If you work in a fast-paced environment where every second counts, you know how valuable time is. When discussing operational efficiency, writing tasks can significantly impact your workday. If you are committed to continuous improvement, you will try to increase operational efficiency with writing process automation.

Speed writing tools allow you to complete writing tasks faster and allocate more time to essential assignments. These tools help you improve your core business process and resource utilization and increase operational efficiency.

One such tool is FlyMSG, our writing assistant and text expander you can use to write emails and messages faster. It automates the written word and reduces the time sink caused by copying, pasting, or writing messages from scratch. To see how FlyMSG works, create your free account today.

If you want to learn more about operational efficiency, you’re in the right place. In today’s article, we will explain the essentials, provide helpful tips to improve operational efficiency, and explain how to use FlyMSG as a productivity hack to complete more tasks in less time.

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What is operational efficiency?

hands holding a clock for Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency shows if a company can conduct its business processes with maximum effectiveness using resources such as time, people, equipment, tools, inventory, and budget.

A company that wants to increase its operational efficiency will have streamlined processes and optimized procedures to help employees work with optimal productivity at all times.

Operational efficiency also makes the entire business more competitive by reducing operating expenses.

Why is operational efficiency crucial for your business?

Operational efficiency ratio measures how effectively a company uses its resources to generate value, reduce expenses, and drive revenue.

Operational efficiency is critical to business performance because it determines how profitable a company can be. It directly impacts profit margins.

A lean organization enables businesses to operate more efficiently by eliminating excess operating expenses, waste, and inefficiency. It not only allows companies to cut costs but also reinvest those savings back into their business.

Let’s look into the specific benefits of improving operational efficiency.

3 benefits of increasing operational efficiency

There are many benefits to increasing operating efficiency. We will cover the three main ones:

  1. Reduced operating expenses and increased profits. Companies can save money by reducing unnecessary costs and improving efficiency, directly growing profits.
  2. Improved quality of products and services. For example, if your team spends less time on repetitive tasks, they can focus more on improving the service. It will be a more intelligent resource allocation.
  3. Increased team morale. Increased operational efficiency can boost employee engagement as employees feel they are impacting the company’s success. The combination of speed writing tools and business process automation services empowers organizations to achieve higher levels of operational efficiency

Let’s discuss challenges when you want to calculate operational efficiency.

3 challenges with measuring operational efficiency

If you want to measure operational efficiency, you should know that’s not an easy task. Let’s discuss the top three challenges when calculating operational efficiency.

1.   Defining what efficiency means in your organization

Efficiency includes the overall performance of an organization and its ability to produce revenue or meet cost objectives.

In addition, structure, processes, and technologies used within an organization affect how efficiently employees perform their daily tasks. To measure operational efficiency, you must know all variables that impact your team’s performance and understand the difference between productivity vs efficiency.

2.   The size and nature of your business

The size and complexity of your organization will affect how easy it is to measure your company’s operational efficiency.

What is suitable for one company will not necessarily work for the other. Some tasks can be automated in specific companies, while in others, it is vital that employees complete them.

3.   Company culture and expectations

Many factors can influence operational efficiency, including employee motivation, organizational culture, relationships between team members, and expectations of senior management for achieving specific outcomes.

Since we discussed key benefits and challenges, let’s share some practical tips to help you improve your company’s performance.

9 helpful tips to improve operational efficiency

Operational efficiency involves many different aspects of business operations. It consists of streamlining processes, eliminating inefficiencies, removing manual workflows, cutting additional costs, increasing productivity, and eliminating waste to achieve business goals. Additionally, managing tasks can greatly influence your daily workflow. If you’re dedicated to continual improvement, employing a Task Management Software can help boost operational efficiency.

When you improve operational efficiency, you free up time and money your business can use to reinvest in growth or savings.

Continue reading our helpful tips you can implement in your operational strategy.

line drawing of a clipboard and a pencil for Operational Efficiency1.   Evaluate your current operations and identify bottlenecks

You should look at your current processes and see where there might be room for improvement. Are there any areas where your operations are taking longer than they should? Are there any steps that could be streamlined or made more efficient?

