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Get a 74% Acceptance On New LinkedIn Connection Requests

One of the most common social selling questions I’m asked is: Can I send LinkedIn connection requests to cold prospects? The answer:  Yes, you can.  BUT… Don’t mess it up, you need to how how to request a connection on LinkedIn.  In this post, I am going to discuss: [click_to_tweet tweet=”Can I send a #LinkedIn […]

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4 Social Selling Tips for GROWING your Sales Pipeline!

In this world full of “get rich quick” and “lose 20 pounds in two weeks” fads, we’re taught to believe that speed is key. It’s no longer how well you can accomplish something, but how fast you can do it. And while the actual efficacy of these fads are questionable, there’s something undeniably exciting about […]

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Effective Social Selling Training Is About More Than Features

Get the most out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator with social selling training. Sales Navigator’s training is about product features, what’s your strategy?

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4 Steps to Scale a Social Selling Training Program for Success, with Linda DiBias, Episode #61

Subscribe to Selling With Social Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Google Play In order to develop a social selling training program for your company, you’re either going to have to create it from scratch or learn from someone who’s already done it. That second choice sounds like a far better use of time, don’t you […]

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Winning at Social Selling Training & Enablement

Social selling training is a key part of any modern, successful sales force. The team at SAP recognizes this fact and has put together a world-class social selling training program for their sales teams across the globe. The theme of this episode, number four in our series, is “Savvy Social Selling, the SAP Way”

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A Q&A with Mario Martinez Jr., the Wayne Gretzky of Social Selling

In August, Mario Martinez Jr. was interviewed by Tavis Bucklin for Business Innovators Magazine. Tavis explored Mario’s extensive sales background, including what led him to build M3Jr Growth Strategies and his thoughts on how the sales industry has changed over the years. Travis mentioned that Mario has been called “The Wayne Gretzky of Social Selling,” and asked him […]

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Empowering Your Sales Workforce with Social Selling Training

Sales prospecting has taken a hit with 10% or less of executives answering the phone or responding to emails. But that can change says Mario Martinez, Jr., CEO of Vengreso, a social selling training company that helps businesses leverage social networks properly to connect with today’s modern buyer. According to Martinez, to launch a social […]

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5 Reasons Why Your Buyers Aren’t Responding to You

When you’re scrolling through an online article or your social media feeds, the one thing that consistently catches your eye is visual media—particularly images and video. The reason is simple: We prefer to process content passively, and reading text on the page is not a passive activity. In fact, videos can be processed by our […]

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A LinkedIn Profile Makeover Drives Sales Results

In the fall of 2016, we announced a major milestone in our company. We were awarded a contract to rebrand a thousand sales professionals through our LinkedIn makeover program, called a LinkedIn Profile Transformation, to attract the modern buyer, create a lead magnet, and optimize them for search engines to create valuable leads for their […]

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Leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Exceed Your Sales Quota (Part 1)

Every day, sales leaders and reps ask me whether they should purchase LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a tool for themselves or their sales reps. My response is simple: “You’d be crazy not to and you as a sales leader will become obsolete if you don’t.” I am a big believer in drinking your own Kool-Aide. […]