10 Ways to Leverage Your LinkedIn Company Page

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10 Ways to Leverage Your LinkedIn Company Page - Brynne Tillman

10 Ways to Leverage Your LinkedIn Company Page

Use Your LinkedIn Company Page to Attract, Engage and Teach Targeted Followers

When leveraging LinkedIn for business development, we use our personal accounts to reach out to our networks. LinkedIn company pages are quite different, and not as dynamic as, say, Facebook, and so they’re completely underutilized. But company pages have many benefits, so in this post we’re sharing 10 steps you can follow to maximize your Linkedin Company Page presence.

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  1. Make your LinkedIn company page graphically appealing and branded. Visual appeal should not be underestimated—if your page is visually attractive and engaging, your visitors will be more interested, will read more and are much more likely to follow the page. Here are the recommended image sizes:
    1. Logo Image recommended size 300 (w) x 300 (h) pixels
    2. Cover Image recommended 1536 (w) x 768 (h) pixels
    3. Hero Image 1128 (w) x 376 (h) pixels
  2. Make the “About Us” about them. Don’t focus on your mission, years and business or even company story here—rather, make it about your buyer. Let them know who you help and how you solve their problem(s). BONUS: Company Pages are SEO-friendly! Google indexes 156 characters of your page text, so be sure that your description leads with powerful, keyword-rich copy. On LinkedIn, members can search for companies by keyword, so include words and phrases that describe your business, expertise, and industry focus.
  3. Create LinkedIn Showcase Pages. These are subpages that highlight your products, services or initiatives.  You can add a unique product logo and banner for each product page, add a description, and even share content.
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  4. Ensure that everyone in your company has connected the company page to their profile. In addition, be proactive and invite your clients, vendors and network to follow your page.
  5. Share relevant content that adds value to your targeted reader on a consistent basis. When your current followers see the content you’ve shared on their homepage, they’ll engage with it if it resonates with them. So be thoughtful about the content you share, and share with a purpose. BONUS: Need to create content for your company?  Check out Viveka’s Content Marketing Strategy
  6. Boost or sponsor your company content. Through LinkedIn’s paid campaigns, you can get your company updates in front of a targeted audience. BONUS: Make sure the content you promote has a call to action that will capture your viewers. An eBook download or event registration can be a great way to do this.
  7. Pin a company welcome video to the top of your company page newsfeed to get more personal engagement. In the world of B2B, there is still an H2H connection. An engaging video that shares the purpose of your company page and how it can provide value is a great way to engage people. You can invite them to follow the page to get more insights and updates.
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  8. Engage with those that are liking, commenting and sharing your content. As an Admin of a company page, you have access to analytics that allow you to see who is engaging on your posts and mentioning your company on LinkedIn—be sure to engage back!
  9. Add a “Follow us on LinkedIn” button on your website and in the signatures of your entire team.
  10. List Specialties on your company page for both search engine optimization and to help your audience understand all of the solutions you provide.

Questions about your company page? Schedule 15 minutes with Brynne Tillman and she can offer insights to help you Leverage LinkedIn for business development.

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Brynne Tillman

Brynne Tillman is a strategic advisor to Vengreso. Our focus at Vengreso is to help bring a tactical application of social selling to sales teams to be seen as subject matter experts, gain access to more qualified buyers, and convert connections to phone calls. Questions about how to leverage LinkedIn or digital prospecting to grow your business? Connect with us here or shoot us an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to offer some guidance.

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