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Tips to Leave a Sales Voicemail with LinkedIn Voice Messages


Last year, LinkedIn released voice messaging on their mobile app providing you another way to engage with your prospects or existing customers. LinkedIn voice messaging lets you record a sales voicemail of up to 60 seconds that you can quickly send right through the messaging screen of the LinkedIn mobile app.

The problem is that no one is using it.

How do I know that?

Because I have nearly 30,000 LinkedIn connections and I’ve only received voice messages from two people. And both of them sent great recordings that resulted in further conversations. When you send a voice message through LinkedIn you’re differentiating yourself from the crowd and you’re finding another channel through which to reach your prospect.

Watch the video below or keep reading to learn why voice messaging is important, how to record your voicemail, and best practices on how what to say.

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Why You Should Send Voicemails on LinkedIn

You should always be considering other options to connect with your prospects. In fact,, an AI-powered SaaS-based sales application tool, recently performed a study and found that most sellers use only two methods of communication with their prospects: phone and email. But, when they added a third method, say LinkedIn, sellers received 400% higher engagement. That’s an orders-of-magnitude increase and shows the value of the omnichannel approach.

If engagement rates increase 400% from two to three channels, imagine what the difference between two to four or five channels could be!

Your goal isn’t to assault your prospect from all angles during the sales cadence. Instead, you’re trying to find the channel where your prospect will engage. That’s why we recommend an omnichannel prospecting approach.

The voice message feature on LinkedIn mobile provides an untapped opportunity to reach and engage your prospects.


What Are LinkedIn Voice Messages?

LinkedIn voice messages are 60-second voicemails you send through the messaging section of LinkedIn. Currently, you can only send them through the mobile app to first-degree connections.

This feature is ideal for sales professionals because now you have another way of reaching your prospects. Maybe your prospect finds it easier to listen to a message rather than reading one. Other prospects may like it because they can quickly respond to you through the LinkedIn® app. And, if you sent a personalized LinkedIn connection request, your listener can easily see how you met.

Plus, you have a chance to convey the desired tone and personality, which helps you connect with your listener in a more personalized manner than a typed message.

How to Send a Voice Message on LinkedIn?

Sending a voice message on LinkedIn is quite easy. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Tap the message icon on your LinkedIn mobile app.
  2. Tap the new message icon to start a new message.
  3. Type the name of the person you want to send a voice message to until the name is recognized and tap to select it.
  4. Click the microphone icon on the bottom right.
  5. Tap and hold the microphone icon to start recording your message.
  6. A timer appears that shows much time has elapsed. You have up to 60 seconds.
  7. If you want to cancel the recording before you send it (perhaps to re-record it), slide away from the microphone icon to cancel the recording.
  8. When you’re satisfied, release the button. A pop-up will appear which confirms if you want to send the recorded message.
  9. Hit send to successfully deliver your message.

Another way to send a voice message is to visit the person’s profile, tap the message button and follow the steps above starting at #4.

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5 Sales Voicemail Tips Using Voice Messages on LinkedIn

Before recording your first message, there are a couple of important considerations to keep in mind. First, LinkedIn® does not allow you to listen to the message you recorded before you hit send.

Once you’ve finished recording, you will be prompted before sending the voice message (see the image below). If you hit send, the message is sent to your connection. If you hit cancel, the message is deleted.

LinkedIn Voice Messages screenshot

LinkedIn offers you the ability to turn off this option for future messages so that once you’re done recording a message, it will automatically send. Personally, I like to leave this option on as a safety net because this prompt gives me a chance to think about what I said. If I don’t like the message, I can hit cancel and record another one.

Before you record your first sales voicemail on LinkedIn, follow the best practices below on how to structure your message.

#1: Keep it Short

Respect the other person’s time! Yes, LinkedIn allows you to send a minute-long voice clip, but it’s best to keep them to only about 30 seconds or less. The person you’re sending a message is a busy professional, just like you.

You know those people who leave really long voicemails? Don’t be that person! Keep your LinkedIn prospectnig messages as concise as possible.

