LinkedIn Sales Mastery for Teams of 15+

What Is Virtual, Instructor-Led Sales Training?

Virtual, Instructor-Led Sales Training is delivered through a digital platform where the instructor and the learners are engaged in the course curriculum virtually without regard for their physical location. This training format uses video and other interactive tools, such as forums, live virtual coaching calls, online assessments, and others, to create an effective interactive learning experience.

Selling with LinkedIn® and Selling with Sales Navigator are Vengreso’s virtual sales training programs. Both are designed to leverage the ways in which the brain processes and learns new information. The training is delivered over the course of three months through a combination of live virtual and on demand micro-learning sessions to keep sales reps engaged throughout the entire program. This method also allows time for sellers to practice new techniques. Additionally, key concepts are reinforced through live virtual coaching sessions.

Virtual sales training has scientifically-proven benefits, such as:

  • Gamification motivates learners, tracks progress, and rewards top students.
  • Small chunks of instruction delivered over a period of time increase retention.
  • New skills are practiced to ensure sellers are motivated to apply what they’ve learned.
  • Regular assessments prove sellers completely grasp the concepts.

Selling with LinkedIn® and Selling with Sales Navigator for Teams are designed with these benefits in mind to teach sales teams of 15 or more reps how to leverage digital platforms to find, engage, and connect with the modern buyer.

The Modern Buyer Requires a Modern Seller

The modern buyer is just like you. When you buy something you look online to learn anything you can. You read articles, watch videos and check out what others have said about a product you’re considering. This is exactly how the modern B2B buyer goes through the journey even for million dollar purchases. The modern buyer requires a seller who is a resource, a guide, a helper in their buying journey.

82% of buyers are more likely to consider a brand if their salesperson has an informative LinkedIn profile.

Training is Not the (Sole) Answer

Social selling training is important – yes. It alone is not the answer. The modern seller must have the mindset of being a valuable resource. You must be willing to engage the modern buyer in digital channels with a profile that communicates your understanding of the buyer’s needs. You must have content on your profile that convinces the buyer you understand them. You must have the tools and the knowledge to use these tools to engage with buyers in a relevant way so that when you ask for a meeting you’ll get it.

Behavior Change is the Answer

Most sales training doesn’t stick. That’s because most sales training is delivered in classroom or workshop sessions, or worse yet, in a lunch-n-learn session. Salespeople don’t change behavior from intense training sessions delivered in short durations. To become a modern seller it’s necessary to change behavior to a digital first mindset. You’ll still use the phone, take clients to lunch or to a ball game. In order to get more chances at those activities, you must engage with buyers digitally to get on their radar, earn their trust and win their mindshare to agree to talk with you.

Why 10 Steps Is the Winning Strategy


Vengreso has developed a 10 step digital sales program that won the Gold Stevie® Award for Best Sales Training Product of the year in 2019 AND 2020. Sales professionals learn best in micro-learning sessions. Our 10 step program combines live instruction with on demand learning AND live coaching.

Training is step number 7 in our 10 step program. Steps 1 through 6 prepare you and the entire team for a successful training program that results in behavior change that sticks. Sales professionals who graduate from the Vengreso 10 step digital sales program create more conversations with qualified buyers.

Do you have a sales team of 15 or more? Schedule an appointment today to discuss your Selling with LinkedIn for Teams program.

Does your sales team have the skills to engage the modern buyer?
What’s Included in
LinkedIn Sales Mastery for Teams?

Everything You Need to Know to “Sell” with LinkedIn!

In the Vengreso Selling with LinkedIn program you will receive the most comprehensive video-based training and resources available. You’ll learn to leverage LinkedIn; from creating a profile that’s “attractive” to buyers, to posting content that builds your reputation and the most effective connection practices that will help you reach the right prospects. Every module in our training program is designed to guide you to a skill level where you can create more conversations with prospects so you can win more.

Selling with LinkedIn for Teams

Establish yourself as a sales powerhouse in this 9-module on demand course.

During the 12-months from the time of purchase you’ll have access to:

Plus, you’ll mix and mingle with Vengreso Coaches and your peers in the online forum picking up tips and actionable ideas that will help you win more!
Plus, you’ll mix and mingle with Vengreso Coaches and your peers in the online forum picking up tips and actionable ideas that will help you win more!

Each module is packed not only with on demand video training, but downloadable resources you can implement immediately to build your brand, your network and your business!

LinkedIn Sales Mastery Individuals and Teams Comparison
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Modern Sales Mastery $397/yr
LinkedIn Sales Mastery
INDIVIDUALS (Entrepreneur to Sales Teams up to 14)
Video Sales Mastery
Digital Sales Messaging Scripts
9 Module On Demand Self-Paced Instruction
Editable Messaging Playbook
Vengreso On Demand Platform Access
Content Updates (e.g., LinkedIn Feature Adds/Changes)
Discussion Forum
Ask the Expert Question Module
End User eMail Support
Cold Prospecting Messaging Playbook
(Sales Nav Not Included)
10-Step to Launching a Digital Sales Program
KPI Development & Tracking
LinkedIn Profile Makeover
100% Self Built
100% Built for All Participants
Live Virtual Training
6.5 Hours
Live Virtual Coaching (Open Office Hours)
7.5 Hours

Leaderboard Tracking

7.5 Hours

* Participant Login
* Course Content Completed
* Participant Level Test Results
* Live Training Event Attendance

Leaderboard Tracking

Virtual Awards Ceremony

Sales Manager Support
* Program & Expectations Training
* Sales Managers Playbook

Assigned Customer Success Manager
Assigned Customer Implementation Manager

Still Have Questions?

Still Have Questions?