Build LinkedIn Search Strings that Deliver Your Ideal Prospecting List Using Boolean Search

VengresoLinkedIn Tips Build LinkedIn Search Strings that Deliver Your Ideal Prospecting List Using Boolean Search
Build LinkedIn Search Strings that Deliver Your Ideal Prospecting List Using Boolean Search

Build LinkedIn Search Strings that Deliver Your Ideal Prospecting List Using Boolean Search

Learn how to find your ideal buyers on LinkedIn using Boolean Search

If you’re using the free version of LinkedIn, knowing how to develop targeted search strings is foundational for successful prospecting. Originally called Boolean Search, search strings employ a mathematical formula to deliver a specific list that meets your defined criteria, pinpointing the buyers, influencers, and stakeholders you’re looking for.

Linkedin Search String Formula Vengreso - Learn how to find your ideal buyers on LinkedIn using Boolean Search

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Boolean search strings utilize the following modifiers: OR, AND, NOT, “” (quotation marks) and () (parentheses).

Here’s how you can develop a powerful LinkedIn search string to ramp up your social selling prospecting efforts:

When combining two titles or keywords with OR, you will get all-inclusive results. For example, a search that is defined as Marketing OR Sales will result in a list including everyone with the word sales and everyone with the word marketing in their profile.

 AND is a limiting term. If you enter a search for Marketing AND Sales, the resulting list will include only profiles that contain both of those terms.

NOT will eliminate words and phrases from the search results. Marketing NOT Sales will provide a list of only profiles that contain the keyword Sales, but do not mention Marketing anywhere.

The second part of developing a productive search string is utilizing quotation marks.  These are indispensable when using phrases or terms that include more than one word. For example, if you are looking for a Vice President, enclosing the term in quotation marks ensures that your results only turn up instances of those words together.

The last part of understanding Boolean search on LinkedIn includes:

Parentheses – Using parentheses is necessary only if you are looking to use a second term or set of terms to narrow the results. The search
(Marketing OR Sales), for example, is the same as using Marketing OR Sales without the parentheses—you want results that contain at least one of these terms—either Marketing or Sales. But the following criteria:  (Marketing OR Sales) AND (“Vice President” OR Director) tells LinkedIn to find profiles that have either the terms Marketing or Sales within them, AND that are Vice Presidents or Directors. The AND means that they must have one term from the first set of parentheses and one term from the second, to show up in the search. The quotation marks mean that the words Vice President must be together.

Got it? It can seem a little complicated at first, but once you perform some searches, it all makes sense.

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Here is how to use your search string!

1. Paste the link in the search bar and enter.
2. Add relevant filters on the right-hand side, type your search criteria in “Keywords” or “Title.” 2nd degree connections which will produce a list of prospects that you share a connection with
3. Identify who you would like to connect with and open their profile (tip: right click on their name open in new tab so you don’t lose your search)
4. Click on shared connection to identify who you know that can introduce you to your targeted buyer, choose someone you know and send an introduction request, example:

I hope this note finds you well. As you may know, I am leveraging LinkedIn to grow my network and noticed that you are connected to XXX at XXX. I was wondering if you would kindly provide an introduction for me. If you could copy us both in an email or LinkedIn message I can take it from there. To make it easier for you, I have included a short paragraph below that you are welcome to copy and paste.

Also, please feel free to look through my connections, I am happy to make introductions for you as well.

Thanks so much!


I would like to introduce you to Brynne Tillman, Chief Learning Officer at Vengreso. I thought it might make sense for the two of you to connect and investigate how you might work together. Brynne helps enterprise sales teams build their pipeline, reduce the sales cycle and close more business through leveraging the power of LinkedIn. Brynne’s really understands how to Monetize LinkedIn and has created programs that have made a significant impact on the way professionals are growing their business. Brynne will be contacting you in the next couple of days, please take her call; I believe it will be well worth your time.

If you would like to reach out to Brynne, her contact information is:
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BONUS: Finding targeted 1st degree connections by using this LinkedIn search technique will allow you to re-engage with the stakeholders you are already connected to but have been ignoring.

Take some time and build out your perfect LinkedIn search strings—once you have this down, your searches will bring you to the buyers you’re looking for.

Want to learn more about prospecting and digital sales? Listen to Mario’s inter view with Jeff Hayzlett: Sales Prospecting Made Easier, with Jeffrey Hayzlett Episode

If you have any questions around LinkedIn for business development, I invite you to have a conversation. Here is a LINK to my calendar, please pick a time that works best for you.

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Brynne Tillman

Brynne Tillman is a strategic advisor to Vengreso. Our focus at Vengreso is to help bring a tactical application of social selling to sales teams to be seen as subject matter experts, gain access to more qualified buyers, and convert connections to phone calls. Questions about how to leverage LinkedIn or digital prospecting to grow your business? Connect with us here or shoot us an email to question[email protected] and we will be happy to offer some guidance.

  • Teddy Burriss

    Good article Brynne. Focused Research to get to the best prospects is vital, otherwise we are ‘doodling’ or wasting time. Thanks for sharing for all.

    • Thanks Teddy. Knowing how to develop the right search strings is foundational to successfully social selling on LinkedIn!

  • Barry Hall

    Many thanks Brynne for keeping us novices up to date. Always appreciated. – Barry.

  • Thanks, Brynne. It appears that the Boolean terms have to be in upper case and that is what the LI documentation says too. Too bad they don’t have an XOR statement (exclusive OR) – this is from my programming days. 🙂

    Sales XOR Marketing would get both sales and marketing but exclude those who have both. So in your Venn diagram above, it would be the left-hand and right-hand portions, but exclude the middle. I guess you could structure that by using:

    (Sales OR Marketing) NOT (Sales AND Marketing)

    Oh well.

  • Monica Venturella

    Perfect article for anyone that is social selling or anyone that doesn’t know where to begin!!!!! Light bulbs going off everywhere!

  • So glad you found this helpful Monica.

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