You can talk to your employees and see if they have any suggestions. You can also assess your data and see if any patterns emerge that could help you identify potential bottlenecks.

It will help your team become more efficient and productive and ultimately help you increase customer satisfaction.

line drawing of a gear moving clockwise for Operational Efficiency2.   Standardize processes and workflows

In addition to increased efficiency, standardized processes and workflows can lead to better quality control. When everyone follows the same procedures, it is easier to identify areas where problems or errors might occur. It helps you prevent issues before they become serious problems.

Finally, standardized processes and workflows help create a more positive work environment. When employees know what you expect and clearly understand the company’s procedures, they will likely feel more confident and empowered in their jobs and achieve exceptional efficiency.

It can lead to increased job satisfaction and motivation.

line drawing of a speedometer and a man for Operational Efficiency3.   Track the right key performance indicators

KPIs give a holistic view of an organization’s performance and allow managers to track progress, identify areas for improvement and ensure that employees are engaged and productive. KPIs can also help companies avoid making costly mistakes.

Another benefit of using KPIs is that they provide accountability for employees. They can see which areas are contributing to their success and which areas need improvement. It helps employees feel more responsible for their actions and motivated to work harder in areas where they think they can make a difference.

line drawing of three bubbles containing people connecting for Operational Efficiency4.   Streamline communication between departments and employees

With the right tools and systems, businesses can achieve more output with less input. Streamline communication between departments and employees with cloud-based email and messaging apps that enable employees to communicate more efficiently across departments. Choose the best intranet software to optimize communication and collaboration within your organization further, providing a centralized hub for sharing information, documents, and updates, ultimately enhancing productivity and efficiency across departments.

By facilitating cross-departmental collaboration, everyone can easily produce better company results and access the correct information to reduce human error.

line drawing of a cloud for Operational Efficiency5.   Leverage the cloud to increase speed and visibility

Cloud is a powerful tool that helps businesses increase visibility and speed. You can use cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive to store and share files, documents, and other digital assets.

You can also access the cloud from multiple devices. It makes it possible for teams to work from different locations without worrying about lost data or conflicting schedules.

With cloud services, there’s no need to spend money on extensive hardware infrastructure. It can be more straightforward to maintain because it doesn’t require dedicated staff to monitor servers and update software.

The cloud also provides a level of security that traditional local storage systems cannot match. In addition to the encryption used to protect data in transit, firewalls and intrusion detection systems protect cloud storage systems.

line drawing of a person with a gear talking to three others for Operational Efficiency6.   Provide training and development opportunities

Training and development are essential for any organization to remain competitive. It helps employees stay informed about new technologies and trends and develop skills they can use in daily work.

Employees who are well-trained and equipped with the knowledge they need for optimal performance are more likely to stay loyal to the company.

Vengreso, the creator of FlyMSG, started as a sales training company. You can check the Modern sales mastery for individuals if you work in the sales industry.

line drawing of a gear with a play button in the middle for Operational Efficiency7.   Automate manual and repetitive tasks

Manual tasks are time-consuming and repetitive. Automating them saves time and reduces errors. It can also prevent fatigue, burnout, and missteps. In addition, automation can improve workflow and increase employee productivity. For these reasons, it is becoming increasingly common in many industries to apply tools such as an auto text expander, in everyday work.

line drawing of a graph with a star at the top for Operational Efficiency8.   Measure and track progress

There are several ways to measure and track progress to improve efficiency. One way is to track how much work your team completes over time.

You can do this by monitoring the number of tasks completed, the amount of time spent working on each task, or the percentage of completed work.

You can also track the work quality, accuracy, or time required to complete the task. Finally, tracking the employees’ satisfaction is also essential.

