Building Business Relationships to Close More Deals

Building Business Relationships to Close More Deals


Building business relationships is simpler than ever before. Or is it actually more complex? Though salespeople may have less driving to do, using modern tools like LinkedIn requires a strategy. A spray and pray approach won’t get you very far.

In the Vengreso Testimonial below with Sam Owen, Senior Sales Development Representative at Conversica, you’ll learn about social cadences and what types of content for sales you can share to close more deals. Watch the video or keep reading for sales tips on building business relationships. You’ll also hear all about his experience in Vengreso’s recent two-day Selling with LinkedIn Workshop.

Learn about social cadences & what types of #ContentforSales you can share to close more deals from Vengreso's #SellingwithLinkedIn workshop graduate, Sam Owens of @MyConversica. #DigitalSelling #SocialSelling #SalesClick To Tweet

Building Business Relationships with a Social Cadence

When you’re connecting with new prospective customers on LinkedIn, how often do you reach out with a message, view their Profile, or engage with the Newsfeed posts? These are the types of activities that are “timed” in a social cadence.

Akin to your sales cadence with the phone, in-person visits and email, the timing of your LinkedIn engagements can be perfected. Look at your current data and test to see what works best for you and your network. It could vary based on the industry and demographics of your connections.

What Types of Content to Share

In his testimonial shared with David Goad, Vengreso’s Director of Training and Coaching, Sam pointed out that even if it isn’t for selling at the moment, it’s still important to engage your connections with the right content. 

Sharing the right content can help you close more deals. When identifying types of content to share on LinkedIn, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What formats (video, text, links, images, etc.) are performing the best on LinkedIn?
  2. What action are you trying to initiate from your connection?
  3. How can you help solve a problem?
  4. What stage of the sales cycle is the buyer in?
  5. Which buyer persona does the prospect fit?
Sam Owens of @MyConversica shares the #sales tips he learned in identifying what #ContentforSales one should be sharing on LinkedIn. Watch Sam's interview with @davidgoad, Director of Training at Vengreso. #SellingwithLinkedIn #DigitalSalesClick To Tweet

Looking for more information on using content to engage your buyers and boost your bottom line? Download the infographic to learn more about Content for Sales.


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