Phil Gerbyshak - social selling strategy

How To Build a Social Selling Strategy That Doesn’t Suck, with Phil Gerbyshak, Episode #8

My guest today is an expert at helping sales leaders achieve greater success in the social part of selling. Phil Gerbyshak is a speaker, author, social selling, social media trainer and coach who works with leaders and salespeople to increase their impact, influence, and income. He is also a master podcaster. You can listen to him on his podcast Conversations with Phil, which offers business insights you can use. In this conversation, Phil and I had a great time discussing what social selling really IS, how can implementing a social selling strategy be used to understand your buyers, the ROI of social selling, and a whole lot more. You won’t want to miss this fun conversation.

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Phil Gerbyshak - social selling strategy
Phil Gerbyshak

Does the buyer really need more information, or help to decipher the info they already have?

Too many salespeople flood their social media channels with information about their products or services.. There IS a place for information. But we’re at the point where the information buyers need in order to make a buying decision is usually already out there. What they need is an experienced sales leader like you to help them understand the information they’ve collected. That is what will enable them to make a choice that solves the problem they are trying to solve. Phil Gerbyshak speaks to the issue of developing a social selling strategy masterfully on this episode, giving us a number of ways to approach social media that will position us to BE that voice of experience our buyers need.

Does your social selling strategy build trust between you and your buyers?

Because of the increasing amount of information available to buyers these days, Phil Gerbyshak says that the time is coming when the amount of trust buyers have in you as a sales professional will be the primary thing to influence their buying decision. And fewer people are going to have the ear of their buyers in that powerful way because building that kind of trust requires an approach that is foreign to most salespeople. Phil unpacks this idea and tells you how you can become one of those trusted advisors, on this episode of #SellingWithSocial.

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Social Selling is not a 1-shot, 1-kill deal.

When you think of what it means to use social media to sell, do you think of it as a one-shot, one-transaction deal? It’s not – and it never will be. Social selling is all about providing opportunities for your ideal buyer to know, like, and trust you as an individual and get to know you over time. You may never be able to directly trace the line from a buyer’s first awareness of you to their purchasing decision. But you can be assured that the more people see you on social and learn to trust you because of the things you share – the ROI will be well worth it. Phil Gerbyshak is an expert at teaching salespeople how to leverage social media to increase ROI, and he’s going to tell you how to get started on this episode.

If you suck, social selling will help you suck faster.

I was almost rolling on the floor when Phil Gerbyshak said that to me during this conversation. But it’s true. He was referring to the stupid ways many salespeople engage in social media. The bragging, the focus on their own skills and accomplishments, the bravado – all of those are the things that turn people off. So if you’re doing those things, Phil says you suck – and social will only help you suck faster. Find and build a much better social selling strategy alternative on this episode.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [1:15] Who the heck IS Phil Gerbyshak?
  • [5:56] Phil’s definition of social selling.
  • [7:20] Social selling as a way to understand your buyers.
  • [10:00] How social channels can be used to drive discussions around your niche.
  • [12:45] Social selling DOES WORK, but not by itself.
  • [19;48] How buyer engagement with sales leaders has changed.
  • [24:05] Why LIVE video is not the answer from 8AM to 6PM.
  • [26:30] What is the ROI on leveraging social selling?
  • [30:20] Why social selling is not a one shot, one kill deal.
  • [32:02] Phil’s top 3 things for getting started with social selling.
  • [34:07] 3 things salespeople are doing WRONG in social selling.
  • [39:25] The tools that can make a difference.
  • [41:65] How can marketing help salespeople?
  • [46:20] The best way to connect with Phil.

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