Content Marketing That Increases Sales Revenue

Content Marketing is ​the​ ongoing process of publishing and distributing content that aligns with ​your buyer’s needs and drives them closer to a purchase decision.

10 Ways Buyers Connect with Your Content on Their Journey to a Sale

Three content marketing programs to choose from.


$3,000 per month
Content marketing and lead generation for clients who need their content optimized for engagement. Includes Technology, Content Strategy, Lead Generation, Social Media and Communications & Reporting.


$6,000 per month

Content marketing and lead generation plus we write 8 blog posts per month. Includes Technology, Content Strategy, Content Creation & Publishing, Lead Generation, Social Media and Communications & Reporting.


$10,000 per month

Content Marketing and lead generation plus we write 16 blog posts per month.  Includes Technology, Content Strategy, Content Creation & Publishing, Lead Generation, Social Media and Communications & Reporting.

Configure a content marketing program to fit your needs.

Content Marketing Services

Vengreso helps B2B companies publish content that attracts more website visitors, connects with buyers, and produces more sales leads. We have the proven process, expertise, technology and ongoing support to plan and execute content strategies that match the needs of any B2B business.


Content Management

Vengreso partners with Each of our content marketing programs include their intelligent content marketing automation software Content Director (SCD).

Publishing Platforms

Vengreso supports publishing on WordPress, HubSpot, Drupal and stand-alone content hubs published by Content Director software.

Website Administration

Vengreso has expert website administrators on staff to help integrate your website with Content Director as well as the tools to manage lead generation and calls to action.


Buyer’s Personas and Journey

Organizing content to match your buyer’s journey and personas is integral to publishing content that results in improving sales. During the early stage of our content marketing engagement, Vengreso works with you to document the buyer personas and journey. Content Director maps every published article to a persona and journey stage enabling planning and execution of an editorial calendar.

Research Content Director provides intelligent content research functionality that Vengreso sets up to expedite finding timely and engaging topics to write about.

Editorial Calendar & Publishing Goals

Content is published using Content Director’s editorial calendar and publishing goals. Users can quickly see the status of content that is started and upcoming content requirements as well as the publishing schedule.


If you are not already connected to Google Analytics, Vengreso will setup your site and connect Content Director analytics so you can track traffic, engagement, conversions and other useful metrics.



Our content marketing solutions allow both Vengreso and clients to use the same platform to create and publish content together. It’s important that subject matter experts write content. If the client is unable to provide writers, Vengreso manages outsourced SME’s to write on the client’s behalf.


Before content is published, it must go through an editing process to check spelling, grammar, formatting and relevancy. We find a balance of responsibility to ensure published content is error free.


Vengreso can manage or assist with the publishing process. We are experts at formatting and layout, making sure content design is consistent and displays properly on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.


Vengreso content marketing programs include designers to help select and customize images as needed including creating engaging Calls to Action intended to drive conversions from website visitors.


Lead Magnets

Content’s goal should be to move prospects through the buyer’s journey or ‘Convert’ them. A proven technique is to offer website visitors additional content that is so compelling they are willing to submit their information to receive it. Our Expert program includes creating lead magnets that contain must-have information to your buyer.

Calls to Action

Vengreso Advanced and Expert programs include setup and managing Calls to Action (CTA’s) that will encourage your website visitors to submit their information to receive their lead magnets.



In today’s digital sales ecosystem, regardless of your industry it’s imperative to engage your audience on social media. For each published article, Vengreso will write custom Tweets, LinkedIn posts and Facebook posts to reach your target audience.

Sharing Content Director includes an excellent sharing module that allows users to schedule social posts through company and individual social channels.


Content Marketing Manager

Vengreso will assign a Content Marketing Manager who is responsible for ensuring that content is planned and published according to your plan and that lead generations strategies are working.

Status Meetings

Vengreso meets with Advanced and Expert program clients twice monthly to review performance and plans for upcoming content.


At each meeting, your Vengreso Content Marketing Manager will review reports and discuss actionable insights to keep your program at peak lead generation performance.