I walked into my bedroom and found my wife crying.

“I feel helpless,” she said, as I tried to console her.

The current pandemic is hitting us close to home, affecting people we love.

You see, she’s a former NICU nurse who left her profession six years ago to care for our two children. But she is still a nurse at heart and still has many friends in the healthcare profession. Now, her close friends are risking their lives caring for COVID-19 patients while having to reuse their masks due to the shortage of protective gear.

And many people are disobeying the government’s warnings to stay at home. Each time they go out, they are putting more people’s lives at risk and worse yet, our friends who have to care for them.

People are not listening, they don’t understand that healthcare workers are putting their lives on the line during this crisis.

Each healthcare professional she spoke to all unanimously said, “We need more protective gear, like masks.”  Many are working double shifts and then, because they have a high probability of being infected, they are sleeping in their garage unable to associate with their children and significant others.

My wife cried for all of those reasons and the thought of them dying.

This experience gave birth to this blog post.

You see my amazing wife has begun making cloth masks for the healthcare workers in our area to help supplement the very short supply of regular masks. She designed them so that they can allow the healthcare workers to drop the masks into a washer to sanitize while at the same time preserving the healthcare masks from overexposure.

She inspired me…

I’m not a doctor or a nurse and I don’t know how to sew. But what she did is cause me to say “I want to help.”  So I took that desire, went to my co-founders and told them the story. Then I said, “How can we help and how can we do our part as the world’s largest Modern Sales Training company?”

While our brave and amazing healthcare workers are putting their lives at stake, small business owners and sales teams everywhere are being hammered by market conditions. Many are worried sick as they wonder if they will be able to make their house, car or other payments in the coming months. We knew we needed to help.

We gathered our data points from sales leaders who have all said the exact same points:

  1. Their sales pipelines have come to a screeching halt.
  2. Opportunities have run dry for sales reps.
  3. Fear of the unknown has delayed or canceled buying decisions.
  4. Their reps need to know how to prospect digitally since all buyers are now virtual.

And this is the premise for the Vengreso COVID-19 WECARE initiative.

Your Buyers Are Still Out There

The truth is, your buyers are still out there and they need you. The challenge is reaching them in a way that demonstrates compassion while communicating how you can help solve their business needs.

Now, your sellers AND your buyers are working from home. There are no in-person conferences or networking events. Cold-calls are still an option but may come across as reps being insensitive. But why limit yourself to one medium to engage with buyers? If your sales reps don’t know how to effectively leverage digital channels like video and social media to reach prospects, how are they going to reach them?

That’s exactly what we teach sellers.

Along with my team at Vengreso, we asked ourselves how we could help the sales community. Our clients have achieved great results from our virtual sales training, which teaches sellers how to leverage modern selling techniques to start more sales conversations and build pipeline.

But these are challenging times and sales leaders, sales reps and entrepreneurs are cutting costs.

A recent survey of small business owners revealed that 51% say their business will only be able to continue to operate for three months or less. And 96% say they have already been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

We feel for you and we care about you because we are YOU. No company is immune to this crisis.

That’s why we’ve decided to launch our WECARE initiative, so anyone can afford to learn how to reach more prospects better and faster. I’m confident you’ll benefit from our virtual Selling with LinkedIn® and Selling with Sales Navigator training programs.


Let me be crystal clear about one thing.

We are NOT attempting to profit from COVID-19. Our reduced pricing is not generating profit (actually, we are losing money on this). It is 100% focused on helping as many sales professionals effectively find and engage with more buyers DESPITE the current environment.

This commitment to providing value aligns with our core principles, just like how we integrate cutting-edge care management software and healthcare technologies like SMART on FHIR to enhance employee care and streamline processes for them.

We are in this together and WE CARE. You’re the reason for our existence — and if you thrive, we will thrive.

Is this on demand, virtual training for you? It is if you fit one of these categories:

  • Individual Sales Professionals
  • Small Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Solopreneurs, and Influencers
  • Sales Teams

Today’s environment has changed the rules of engagement. Sellers must be aligned with the buying journey and approach buyers to “help.” They must engage a buyer who is digitally connected, socially engaged, mobile attached and video-hungry. Today’s modern buyer needs a modern empathetic seller. This is especially true now as everyone is working virtually.

Amidst the challenges posed by the current health crisis, WECARE plays a pivotal role in supporting the Sales community by providing valuable insights, resources, and tailored strategies to navigate the evolving landscape.

With a focus on holistic well-being and innovative solutions, MD programs such as Leap Health initiatives aim to empower individuals to achieve optimal health outcomes.

We’re Here to Help You

We’re here to help you – the sales rep, small business owner, and entrepreneur – whose business has been impacted during this crisis. We want to help you develop the skills to virtually find, engage, and connect with prospects now.

If you, your family or your business are affected by COVID-19, we send our love and are hoping for the best. Unfortunately, I can’t be of any use at a hospital to help save lives but I do know I can be of value to your business. Our desire is to help you stay economically healthy during these challenging times. I’m optimistic that better days are ahead as long as we come together as a community.

Check out our sign up page to learn about our two virtual sales training programs, Selling with LinkedIn® and Selling with Sales Navigator. Both programs teach modern selling techniques to start more sales conversations and increase your pipeline. Don’t forget to use the associated coupon code to receive the reduced price. And, remember…. Your buyers are still out there and they need you.

WECARE - Selling with LinkedIn and Selling with Sales Navigator Discount

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