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LinkedIn Search: How to Find Valuable Connections in 2023


LinkedIn search filters make it easy for professionals to search for people, find valuable connections, develop relationships with colleagues, vendors, prospects and experts in their company or industry.

However, understanding all of LinkedIn’s search features to get quality search results takes time and effort since it’s more complex than other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

In this article, we will explain all essentials of advanced people search, and few LinkedIn tips you can start using today.

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What are the Benefits of LinkedIn Search Bar?

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LinkedIn people search is a powerful tool that allows users to find and connect with a relevant person in their field. The advanced people search allows a user’s searches to filter down the search results so that they can find the specific person or people they were searching for on the search results page.

With LinkedIn’s intelligent suggestion system and by using the proper search term, you can:

  1. Find candidates for open positions also known as LinkedIn talent
  2. Find potential customers, suppliers, or business partners with LinkedIn automation tools.
  3. Research a company or industry
  4. Find and connect with industry experts
  5. Improve your network with a simple click
  6. Find online courses and other educational resources
  7. Find networking events and other professional development opportunities
  8. Stay up-to-date with industry news and trends

LinkedIn Basic Search vs Premium Search Features: The Key Differences

LinkedIn Basic Search vs Premium Search Features: The Key Differences

LinkedIn’s free basic search bar gives you generic results based on the keywords you add to the bar when you press enter. The problem with this is that the search results page will display the pages with a keyword in any part of a person’s profile or data as well as LinkedIn company pages, jobs, posts, groups, events, products, schools and companies. Depending on how specific a search result you want, this can make searching for and finding people and profiles pertinent to your needs more difficult.

To get a better search result and find a specific person or profile, you will want to utilize and integrate your search with one of the paid features.

We made a handy table to help you quickly evaluate the differences between LinkedIn’s basic and LinkedIn premium search features. Check it out:

Basic search LinkedIn Sales Navigator LinkedIn Recruiter 
Users Professionals working in various industries Sales leaders, sales professionals, sales representatives, sales managers Human resources professionals, hiring managers, recruiters, headhunters, staffing agencies, talent acquisition specialists
Best for Expanding personal network Lead generation, prospecting, staying up-to-date on your industry, networking, sales intelligence Sourcing and contacting candidates, tracking and managing recruiting pipeline, measuring recruiting performance over time
Notable search filters Companies, events, courses, location, industry, company size Company size and type, department size, seniority level, years of experience, active users, number of followers Profile languages, network relationships, years of experience, current companies, job functions
Pricing It’s free to use Starts at $99/month Starts at $170/month

You now know more about LinkedIn search features, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to use them to get better results on the search results page.

Still, we have one more issue to address.

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Connecting and Engaging with Your Prospects

Suppose you found a handful of ideal profiles meeting your needs and you want to network with them on LinkedIn. You have tons of work on your plate and can’t find the winning messages you used months ago when communicating with clients or talents.

What can you do to speed up the process and begin communicating effectively?

Integrate FlyMSG, our automatic writing assistant and text expander, into your work, or sales process. Pick one of our content templates, enter your details, and your message will be ready in seconds.

Here’s an example of how FlyMSG helps increase your sales productivity.

How to Connect with the Right People using FlyMSG

FlyMSG logo over yellow background

FlyMSG is a speed writing tool and productivity app developed by Vengreso, the company behind Modern sales mastery for individuals. It helps you save and store your winning content in the cloud under specific shortcuts or FlyCuts.FlyMSG FlyCuts Shortcuts screen shot for linkedin search

Whenever you need to send an email or message, you can add a shortcut to your content’s body, and your text will be automatically replaced or expanded with your pre-saved text string. You can give it a try using our FlyMSG simulator here.

Or, if you need inspiration, you can visit our template library and select one of the content templates or FlyPlates.FlyMSG FlyPlate Templates for linkedin search

All you need to do is create your free account and click to install our Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser extensions.

Examples of FlyPlates for Sales Professionals

FlyPlates are an excellent choice for all professionals since they help save more than 20 hours per month on repetitive writing tasks. Here are some templates you can start using today.

Outbound invitation to connect if customers have viewed your profileOutbound invitation to connect if customers have viewed your profile

Welcome message to a new connection that you requested to connect withWelcome message to a new connection that you requested to connect with

An outbound invitation to connect if sending a cold connection requestflyplate flymsg template An outbound invitation to connect if sending a cold connection request

These are just a few examples of FlyPlates you can use in your daily work after you create a free account on FlyMSG.

Examples of FlyPlates for Recruiters

Recruiters also benefit from FlyMSG, as FlyPlates speed up getting in touch with talented folks all over LinkedIn. Let’s give you some examples to understand our content templates better.

Passive Candidate EmailFlyPlate for Recruiters Passive Candidate Email

Recruiter Introduction to CandidatesFlyPlate FlyMSg Template for Recruiters

Sourcing Sales CandidatesFlyPlate Template FlyMSG recruiters Linkedin Search

You can use these templates and many more by signing up for FlyMSG.

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LinkedIn Search: The Key Points

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that helps users connect with potential employees, clients, or co-workers.

The LinkedIn search feature may seem uninteresting at first glance, but it holds many hidden potentials for salespeople and recruiters, and that’s why it’s necessary to spend some time and evaluate all options that will lead you to success.

When you find the right individuals you want to connect with, maximize your results using FlyMSG, the auto text expander. Choose one of our templates as an example, adjust it to your needs and drive fantastic business outcomes with a click!

Create your free account and start using FlyMSG today.

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  2. There is a lot of value in this article, especially for those looking to improve their visibility on LinkedIn. My favorite of the fifteen tips shared in this article is number nine. I’ve observed that people with custom profile links, seem to get more attention than those who haven’t customized their LinkedIn profile URL. Interesting article, thank you for taking the time to put it together.

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