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Improve Your Team’s Performance with a Digital Sales Benchmark


As the sales landscape has become digital-first, your sellers must leverage digital selling techniques in order to reach the modern buyer. This includes building a strong network on LinkedIn, asking for referrals, and regularly sharing content (internal and 3rd party) that provides value to your target audience.

Unfortunately, many sales leaders and many organizations haven’t fully embraced cohesive strategies to find, connect, and engage with prospects on digital channels. Often, this leaves sellers to figure out the best techniques on their own.

Consequently, they make many mistakes and haven’t optimized their actions to develop relationships on digital platforms to start more sales conversations.

But how do you know if your sellers are effectively leveraging digital selling techniques? And, how do you know what areas they need to improve?

You need a sales benchmark to understand the state of their current digital selling skills to identify areas of strength and weakness in order to create a strategy for improving their digital selling effectiveness.

Why Does Your Team Need a Digital Sales Benchmark?

As a leader of a sales organization, you are responsible for your team’s success. To ensure that your sellers are equipped with the latest digital sales techniques, you must teach them how to use social selling tools, such as LinkedIn and video.

One place to start your coaching strategy is by assessing your salespeople’s current digital selling skills. A digital sales benchmark can help you tailor your action plan to focus on where and how your sales reps can improve when it comes to using digital selling methods to reach target prospects.

Obtaining Benchmark Data for Comparison

The results from a digital sales benchmark help sales leaders identify the areas their team needs to improve throughout the entire from building a stronger network to asking happy customers for referrals.

Then, as you implement new strategies, you can compare future results to this benchmark to track the performance. For instance, if you find out that currently, less than five percent of sellers currently have an acceptable LinkedIn SSI score above the recommended level of 70, you can train your team on ways to improve their score. If you’re unfamiliar with LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI), it measures activity across four categories of: Building Your Brand, Finding the Right People, Engaging with Insights, Building Relationships.

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The Vengreso Digital Selling Benchmarking Report

Most sales leaders don’t fully understand their team’s current state of digital sales. Leaders often assume how their sellers can improve because they lack actual data to guide them.

Vengreso offers a comprehensive digital selling benchmarking report that compares the results of your team to other organizations in your industry. This identifies the specific areas your team must improve to better find, engage and connect with your target buyer. For example, the data clearly shows how often sellers share content or how large their LinkedIn network is, both of which are key contributors to prospecting on digital platforms.

Often, this directly leads to sellers failing to fill their pipeline with enough prospects to meet their quota.

The key elements of our sales benchmark report answer the questions why it’s important, how we collect the data, and what we provide you.

Role of a Benchmark Report

There are three roles of a digital selling benchmark report in an organization:

  1. Create a concrete documentation of the current status of your sales team’s digital selling skillset.
  2. Compare your team’s skill level against industry averages.
  3. Create a baseline for measuring future improvements.

With this data, you have a complete sense of how your team currently uses digital selling techniques so that you can create a training and coaching strategy to improve their performance.

Data Collection Process

The process is simple. Vengreso provides a 10-item questionnaire for your sellers to complete. The questions include topics such as digital branding, how often they ask for referrals, and how often they share content.

Plus, it only takes at least two minutes for your reps to complete the form. Then our sales experts analyze and benchmark your team against industry averages.

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The Deliverable

We present the findings after three or four days to your company’s sales and/or marketing leaders during a one hour session. The report includes a gap analysis study comparing your team against industry-standard levels. Now, you have the cold, hard facts on where your team needs improvement.

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Challenges of Performing a Self-Assessment

Assessing your team’s digital selling skills may seem easy. In fact, even while reading this you’re wondering why you would need a dedicated digital sales training company to conduct a benchmarking assessment for you.

The answer is simple. First, you don’t know the right questions to ask. For example, do you know the techniques that a great digital seller uses on a regular basis in your particular industry? Do you know the difference between those and the actions of an unsuccessful rep?

Second, and more importantly, the results don’t mean anything in the absence of comparison.

For instance, even if you knew the right questions to ask, you have no context to compare the results against. If everybody averages a six for a particular question, is that good or bad for your industry?

Unless you have surveyed at least 100 companies across ten different industries, you have no relevant data of comparison. The data might show where you’re weakest, but maybe the questions where you scored five out of ten are more important to improve in your particular industry.

Get Your Team’s Sales Benchmark Today!

We have good news and we have bad news.

The bad news is that most sales teams aren’t effectively leveraging digital sales techniques and it’s costing them pipeline and revenue.

Your organization probably falls into this category.

The good news is that we’ve completed over a hundred of these reports and they’re almost never good news for the sales leader. In fact, often sales, marketing, or sales enablement leaders just want documentation on exactly how bad it is so they know where to focus their energy.

Don’t worry. Once you’ve identified the problem areas related to your specific industry, you can develop the right plan to improve your team’s digital selling skills.

Do your sellers know the proper digital selling techniques to connect to the modern buyer? Are they using those techniques effectively? Learn how a Digital Sales Assessment reveals your team’s digital selling strengths and weaknesses to identify where you need to improve.


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