#2: Be Conversational

Even if you don’t know the person too well, you want to act as if you already have a relationship. Now, you don’t want to be too casual either. After all, this is a professional voicemail. But avoid being too formal.

We recommend using at a minimum “friend” voice or “best-friend” voice. Use phrases like “Hey Firstname” vs. “Hello First Name”.

The whole point of sending the voice message is to reveal your personality and that can be heard through the tone of your voice, modulation is key. If you sound like a robot, your recipient will think you are one! Act naturally and be conversational to show your personality.

#3: Powerful and Personalized Intro

How do you capture the listener’s attention in the first five seconds of your voice message? As discussed in our PVC Sales Methodology ™️, start by personalizing your message to the buyer’s particular needs. That way, they know right away that you’re not just a spammer sending the same message to all your connections.

As an example: “Hey Andrea, I read that your company just acquired another firm. We’ve seen other organizations struggle at integrating two sales processes and unique products and services.”

#4: Provide Value

After the intro, you need to follow through with a strong message that provides value. Otherwise, why should your recipient listen to your message?

With only a few seconds left, you have to get to the point. There’s no time for fluff or excessive pleasantries. That just wastes your listener’s time.

Continuing with the example above, you can say, “We have a case study of a client we recently helped solve that same issue for in only a matter of months.”

Remember your buyer will look back at your LinkedIn profile and you will want to make sure that it’s set up to “attract” your target buyer with valuable content -hint: you should also leverage your LinkedIn headline-. In addition, if you have not set up the LinkedIn Name Pronunciation feature yet on your profile you’ll want to do that ASAP. Finally, make sure that all of your LinkedIn profile settings have been updated too.

#5: Call-to-Action

Now that you’ve mentioned the reason for sending the recorded message, you have to close with a solid call-to-action. What is it that you want the person to do next? Is it to call you back? Is it to read a piece of gated content? In some cases, it may even be to schedule a meeting.

Whatever you want the listener to do next, be clear and specific so there’s no confusion.

In our example, we want Andrea to download the case study. You can say, “I’m sending you the link to the case study in this message thread. I’m looking forward to hearing if you’re facing any of the same issues. Have a great day!”

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Sales Voicemail Script

In essence, your LinkedIn® voice message is a professional voicemail. And just like everything, you want an easy-to-follow script so you’re not scrambling on what to say.

Unlike some cold calling scripts, a LinkedIn voice message shouldn’t be treated as a cold message. Why? Because you are already a 1st-degree connection and or you recently sent them a personalized LinkedIn connection request!

Luckily, we combined the script used above so you can easily copy and paste it:

“Hey Andrea [NAME OF PROSPECT], I read that your company just acquired another firm [PROSPECT’S PERSONALIZED NEED]. We’ve seen other organizations struggle at integrating two sales processes and unique products and services [PAIN POINTS CUSTOMER MAY BE EXPERIENCING].

“We have a case study of a client we recently helped solve that same issue for in only a matter of months [TYPE OF RESOURCE YOU’RE SENDING TO PROVIDE VALUE].

“I’m sending you the link to the case study [TYPE OF RESOURCE YOU’RE SENDING] in this message thread. I’m looking forward to hearing if you’re facing any of the same issues [CTA]. Have a great day!”


To make it even easier, here’s that voicemail script in a template:

“Hey [NAME OF PROSPECT], I read that [PROSPECT’S PERSONALIZED NEED]. We’ve seen other organizations struggle at [PAIN POINTS CUSTOMER MAY BE EXPERIENCING].


“I’m sending you the link to the [TYPE OF RESOURCE YOU’RE SENDING] in this message thread. I’m looking forward to [CTA]. Have a great day!”

Send Sales Voicemails with LinkedIn Voice Messages!

Take advantage of this powerful tool and record your first LinkedIn® voice message today! Then, use our scripts and templates to teach your team how to engage with your target audience using this new technique. Also be sure to read our LinkedIn premium guide to learn how it allows you to grow your revenue.

There’s a good chance that your prospects haven’t received any voicemails through LinkedIn® yet, which means they’ll probably hit the play button, listen to and respond to your message.

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