Sales Techniques for Finding Sales Leads Every Day

Sales Techniques for Finding Sales Leads Every Day


Your sales professionals have many sales prospecting tools available but one of the most powerful and effective are videos for sales, that is one of the best sales techniques you can use in the context of modern sales!

Video in emails helps a salesperson stand out from the competition, grabbing the prospect’s attention while connecting more effectively with the viewer. For instance, video allows sellers to show empathy and emotion during their sales pitch to a prospective client – something that is harder to do through written text (unless they are masterful poets!).

In our sales prospecting videos article, Kurt Shaver shares a sample script that any sales rep in your team can adapt to record sales prospecting videos, identifying pain points, providing value, and setting up a meeting, therefore improving your lead generation process.

Here I want to share a real-life story about a client who transformed a sales lead from cold to hot with a sales video message.

In the video below Christopher Orechia shares his experience after attending our Video Sales Mastery training program. While watching the video, you’ll learn some tried and tested sales skills to find sales leads every day, and pick up some valuable sales prospecting tips and techniques.

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If you prefer text over video, just keep on reading…

At the time of the interview (2017), Chris served as the Manager of Premium Partnerships for the New York Jets. In his role, Christopher helped the business achieve organizational goals through the Jets and Met Life Stadium’s unique partnership platform. With a wide range of current and prospective clientele, his business approach consisted of traditional B2B sales strategies (cold calling, email, networking events, etc.) along with outside-the-box methods including LinkedIn Sales Navigator, OneMob, Zoominfo, Targeted Industry Campaign Mixers, and the list goes on.

Christopher had a wide range of industries to cater to as an executive for the New York Jets, but his sales strategy was to focus on colleges and universities, due to his past success in that market. Prior to his time in New York, Chris spent over seven years working primarily with universities and prep schools in a variety of selling and managerial roles. A few of his noted clients were the NCAA (University of Redlands), American Hockey + AEG Sports (Ontario Reign), and the NBA (Phoenix Suns).

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Chris’ story begins when he was reaching out to alumni relations offices for a special program. He tried all the sales prospecting techniques in the book—cold calling, emails, knocking on doors—but it just wasn’t working, and his prospects continued to be cold.

After attending our Video Sales Mastery Training program, he learned how to integrate videos into his sales emails. He started including some testimonials from past clients in his messages and soon got a reply from a prospective client: “Just got your video message. Nice touch!” This email from the prospect signals that this cold lead was now warm. Following two hours of talking within a week and a half, Chris had three board directors to join in on a conference call.

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A bonus: this prospect gave Chris a referral!

What’s Chris’ takeaway from the Vengreso training? He shares that it’s important for executives like him to think out of the box with efficiency. Think creatively, then devise action steps—like what he did with his OneMob video.

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You can connect with Chris Orechia through LinkedIn. Watch other customer testimonials here.

Building Relationships First is the Best Sales Technique

Using traditional sales techniques in today’s modern selling age will only enable a sales person reach about 10% of prospects or less. Will you forget about the other 90%? Of course you shouldn’t!

Like Chris, your sellers have to include modern selling tools and techniques such as selling with video or using LinkedIn and other social media channels in their sales process to improve their prospecting results. Make sure you check out our LinkedIn prospecting guide!

Remember! Prospecting is the first step in the sales process, and it is the hardest part of selling. Check out our definitive prospecting guide for sales management to grow pipeline,and make your sales effort successful, and don’t forget to check how a text expander can help your entire sales team and save them a lot of time!

And to learn how you can increase your sales conversations, download our PVC Sales Methodology  e-book and implement it to your prospecting strategy today to have more sales success!


4 thoughts on “Sales Techniques for Finding Sales Leads Every Day”

  1. Curious to try this approach, however I’m wondering how video in a cold email affects email deliverability?

    Do you see higher % of messages being flagged as spam because of the video?

    1. Mario Martinez Jr.

      In some cases yes but in many cases no. In fact, generally, your open and click-through rate goes up according to leading stats!

  2. Informative article! Thanks. I started to dig deep into possibilities of nurturing contacts even more. Started to use LinkedIn as a valuable platform in our comapny. It look it is working well. You can check our article to see prospecting from a different perspective.

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