • Remote Sales Hiring Mastery

These additional courses are all included in your Modern Sales Mastery subscriptions.  When we sold these courses “a la carte”, they totaled over $7500 of content!

Modern Sales Mastery Bonus Items ($2,297 Added Value)

And we’ve included some additional bonus content that you can access right away, too.

  • FREE Unlimited Licenses to FlyMSG™ (Sales Messaging Speed Writing)
  • FREE PDF of my book: “101 Ways to Rock LinkedIn”
  • FREE 12-month Subscription: Selling Power Magazine
  • Unlimited Access to The Modern Selling Podcast
  • Live Quarterly Training with a Vengreso Expert
  • 24×7 Access to Modern Sales Expert Forums

The Best LinkedIn Training for Sales Professionals

The LinkedIn Sales Mastery on-demand training program is ideal for individuals and small sales teams of up to 14 people. It’s also available for groups of more than 15 sellers in our Modern Sales Mastery for Teams program.

LinkedIn Sales Mastery is perfect for individual sales professionals who want to get better results by creating more conversations with decision-makers. It’s also great for business owners, entrepreneurs, and influencers seeking to create a process for themselves and their team to steadily bring in new customers. Plus, this LinkedIn training is just one of many courses which round out a total virtual sales program.

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Are You Certifiable?

 You will get all this for $397.  Not only that, we will certify you as a  Modern Sales Master able to:

  • Learn and Employ Prospecting Skills for the Modern Age
  • Find and Engage with the Right Buyers
  • Connect with Buyers with Video
  • Power Up Your LinkedIn Branding
  • Grow Your Sales Pipeline via the Omnichannel
  • Close More Deals
  • Maximize Your Networking Ability
  • Learn How to Create Engaging Videos
  • Stay Up-to-Date on Prospecting Trends
  • Access to Peers, Experts, and Tools
  • Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Risk-Free Guarantee

We’re confident that anyone who attends the Vengreso LinkedIn Sales Mastery on-demand course will improve their sales pipeline –  if they use the techniques we teach and the tools we provide. It’s up to you to close the deals you create!  Because we are so confident in the quality of our training program,  we offer this risk-free guarantee:

 Anyone who completes the entire course and doesn’t generate more leads can implement the risk-free guarantee. Terms and conditions apply.

How to Buy LinkedIn Sales Mastery

As mentioned above, this LinkedIn training course is part of the Modern Sales Mastery for Individuals program.

The cost is $397 per year. It also includes a LinkedIn Sales Navigator course for individuals (1-14) and other courses such as Video Sales Mastery, LinkedIn Profile Mastery, LinkedIn Company Page Mastery, LinkedIn Video Mastery, LinkedIn Job Search Mastery, Digital Sales Leadership Mastery, and more.

For sales teams of 15+, we invite you to contact us to discuss pricing. Team training includes customized live instruction and coaching in addition to on-demand materials and access to the community.

See You Inside Modern Sales Mastery

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to those in my Vengreso family who are part of those 14,000 plus hours that went into developing, updating, and delivering the Modern Sales Mastery on-demand program. It was truly a team effort. I’m so thankful and proud of each of you!

I am confident we’re going to make an impact on people’s livelihood by teaching them skills to start more sales conversations with qualified buyers. If you’ve read this far, I hope to welcome you as one of the newest members of the Modern Sales Mastery community soon!


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