Glenn Donovan

The Modern Buyer Needs a Modern Seller


Glenn Donovan, Director of Clients at GaggleAMP is the featured guest on episode 184. Glenn and I have a conversation about a topic we are both passionate about, and that’s how the modern buyer needs a modern seller.

Without a modern seller, there’s a disconnect, and, that’s a bad experience for the modern buyer. As you can guess, it’s also a bad situation for the seller too–there won’t be a lot of selling success if he or she isn’t engaging with the modern buyer the way he or she wants to engage.

GaggleAMP is a social media engagement and reach amplification platform that enables brands to get their employees engaged on digital. As Director of Clients, Glenn looks after sales and customer success activities for the entire lifecycle. In his role, it’s very apparent that the modern buyer needs a modern seller. Let’s take a closer look at what we mean by that.

Who is the Modern Buyer

The digital world is overwhelming for the buyer. Glenn says that due to the Cloud and the SaaS model, they’re dealing with a tremendous amount of change, new vendors, and new technologies. The complexities elicit a fear of missing out and questions on how to effectively acquire technology from the many vendor options.

The modern buyer is not a singular individual in the B2B world, rather it’s a committee of people. Buying committees have always existed; however, the decisions are being made differently today. The command and control model, in most cases, has been replaced with informal buying committees that are often not aligned with the org chart. Tune into the podcast to find out how the stakeholders hold different titles than those you would expect.

How to Engage the Modern Buyer

Modern sellers must engage buyers where they are in their journey. Glenn points out that “the feeling always has to be one of empathy and understanding,” regardless of where they are in the buying process. The buyer is not as open to being informed by the salesperson anymore. Sales professionals need to be in the teach and learn mode to resonate with the needs of the modern buyer.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Sales need to be in ‘teach & learn mode’. #socialselling @topsalescoach @bernieborges explains why ” quote=”Sales need to be in ‘teach & learn mode’. #socialselling @topsalescoach @bernieborges explains why”]

Decision-making methods have changed, and Glenn says you have to “help the buyer buy” rather than sell to them. Think more about the channels that they prefer and how you can assist them in their decision-making process. He says you may even go as far as creating a custom piece of content. Find out how the modern seller is supported by digital channels by listening to our conversation on this podcast.

Think Digital Selling, Not Social Selling

Social selling only refers to sales activities on social media, and digital selling expands the approach to include all available digital platforms. Glenn recommends mapping out your territory and having a channel strategy for digital selling. Identify where your audience exists digitally, so you know which channels are best to engage on.

“Traditional LinkedIn” usage is very profile-centric, but when using the platform for digital selling it requires the sales rep to think about the possibilities. Instead of thinking you’re a marketer trying to build your personal brand, Glenn says to focus on connecting and engaging with people in your target audience. Below you’ll learn about GaggleAMP’s “Triple Tap” tactic and how it can work for you.
Glenn explains on this podcast how the Triple Tap model has been effective at GaggleAMP. He also explains how they’re using a multi-threaded account-based marketing (ABM) strategy to establish and maintain valuable conversations with decision makers at target accounts. In his experience with an ABM strategy, Glenn has learned not to be too formal. He says his previous goal was to prospect and fill the pipeline. Now he focuses on building relationships and delivering value.

Tune into episode 184 to discover how to measure results in digital selling and why Glenn says we need to “get over it and understand that’s the world today.”

[clickToTweet tweet=”‘Get over it and understand that’s the world today,’ says @topsalescoach #digitalsales @bernieborges” quote=”‘Get over it and understand that’s the world today,’ says @topsalescoach #digitalsales @bernieborges”]

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