Sticking to the Basics with Sales Enablement

VengresoBlog Post Sticking to the Basics with Sales Enablement
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Sticking to the Basics with Sales Enablement

What is the role of sales enablement for a sales organization? It’s about empowering your sales team to sell more with the right content, tools, and guidance.

Mark Hunter, a.k.a. The Sales Hunter, suggests you begin with an issue, and then build your strategy from there.  Don’t hurriedly dive in and invest in technology simply because a thought leader recommended it. They may not understand your business pain points.

In the video below, Mario Martinez Jr. and Mark discuss the importance of simplifying sales enablement. Keep reading or watch the video to hear more!

#SalesEnablement is just sales operations with a new name and high-tech toys. Don't overcomplicate it. Learn more from @M_3Jr and @TheSalesHunter. #DigitalSelling #SalesClick To Tweet

Don’t Overcomplicate Sales with Sales Enablement

As Mark points out, sales enablement tasks were once called “sales operations.” Don’t let the coolest, most innovative technology and a new name cloud your judgment about what your team needs, he says, “Keep your focus on the focus.”

Are you applying technology without a plan or using it to address a problem or void? At the core of your sales enablement efforts is your buyer’s experience. Your objective should center on finding ways to serve your customer in the most efficient, effective manner, and to optimize value for them.

Circle around what makes the best and fastest impact. Mario suggests you ask yourself this simple question “How can you better enable Sales?”

In the areas of content, tools, and guidance, here are five more questions to direct your sales enablement strategy:

  1. Can your reps find the content they need to engage buyers?
  2. Are your salespeople hitting their quotas or are they below average?
  3. How long does it take for a new salesperson to be fully productive?
  4. Does your organization offer ongoing sales coaching?
  5. Are your sales tools going unused?
  6. Are your salespeople less productive than you’d like them to be?
In the areas of content, tools, and guidance, here are 5 questions to direct your #sales enablement strategy, shared by @M_3Jr and @TheSalesHunter. #SalesEnablement #B2BSalesClick To Tweet

Weaved throughout Vengreso’s 10 Steps to Launching a Digital Sales Program, you’ll find sales enablement tools to help your salespeople create more sales conversations! What are you waiting for? Go check it out!

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