Quick Exploration of the New LinkedIn Privacy Settings for 2018

Quick Exploration of the New LinkedIn Privacy Settings for 2018


Are you sharing too much information via your LinkedIn Profile? I don’t mean oversharing about the barbecue you attended over the weekend where your Aunt Margaret drank too many wine spritzers and fell into the pool. No, I’m referring to the data that people outside of the platform can view. There are some new LinkedIn Privacy Settings that you probably haven’t heard about.

In this less than two-minute video, LinkedIn Expert Viveka von Rosen reviews the updates and how LinkedIn has made it easy to change your visibility with the addition of toggles. Watch the video or keep reading for Viveka’s insights on the new LinkedIn Privacy Settings.

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Adjusting Your LinkedIn Privacy Settings

“Viewers who aren’t signed in to LinkedIn will see all or some portions of the profile view displayed below.” LinkedIn displays this message to let you know they’re sharing your information with anyone who has internet access.

To check what sections of your LinkedIn Profile are visible to your connections, your network, all LinkedIn members, and the general public log in to your account and click “Me.” Then go to Settings and Privacy. Click on the first option under the Privacy tab to “Edit your public profile.”

On the right side, you’ll see the new easy-to-use toggles for visibility of the separate sections. There’s an option to shut down public visibility completely, or you can show your name, number of connections, industry and region, and then tweak the individual sections of your profile. It’s a simple on and off switch that shows you a preview and makes the changes in real time.

As you go through the list, consider which information you want your prospects and competition to see, like your LinkedIn headline, and what you would rather keep private until you connect.

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You may be hesitant to allow for public visibility if your LinkedIn Profile is incomplete or not optimized. Transform your LinkedIn Profile into a lead-attracting resource with a LinkedIn Makeover from Vengreso. Check out some of our favorites below.


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