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Leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Exceed Your Sales Quota (Part 1)

Every day, sales leaders and reps ask me whether they should purchase LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a tool for themselves or their sales reps.

My response is simple: “You’d be crazy not to and you as a sales leader will become obsolete if you don’t.”

I am a big believer in drinking your own Kool-Aide. And as the only full-service social selling training company, we myopically track the progress of our own individual social selling lead generating efforts.

For instance, looking at the month of July, I had the privilege of hosting 55 sales meetings. That’s an average of 3.53 appointments per business day! We grew our network by 15%! And we had 452 social shares delivered to my personal LinkedIn social feed. Finally, we had 39.85% of appointments we requested result in a meeting. How did we do it?

100% of our leads are sourced using the same exact social selling training techniques we teach.

Outside one of the most essential principals that I teach of learning how to humanize the connection experience, one of the most important social selling tools we use is LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Normal sales reps are using antiquated prospecting techniques to attract their modern buyers. Normal sales reps aren’t using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Normal sales reps produce normal results. Here is my suggestion to you as a sales leader and sales rep –

Don’t Do ¡˥WɹON

If you’re not using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to attract today’s modern buyer, then you’re missing one of the most powerful tools in your selling arsenal!

[clickToTweet tweet=”Not using @LinkedIn #SalesNavigator? Ur missing a powerful tool in ur #socialselling arsenal! @M_3jr” quote=”Not using @LinkedIn #SalesNavigator? Ur missing a powerful tool in ur #socialselling arsenal! @M_3jr”]

In this Two-Part series, we’ll cover some of the most valuable features that LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides to help you drive more sales each and every month! Learn how to integrate Sales Navigator into your team’s digital selling process with Vengreso’s Selling with Sales Navigator training program.

Social Selling with LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

By learning and leveraging the different features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can build your personal and professional brand and develop relationships with the leads most relevant to you.

Your goal is to drive more sales. LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides the features and filters to make connecting with the most relevant leads as easy as possible. That saves you time. And we all know time is money.

When speaking to sales reps around the globe, I tell them that if their sales leader or CEO won’t invest in this tool for you, then do it yourself! Be your own CEO and get the application with your own dollar if you have to. Sales Navigator is too important of a tool for connecting to your modern buyer.

My recommendation – Don’t Do ¡˥WɹON

What are the benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator? Below are the three crazy sexy filters and features that will help make sure you spend your time wisely when socially engaging. Don’t forget to subscribe to our email list to be the first to know when Part 2 is posted!

Benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead Builder (Part 1):

After you have created a lead list using Lead Builder, above the listed contacts you will see at the top a side-scrolling list of filters. These, in my opinion, are the most powerful filters of LinkedIn Sales Navigator for a salesperson! It is pure AWESOMENESS!

1. Those Active in the Last 30 Days


Social selling is all about building and nurturing relationships through social networking. However, sales leaders and sales reps want to ensure they’re not wasting their time engaging and prospecting with people who are not active on social networks.

Perfect. Now you don’t have to. This is the only social selling tool that allows you to build a lead list then filter and see which prospect has been active on LinkedIn in the past 30 days.

Seriously!? Yes.

[clickToTweet tweet=”A #socialselling tool that lets u see which #prospect has been active on @LinkedIn @M_3jr” quote=”A #socialselling tool that lets u see which #prospect has been active on @LinkedIn @M_3jr”]

There is an extremely high probability that if someone was active in the last 30 days they are more likely to:

  1. Read your engagement
  2. Be more open and receptive to engagement
  3. Engage back with you

In our social selling training we teach our reps to focus their attention and spend their time engaging with active executives first. What do you do with the other prospects that haven’t used LinkedIn in the last 30 days? Save that question and we’ll answer it in an upcoming blog post.

2. Leads That Follow Your Company

If you’re a sales rep who works for a larger organization, or one which has a significant social following on your company’s LinkedIn page, then this next feature is going to blow your mind!


LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to specifically filter anyone that is “Following” your company’s LinkedIn page. If a prospect is following your company’s page and not a customer and not engaged with a sales rep there’s a HIGH probability that they’d be willing to engage with a rep, even if only to learn more for a future opportunity.


Sales reps need to know these types of details. No more hours spent scrolling through your list of followers to find relevant leads. Now it is right there on your LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead Builder page.

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LinkedIn literally narrows your list of leads into those obviously interested in your company, the products or services you provide, and your company’s expertise. Take advantage! Engage, help and develop that relationship!

3. Shared Experiences

This filter narrows your leads into those who share common experiences with you. This includes attending the same school, working for the same past employer, and/ or being in the same LinkedIn group.

For Real!?

Social Selling and sales are about finding common ground to build a relationship. LinkedIn Sales Navigator just showed you the common ground to do so by highlighting shared experiences. Leverage your shared experiences to start a conversation with your prospects.

Do not immediately pummel these leads with sales pitches! Social selling is about nurturing relationships, building trust, helping, and answering questions that then leads to a sales opportunity. Cold calling and pitching your products or services as the perfect solution without nurturing that relationship or understanding how you can help a buyer is an old school sales technique.

Don’t Do ¡˥WɹON

If you’re still trying to attract the modern buyer by being normal, you need social selling training to properly teach you how to leverage these shared experiences to increase sales.

Leveraging Sales with LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

Some social selling trainers will tell you that you can do social selling without LinkedIn Sales Navigator. To me, that’s like playing football without pads.

In 2014, 74% of sales people who beat their quota by 10% or more say they have an excellent understanding of the use of social media for prospecting, nurturing relationships, and closing deals. Your goal is to help your customers solve business problems. LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help you connect with your modern buyers. Especially ones that may be talking about their business problems online!

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Don’t Do ¡˥WɹON

Be your own CEO and take charge of growing your sales revenue. Leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator for you and your team can greatly help fill your pipeline with high-quality leads. Yet, before you introduce Sales Navigator to your team, make sure that they have an optimized LinkedIn profile that is attractive to the target prospect.

Learn more about how your sellers can transform their profiles into something they can use to find, engage, and connect with the modern buyer. Download The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Profiles for Sales Professionals.

By Mario Martinez Jr.

Mario is the CEO and Founder of Vengreso. He spent 85 consecutive quarters in B2B Sales and Leadership. He is one of 20 sales influencers invited to appear in the documentary film “The Story of Sales” launched in 2018.  He was also named 2019’s Top 10 Sales Influencers by The Modern Sales Magazine, 2018’s Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professional and Selling Power Magazine’s 2018 Top Sales Training and Coaching Consultant.  Mario is the host of the popular The Modern Selling Podcast.

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Dominique – Thanks for the message! I’m not sure by what you mean as Activity is the #1 driver. Activity isn’t per se the #1 driver for social success. It’s quality of that activity. Twitter yes absolutely you should use in sales – in fact I have a series of video’s that discuss this very topic for sales and marketers – they can be found here – Take a look and let me know if that answers your question! Thanks again my friend!

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