You can track the number of complaints, the number of commendations, or the number of suggestions for improvement.

line drawing of a screwdriver and a wrench for Operational Efficiency9.   Implement the right tools and software

Many tools and software packages can help you improve operational efficiency in the workplace. Some of these include project planning tools, task tracking tools, time tracking tools, speed writing tools, and productivity tracking software, backtesting software, such as Trello, Grammarly, Paraphrase tool, ActivTrak, and more.

Regardless of your job, you probably spend most of your day completing writing tasks such as sending emails, proposals, connection requests, applying to customer orders, and more.

You probably lose tons of time finding, copying, and pasting messages you have previously written and sent to your recipients.

Due to this reason, we will focus on speed writing tools and explain how they help you become more operationally efficient.

What are speed writing tools?

Operational Efficiency with hands typing on a laptop keyboard Let’s say you work in a sales department of a manufacturing company or inventory management. You probably send numerous emails or messages to clients, distributors, retailers, other manufacturing companies, or coworkers regarding your products. Plus you have sales messaging to worry about as well.

It eats up half of your day, leaving you drained and deconcentrated for other tasks with a higher priority. Would automation help you? The answer is yes, and you can use speed writing tools to remove the time sink and become more efficient.

Speed writing tools can be beneficial if you need to write information in a short amount of time. They can help you organize your thoughts, plan content, and write faster without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

Some speed writing tools provide content templates you can adjust according to your needs. One such tool is our FlyMSG which we will discuss shortly, but first, let’s see who benefits most from using these tools.

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Who can use speed writing tools?

Anyone whose tasks at work involve writing can use speed writing tools, but most prominently:

  • Sales representatives, as they communicate a lot with prospects
  • HR professionals, when they communicate with employees
  • Recruiters, when communicating with candidates
  • Business owners, while communicating with clients and teams
  • Customer service agents, when resolving customer issues
  • Customer success representatives while working with clients

Speed writing tools help you write faster because you don’t have to think about what to say next – the software does it for you. It is where FlyMSG comes particularly handy for greater efficiency.

What is FlyMSG?

flymsg logo and dashboard flyboard screenshot example Operational Efficiency

FlyMSG is an award-winning personal writing assistant and automated text expander you can use to eliminate copying, pasting, or writing emails or messages from scratch. It helps you type less, do more, and save 20 hours per month.

Thousands of business professionals working in companies such as Paypal, Juniper Networks, Netflix, Uber, Geico, and more use FlyMSG daily to speed up their writing.

What are FlyCuts?

flymsg flycuts shortcuts Operational Efficiency

FlyMSG lets you paste and save your pre-written messages in the cloud under shortcuts known as FlyCuts.

When you start creating your FlyCut, you will have all the editing options, like in Google Docs or Microsoft Word, thanks to the rich-text editor.

For each FlyCut, you can:

  1. Define the name of the template
  2. Create a unique shortcode (-example)
  3. Add important links
  4. Change font size or font type
  5. Include images or video
  6. Format your messages
  7. Set text alignment, add bullet list or numbered list
  8. Change text color or background color
  9. Add emojis
  10. Convert messages into simple text format
  11. Spellcheck your messages
  12. Autosave your messages

When you start writing your email, Slack message, LinkedIn post, or using LinkedIn Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Recruiter, you can add your shortcode in the body of the content and watch how your pre-written message automatically appears. It’s that fast and easy.

What are FlyPlates?

flymsg flyplates templates for Operational Efficiency

FlyPlates are premium content templates created by industry professionals. With our FlyPlates, you don’t have to waste a second of your time thinking about crafting an appropriate message and sending it to your employee, colleague, client, or partner.

We provide more than 203 FlyPlates that cover any use case you can think of. Whatever your need is, we have you covered.

Our rich library is divided into categories, so you can easily find a template that suits your needs best. You can also use these FlyPlates for personal purposes, not just for your business.

You can add these FlyPlates to your content with just a few keystrokes anywhere online!

What are the benefits of FlyMSG?

