3 Truths and 1 Lie About LinkedIn Profile Makeovers for Sales

3 Truths and 1 Lie About LinkedIn Profile Makeovers for Sales


Don’t get fooled by a lie about LinkedIn Makeovers! In this video, Kurt Shaver, Chief Sales Officer at Vengreso, lists three truths and a lie about LinkedIn Profile Makeovers for sales.

Thanks to Feedspot for including Vengreso in their list of Top Sales Leadership Blogs!

Vengreso’s team has been offering LinkedIn Makeover services for years. Based on the many examples Kurt has seen, he’s able to differentiate facts from myths when it comes to the value of LinkedIn Profile Makeovers.

Have you believed the lie? Watch the short five-minute video or keep reading to find out!

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3 Steely Truths about LinkedIn Profile Makeovers for Sales

Upgrading the LinkedIn Profiles for your sales team:

  1. Improves your company’s SEO strength on LinkedIn. Think of every LinkedIn Profile as its own website hosted on LinkedIn. If there are many optimized profiles linked to your company’s website with relevant content it improves the possibility of driving more traffic to your website because more people who search on LinkedIn can find your people’s profiles. Well optimized LinkedIn profiles -and LinkedIn headlines!- rank well on the LinkedIn platform.
  2. Increases the value of your sales team’s LinkedIn Profiles. A LinkedIn Profile Makeover transforms a profile that attracts recruiters and headhunters into a resource for your prospects.
  3. Boosts morale and your salespeople’s activity level on the platform. With the “keys to a shiny new car,” as Kurt refers to an upgraded LinkedIn Profile, your team will be inspired to make new connections and be more active on LinkedIn.

1 Fictitious Rumor about LinkedIn Profile Makeovers for Sales

  1. It’s easy to get salespeople to upgrade their profiles.

What a crock! It’s surprisingly difficult to get people to invest time in updating their LinkedIn Profiles. During the seven years before Vengreso’s formation, Kurt worked in the field of LinkedIn and Social Selling Training preaching the benefits of improving their profiles, but few actually did.

Have you believed the lie? Check out this piece feat. #CSO @kurtshaver written by @meaghanmae to find out the truth and the deception many believe about #LinkedIn Profile Makeovers. #DigitalSales #SocialSellingClick To Tweet

Lucky for you, Vengreso offers a service to make it easy for you whether you have 50 employees or 1,000. Find out more about our LinkedIn Makeover services here.


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