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Conquering Modern Digital Selling Techniques for Improved Communications

Is the little red recording light a familiar character in your nightmares? Don’t worry – you’re not alone! But it is one of the important modern sales techniques you’ll want to master to be successful as a salesperson.

Before completing our, Austin Jones from Workfront said he was uncomfortable creating videos – even after receiving training from other companies.

Getting comfortable on camera is difficult for a lot of people, sales professionals included.

Watch Austin’s Client Testimonial or keep reading to learn more about what he learned from his digital sales training with CEO Mario Martinez, Jr.

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Sales Techniques to Master Include Video

Many of the business transactions happening today don’t involve a lot of in-person interaction. Whether it’s due to distance or convenience, the phone, voice over IP, email, and now videos, are the norm for communicating with clients and prospects.

Getting over your fears and improving your video presence can help to boost your bottom line. People still want face-to-face time with you, and video is how you can give it to them without jumping on an airplane or taking an hour-long drive for a 20-minute conversation.

Austin says that scripting his messaging really helped him to gain confidence. Having an idea of what he wanted to say wasn’t enough for him to feel comfortable. With a script, the words were already put together for him to vocalize and record. During the training, he created a video he’s excited to send and said, “I’m actually pumped to use video now!”

Austin Jones of @Workfront says scripting his messaging helped him to gain confidence in creating videos for #sales. Catch his #VengresoTestimonial to find out what else he learned at Vengreso's #SellingwithVideo program. #DigitalSalesClick To Tweet

Leverage Modern Digital Selling Techniques on LinkedIn

As a B2B sales professional, LinkedIn is no doubt the most effective platform you can use to find, connect, and engage with prospective buyers. Before you can sell, you have to build relationships with your potential clients. LinkedIn provides a channel where you can demonstrate your expertise and develop a relationship with your prospects based on trust.

From our comprehensive digital selling with LinkedIn 2019 report, we found out that salespeople who have high SSI scores achieve more sales. Four components influence this key performance indicator, and one of the factors is establishing your professional brand. There are several tangible activities you can do to position your profile as a trustworthy salesperson, such as adding a professional headshot and demonstrating your skills through referrals.

Another thing you need to focus on is filling your profile with helpful resources–podcasts, whitepapers, blog posts, and others. Videos have also proven to be effective. Additionally, video messages are a great modern sales technique to connect with prospects.

Using Video to Connect with Prospects

According to Joël Le Bon, Ph.D., there are five common activities among survey respondents with the highest SSI scores. One factor is that they leverage video on their profiles. Videos help salespeople for a number of reasons, such as:

Leveraging videos to communicate with your prospects enables you as a salesperson to quickly engage and establish a connection based on trust with your target buyers.

Turn Connections into Conversations Through Video Messages

We hope Austin’s story inspires you to improve your video skills, too! As we found in our State of Digital Selling with LinkedIn 2019 Report, digital selling techniques can turn your connections into conversations. Check out our other customer testimonials to see how video messages helped increase conversions.

If you’re looking for other ways to boost your digital selling skills but aren’t sure where to start, request your Digital Selling Benchmark Assessment today!

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