Including FlyMSG in your operations brings numerous benefits. You can:

  • Use FlyMSG in any online app
  • Automate repetitive writing tasks
  • Categorize, organize and store messages in the cloud
  • Finish more work in less time
  • Streamline personal productivity
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Increase engagement with your recipients
  • Maintain brand consistency and tonal uniformity
  • Drive fantastic personal and or business outcomes

FlyMSG is a huge time-saver, especially if you have to write a lot during the day.

How to start using FlyMSG

FlyMSG provides a free plan and two paid plans.

  1. Starter costs $3.97/mo and includes up to 50 FlyPlates.
  2. Growth costs $9.97/mo and includes unlimited FlyPlates.

All plans include FlyCuts. You can create your free account and install our Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser add-ons to start using FlyMSG.

Examples of FlyPlates you can start using today

As previously mentioned, we provide over 203 FlyPlates for any use case. Let’s create a short overview of our template library to let you know what you can expect.

1.   Customer serviceexample of flyplate template message

Excellent communication is at the heart of great customer service. It’s the key to maintaining good relationships with your customers and ensuring they remain satisfied with your product or service.

Good communication involves being clear, concise, and professional in your interactions with customers in person and online.

To help you, we have created and included FlyPlates in the following categories

  • Apology
  • Customer orders
  • Customer feedback
  • Follow up
  • New customer
  • Refund
  • Thank you

Sign up for FlyMSG to evaluate these templates.

2.   Human resources

flymsg flyplates exampleEffective communication is vital for human resources. It helps HR professionals ensure employees know company policies and procedures, foster a positive work environment, and improve employee morale. If you aspire to become an HR manager, honing your communication skills will be crucial in effectively leading and guiding the workforce.

Good communication is necessary for resolving conflict and building trust between employees and management. Keeping employees informed about workplace changes, such as new initiatives or process improvements is essential.

You can use the following FlyPlates to facilitate communication

  • Corrective actions
  • Documentation
  • Hiring
  • Offboarding
  • Onboarding
  • Recommendations

Sign up for FlyMSG to start using these templates.

3.   Marketing department

flymsg flyplate message exampleFlyMSG helps marketers create relevant and exciting messages for their target audience and deliver them in a way that resonates with customers or clients. Good communication allows marketers to build relationships and connect with customers beyond simply promoting a product or service, in both B2C and B2B marketing.

You can use the following FlyPlates

  • Content
  • Live events

Sign up for FlyMSG to start using these templates.

4.   Recruitment

flymsg flyplate message exampleRecruiters should communicate effectively with potential candidates, explain the requirements of the position and the company, and answer any questions the candidates may have.

They also need to communicate with hiring managers and other recruiting team members to keep everyone updated on the search status and discuss potential candidates.

Here are some valuable FlyPlates categories for these purposes:FlyPlates Categories you can use for Operational Efficiency


  • Application
  • Interviews
  • Pre-hire
  • Recruiting
  • Rejection templates
  • Referrals
  • Requisitions
  • Updates
  • Cold emails

Sign up for FlyMSG to boost recruiting efforts.

5.   Sales

flymsg flyplates exampleCommunication is essential in prospecting for sales representatives because it allows them to connect with potential customers, build relationships, start more sales conversations and ultimately close more deals.

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Good communication skills help sales reps better understand customer needs and find the right solutions to their problems. Additionally, effective communication can help build trust and rapport, which are essential sales skills for successful sales interactions.

Here are FlyPlate categories you can use for sales productivity:

  • Connection requests
  • Prospecting messages
  • Recommendations
  • Trigger events
  • Upsell
  • Welcome messages
  • General admin
  • Cold outreach

Sign up for FlyMSG to boost your sales results.

Start improving your operational efficiency with FlyMSG today

In this article, we gave an overview of operational efficiency and provided pro tips to help you improve it. We also emphasized the importance of technology and leveraging automation.

FlyMSG is a speed writing tool that helps you and your team write faster and smarter. With FlyMSG, you can boost your operational efficiency and ease your team’s workdays, helping them complete more work in less time. It will save you 20+ hours per month that you can allocate to other tasks.

Create your free account and start using FlyMSG today.

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