#VengresoLife Awards & Recongition August 2017 - 10 Vengreso Core Values

The Vengreso 10 Core Values to Help Recognize Exceptional Team Members

For our second online general assembly, the founders and I found that it’s only fitting to highlight the hard work and dedication our team members have shown that contribute to the growth and scalability of Vengreso since its launch in June.

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Watch the video below to find out who the #VengresoLife Awards & Recognition grand winner is for the month of August.


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Introducing The Vengreso 10 Core Values

In order to have an award event, there must be criteria to decide who the winners are. And so I took it upon myself to do some research and wanted to focus on the characteristics that Vengreso aims to personify as our touchstone. The result is the 
Vengreso 10 Core Values.

Introducing the Vengreso 10 Core Values to help recognize exceptional team members. #VengresoLifeClick To Tweet

10 Vengreso Core Values
Although each team member and founder has his or her own favorite values, we all agree that one core value cannot stand alone, as each aspect leads to the growth of another.

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Vengreso Core Values encourage Fun and Quirkiness

Vengreso CDO, Phil Gerbyshak, emphasizes that the Vengreso work culture encourages fun and quirkiness amongst the team. Our emails are never short of please and thank yous, and on special occasions, emojis. Vengreso advocates personalization, and if you’ve been following us for a while, you should know that we are followers of our own preachings. Phil understands that for people working in a virtual office space, distance should not be a hindrance for anyone in showing appreciation of our comrades. So here we are, online, virtually connected, showing our appreciation to our team members who are from different sides of the globe.

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The other purpose of Vengreso’s Core Values is to help team members keep track of their goals, so that in spite of the different time zones we work in, we always know that we’re all striving for the same thing—Growth and Learning.

On behalf of the other founders, I’d like to congratulate all team members for being excellent at what they do, especially to the awardees who’ve shown exceptional qualities that reflect the Vengreso core values.

We plan on doing these regularly, so we hope you’ll stay with us throughout our journey.

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