Vengreso Gold Stevie® Award Best Sales Training Product

Announcing Our 2020 Gold and Silver Stevie® Awards

On February 28th, the Vengreso team had a magical night in Las Vegas. No, we weren’t at the craps table at Caesars Palace. Instead we watched our dream continue to unfold before our eyes.

For the second year in a row, I delivered an acceptance speech at the Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service gala where we won the Gold for Best Sales Training Product of the Year.

Winning this prestigious award the first time in 2019 was an incredible honor. Winning it a second consecutive time is a testament to our team of extraordinary Vengresonians, and our commitment to our mission of training sales teams the modern selling techniques they need to start sales conversations with the modern buyer – even more so in the current economic environment.

In addition to winning the Gold, we also won another award. Our State of Digital Selling with LinkedIn 2019 Report won the Silver Stevie in the Best White Paper category. What an amazing night!

In 2017 we set out to transform the digital sales landscape. Now, both our training and our research are recognized by such a prestigious organization. Watch the video below and keep reading to learn why we’re so honored to win another Stevie® Award!

What Are the Stevie® Awards?

The Stevie® Awards are like the “Grammys or the Oscars” of the business world. Created in 2002, they honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations around the world in seven awards programs.

The Sales & Customer Service program, which we were nominated in, are the world’s top honors for customer service, contact center, business development and sales professionals.

Vengreso is honored to win back-to-back Gold Stevie® Awards for Best Sales Training Product. A huge credit to all Vengresonians! @TheStevieAwards #salestraining #digitalselling Click To Tweet

Back-to-Back Gold Stevie® Awards

Winning a Gold Stevie® Award is amazing in itself, but two years in a row is even better.

We teach B2B sales teams, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and individual sales reps how to find and engage the modern buyer through digital channels. To achieve that, we have developed a process that changes a seller’s mindset and behavior.

Along with my co-founders and a dedicated team, we’ve created a proven process that any sales team can follow – and the two Stevie® Awards in the Sales Training Product of the Year category validate it.

2019 Gold Stevie® Award: The Modern Selling Process

Although our core offering at Vengreso is digital sales training, we don’t take a conventional approach to it.

Why? Because sellers need to be prepared for training. There are a few things we need to do before diving into the training – which is 100% virtual instructor-led training – such as preparing in advance all the materials they’ll use on a daily basis – messaging scripts, content, playbooks, tools, and others – and creating their buyer-centric LinkedIn profiles.

Then sellers are ready for training. But effective training focuses on changing their mindset, then on changing their behavior.

In 2019 we won the Gold Stevie® Award for our 10 Steps to Launching a Digital Sales Program — and training is step #7.

The 10 steps are:

  1. Identify Goals and Success Metrics
  2. Buyer Identification and Mapping
  3. Develop a Content For Sales Strategy
  4. Choose Digital Sales Tools
  5. Develop Customized Playbooks
  6. Create Buyer-Centric Profiles
  7. Digital Sales Training
  8. Drive Adoption Through Gamification and Recognition
  9. Measure and Adapt for Improvement
  10. Coach for Sustained Success

These 10 steps represent our process to digital sales transformation. This process earned us the Gold Stevie® Award in 2019. That award honored us by recognizing that the selling profession needs digital transformation.

Today’s modern B2B buyer has changed the rules of engagement. Sellers must be aligned with the buyer’s needs as they progress through their buying journey. We must engage the buyer’s digitally connected, socially engaged, mobile attached and video-hungry preferences. For sellers to learn those techniques, it requires in-depth training.

The modern seller must recognize the way the modern buyer goes on their journey. The modern buyer needs a modern seller. @TheStevieAwards #sales #salestraining #digitalselling Click To Tweet

2020: Modern Selling Training

In 2020 we won the Gold Stevie® Award for our virtual sales training program (step 7 in our 10-step process): Selling with LinkedIn & Training for Teams. This is like one year winning an Oscar for a particular movie and the next year winning the Oscar for the sequel. What an honor!

Although the process of transforming your sales team into digital sellers is important, you can’t achieve that without actual training so sellers can learn the techniques, tools, and processes to use when engaging the modern buyer.

Our virtual training program teaches sellers how to leverage LinkedIn®. These techniques include:

Modules are designed to guide sales professionals to a skill level where they can create more conversations with prospects and win more.

Overall, there are six phases a seller must go through to become a modern seller:

6 Phases to Transforming to a Modern Seller

We’ve delivered our sales training curriculum to sales teams at companies such as CenturyLink, Proofpoint, Miller Heiman Group, Vistage and other B2B organizations. The common thread among these firms is that each one recognized their sellers were lacking requisite know-how to engage with their modern buyer digitally. Now, their reps are leveraging digital platforms to find, engage, and connect with their prospects.

A Silver Stevie® Award

Besides winning the gold in 2020, we also won a Silver Stevie Winner in the White Paper or Research Report of the Year category for our research white paper, The State of Digital Selling with Linkedin 2019.

For this report, we surveyed 862 B2B sales professionals across companies spanning professional services, technology, manufacturing, healthcare and financial services about their LinkedIn® habits as part of our Digital Selling Benchmark Assessment.

We asked respondents 10 questions about their specific behaviors when using LinkedIn. We also asked them to share their LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) score. These are some of the findings in our report:

Today's modern buyer needs to be engaged by a modern seller who is able to use digital channels with relevance and value. @TheStevieAwards #modernselling #digitalselling Click To Tweet

Is Your Sales Team Connecting with the Modern Buyer?

Winning a Stevie® Award is an amazing honor. Winning back-to-back Gold awards is a dream come true. I couldn’t be more proud of my co-founders and all the Vengresonians who helped make our vision a reality.

Besides a great honor, the award is also validation. The industry continues to recognize that modern sellers needs to leverage digital selling techniques and that Vengreso is transforming the training process.

Now, I turn it over to you to answer this question…Is your sales team creating enough conversations with qualified buyers? Do they have enough pipeline? Is your team’s pipeline stuck?

Assess your team’s current digital selling skills with our Digital Selling Benchmark Assessment. We’ve surveyed reps at more than 100 companies and will compare your team’s results against industry standards.


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