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10 Ways to Leverage Your LinkedIn Company Page

Are you taking advantage of a key branding opportunity for your business? Learn the 10 steps to creating and leveraging your LinkedIn Company Page.

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How to Approach and Connect with Buyers on LinkedIn

Are you building credibility on LinkedIn? Learn how to teach your sales team to approach and connect with buyers on LinkedIn to establish their personal brand.

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How to Choose a LinkedIn Photo and Make the Best First Impression

Utilize these LinkedIn Profile Picture Tips to attract buyers and become a Social Selling pro!

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Sales and Marketing Budget: Use it or Lose it?

Don’t lose 2021 budget because you didn’t spend it all in 2020. The Vengreso team suggests 9 ways to use your end-of-year sales and marketing budget.

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WARNING: Your LinkedIn® Profile Settings Are All Wrong!

LinkedIn’s default profile and privacy settings can be a roadblock for you. Optimize your LinkedIn profile settings to get discovered and contacted.

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Social Selling Tips: How to Write Your LinkedIn Profile Summary

Would you introduce yourself to prospects as a “Quota Crusher”? Of course not. Then why is it in your LinkedIn Profile Summary section?

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Social Selling Tips: LinkedIn Headlines for Sales Professionals

Stumped on what to write in your headline on LinkedIn? How do you do all of that when writing LinkedIn headlines for sales professionals and you’re limited to 120 characters? Keep reading to find out what Chuck Shaver, Director for Sales with Vengreso, recommends in his fourth Quick Tip of the Week video.

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What’s Changed In My 15 Years Of Marketing Leadership

Marketing leadership has changed significantly over the years. Listen in to get the inside perspective from Steven Handmaker with Assurance.

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3 Digital Sales Strategies Exposed By The State of Digital Selling Report, with Kurt Shaver, Episode #120

Ready to learn the 3 digital sales strategies exposed in the State of Digital Selling Report? Don’t miss this episode with Kurt Shaver.

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Social Selling Tips: How to Update Your LinkedIn Profile Contact Information

Is your LinkedIn Profile Contact Information current? In Chuck Shaver’s third Quick tip of the Week you’ll hear his suggestions and tips to update your contact info today!