Content For Sales Teams

Providing Modern Sellers the Content They Need to Connect with Buyers.

Three programs to choose from.

Give your sales organization more opportunities to expand their network, create new conversations, revive old ones and drive the sales process with thought leadership content designed to build trust at every stage of the buyer’s journey.


$3,000 per month
Content marketing and lead generation for clients who want to supplement existing content strategies with up to 8 thought leadership articles per month.


$6,000 per month

Content marketing and lead generation for clients who want to be more aggressive, providing up to 20 thought leadership articles per month.


$10,000 per month

Content Marketing and lead generation for clients who want a combination of through leadership and brand related content strategy.

Configure your sales team’s lead generation content.

Content Generation for Sales

Vengreso provides content for B2B sales teams to connect and engage with decision makers throughout the buyer’s journey.


Buyer’s Personas and Journey

We create content that matches your buyer’s personas to attract your buyer in each stage of their journey.


Using intelligent content research technology we identify the topics your buyers care about.

Editorial Calendar & Publishing Goals

Content is scheduled using an editorial calendar according to your publishing goals.


We track the content that is performing best to maximize engagement opportunities with the buyer.


Content Management

Vengreso uses intelligent content marketing automation software from

Publishing Platforms

Vengreso supports publishing on WordPress, HubSpot, Drupal and stand-alone content hubs published on

Website Administration

Vengreso has expert website administrators on staff to help integrate your website with as well as tools to manage lead generation and calls to action.



Vengreso manages client approved subject matter experts to write and publish the content your sales team uses to attract and engage your buyers.


Before content is published, it goes through a rigorous editing process to ensure that it is on-brand and relevant to your buyers.


Our designers ensure your imagery looks great, is on-brand and get’s noticed.


Vengreso bring words and design together to publish content that looks great on all devices.


Lead Magnets

We create lead magnets, such as lists, case studies, infographics, and more to convert website visitors to leads.

Calls to Action

We create compelling Calls to Actions (CTAs) that encourage buyers to click and convert.



We write Tweets, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube posts to engage your target buyer on social media.


We use intelligent content marketing automation to simplify posting to social media.


Content Marketing Manager

We assign a Content Marketing Manager to ensure your content is planned and published on schedule and is the primary person responsible for your success.

Status Meetings

We meet with you to review the plan and make adjustments where needed to maximize results.


Your Vengreso Content Marketing Manager will review reports and discuss actionable insights to keep your program on track.