How to Add Video to Your LinkedIn Profile Quick LinkedIn Hack

LinkedIn Hack: How to Add Video to Your LinkedIn Profile

Cisco reports that 76% of executives watch business videos, so it’s no wonder you’re looking how to add video to your LinkedIn profile. If you’ve explored the Featured section of your personal profile, you may have figured out that .mp4 and .movs are not supported.

Viveka von Rosen, aka THE LinkedIn® Expert, is here to save the day! She shares a valuable LinkedIn® hack in the three-minute video below.

Maybe you don’t have a Vimeo or YouTube account, or just don’t want to load the video there. Viveka’s expert LinkedIn advice will let you know how to upload a video on your LinkedIn Profile.

Keep reading or watch the video above to learn how.

Cisco reports that 76% of executives watch business videos. Find out from @LinkedInExpert how you can add a video to your LinkedIn Profile without having to upload it on Youtube or Vimeo first. #SellingwithVideo #DigitalSellingClick To Tweet


How to Add Video to Your LinkedIn Profile

Incorporating video doesn’t have to be difficult. If your sales strategies include video, issues with loading longer clips to your LinkedIn Profile are no longer a worry!

Say you have a video and you want to include it in your Profile’s Featured or Experience section. Here’s Viveka’s solution step by step:

    1. Upload your .mp4 or .mov as a native video
    2. For the Featured section, just click on the star and “Feature on top of profile”. And you are done.
    3. If you want to add the video to an experience section,
      – Grab the link from the Native Video post and then add it as a link in Media
      – Customize your title and description
      – Click on Apply

How to Add Video to Your LinkedIn Profile

When viewers click “View” on the Native Video inside of your Profile’s Media section, it will send them over to the post of the video where they can like, comment, or share it. Viveka says, “Having the video on your timeline and your profile serves two slightly different functions. One’s branding, the other is encouraging engagement.”

You can learn more about this in our LinkedIn Training Program!

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What Types of Videos You Should Add to LinkedIn

Are you ready to add video to your profile, but not quite sure what to share? Here’s a list of ideas you can start with to make your Profile more engaging with video:

Incorporating video into your LinkedIn Profile is a powerful sales tactic. Unfortunately, in our State of Digital Selling with LinkedIn report, we surveyed 862 salespeople and found that only 17% have added a video to their LinkedIn profile! That leaves 83% of salespeople missing out on this great opportunity to engage buyers.

5 Tips for Creating a Powerful and Professional LinkedIn Video

Do your videos seem less than professional and underperform in the engagement arena? Maybe you haven’t even garnered the courage to share a video of yourself on LinkedIn yet. Whatever the case may be, you’ve come to the right place to learn how to create a powerful and professional LinkedIn video!

In the short clip below, Vengreso’s LinkedIn Expert, Viveka von Rosen, offers five tips to improve your recording and publishing process. Discover how to “make your video more powerful” by watching the video or continuing to read.

Apply These 5 Tips to Upgrade your Next LinkedIn Video

A cell phone and something to stabilize it, or a computer camera are the obvious necessities for sharing a LinkedIn video.

All that’s needed is you, your personality, and some really good information to share.

While this may be true, some of us might need a bit more direction and a good dose of encouragement before hitting record. The tips here not only apply to LinkedIn Native Video, but they work with other platforms where you can post a video too.

  1. Slide into the frame. Instead of centering yourself from the beginning, leave the middle of the shot open so that the “play arrow” isn’t sitting over your face in the still shot that appears in the news feed. Using a simple video editor like Clipchamp, iMovie or Movavi, add text about the video to the empty space.
  2. Use a green screen. Not only does this eliminate the worry of what clutter is in the background, a green screen also allows you to talk while showing things online to your viewers.
  3. Use bigger gestures and SMILE! Move around a bit and use your hands to show emphasis. If you’re talking about a list of three – hold up three fingers. Pretend you’re Italian!
  4. Look at the camera. Amy Landino, Author of Vlog Like a Boss, recommends thinking of the camera as a persona you want to reach. You can even put a name to it as if you’re talking to “Rebecca” (or whatever name you choose) every time that you hit record. When the viewer watches, it will feel like you’re looking and talking directly to them.
  5. Don’t forget to add a description. LinkedIn gives you 1,300 characters to describe your video. Use it and incorporate hashtags, @mentions, and emojis.

Also, be sure to download our free book with 101 tips to rock LinkedIn that will help you achieve sales success. Click on the image below.

3 thoughts on “LinkedIn Hack: How to Add Video to Your LinkedIn Profile”

  1. Thank you for a great post. After following these instructions to the letter, when you click on the video where it is featured, it opens up the page where it is shared as a post, and you have to click it again there in that new spot for it to run.

  2. Was just looking at the “public view” of my profile that people will see if they are not signed into LinkedIn. Is there a way to secure video content on that view?

  3. Hey Al – I had to jump in to my public profile ot check. Sure enough – the Featured content isn’t there but articles and activity is. I think LinkedIn must have forgotten to update this page!
    Anyway – make sure your “articles and Activity” is ticked on. If you REALLY want the image showing to the public, then add the video (and maybe even create a gif for the header) and add as an article. That’s a lot of work though!!!

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