When people talk about their social media strategy they are typically talking about how many tweets and posts they schedule each day. It seldom goes deeper than that. But if you are trying to use social to sell (and you should be) you need to do more. My guest today is Paul Lewis. Paul is a 20-year marketing veteran who began his career in Los Angeles with a worldwide advertising agency. Since then he’s at high levels in Experian, CACI, and Casewise. Now, since 2013 he has been heading up strategy, management and the global social selling program for Pitney Bowes, where he built the social selling program from the ground up. If anyone can teach you how to establish your own social selling program, it’s Paul – because he’s done it.

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Paul Lewis
Paul Lewis

If you don’t adopt a social selling model you’ll be joining the dinosaurs soon.

That’s because everything is moving toward social. Sales reps seldom even get the opportunity to make a sales presentation these days because the pervasive reach of the internet has made it possible for consumers and businesses to find out all they need to know about products and services before they contact a company to do business. That means you’ve got to know how to effectively inject yourself into the conversation surrounding what you do – so that you’re not only known, but trusted. My guest, Paul Lewis tells us how to do that effectively, on this episode.

Social media strategy is about more than posting content. It’s about knowing your prospects.

Many people think that in order to use social media effectively as a business they need to get lots of great content scheduled out on their social profiles. Fine. Do that. But don’t think that’s going to cause people to come running to you. It’s only part of the equation. You also need to be using social media to identify and engage with the prospects you are targeting – and believe me, there’s a right way and wrong way to do it. On this episode of #SellingWithSocial, Paul Lewis and I talk about how you can do it the right way and see your sales pipeline filled up and sales closing as a result.

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The top 3 things to implement a social selling strategy are…

Paul Lewis has built the Pitney Bowes social selling program from the ground up, without the help of an agency like mine. Given his experience, I thought this conversation was a great opportunity to pick his brain about what it takes to build a successful social sales program. On this episode, Paul shares the top 3 things you need to do in order to build a program that generates leads that convert to sales. He’s so generous with the lessons he’s learned and I want you to hear his practical steps, so be sure you take the time to listen.

How a business can drive the adoption of a new social selling strategy.

It’s great to be sold on the power and importance of social selling for your business. It’s great to put in the hustle and grind needed to build a social media strategy that will work for your company. But if nobody on the sales team adopts it you’ve wasted your time. Since Paul Lewis has been super successful at getting the sales team at Pitney Bowes on board with the social sales program he created, I decided to ask him how he did it. As expected, Paul did not disappoint. This episode is full of practical tips you won’t hear anywhere else – from a real-world practitioner of what he preaches. I hope you do yourself a favor and listen to what Paul has to share.

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