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The 2024 All-inclusive Guide to LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn has transformed into the ultimate hub for professional networking and talent acquisition. Boasting a staggering number of over 1 billion users globally, it presents unparalleled opportunities for employers seeking top-tier candidates. This is why LinkedIn developed a hiring platform, LinkedIn Recruiter, that helps you find, message, and introduce candidates to your company.

Nevertheless, merely existing on LinkedIn and engaging in sourcing activities isn’t enough. To fully harness the platform’s potential, recruiters must embrace best practices and fine-tune their strategies for optimal results, such as engagement and posting.

In this extensive guide, we’ll walk you through the intricacies of LinkedIn recruiting, encompassing best practices, expert insights, and cutting-edge trends. By implementing these strategies, recruiters can elevate their capacity to entice, interact with, and ultimately recruit the most exceptional talent on the market.

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Understanding Recruiting on LinkedIn

Any professional recruiter will tell you that finding qualified candidates isn’t easy. According to research, 76% of hiring managers agree that attracting suitable employees is their biggest challenge. If you want to learn more about LinkedIn Recruiter, keep reading as we will provide you with all the best LinkedIn tips and most relevant information to make the most of this app and explain how to use FlyMSG to optimize your recruiting process. Let’s start with some basic information.

How can FlyMSG Help?

LinkedIn Recruiter is a helpful platform and the go-to recruiting tool but comes with another challenge – writing the same message repeatedly when communicating with applicants decreases your productivity and wastes your time. It is where FlyMSG, our speed writing tool, comes in handy.

You can use the FlyMSG writing assistant and auto text expander to speed up the process and automate repetitive writing tasks. It helps you save your best-performing recruiting messages under a shortcut or FlyCut.

When writing to a candidate, just add a specific FlyCut in the message editor, and the pre-defined text will appear automatically. If you lack inspiration, you can use our pre-made recruiting templates, known as FlyPlates, created by industry experts.

To do more and type less, sign up for FlyMSG today!An advertisement promoting Vengreso's LinkedIn strategies for achieving sales quotas, featuring a person using a tablet with dynamic graphs and networking icons symbolizing growth and connectivity through the LinkedIn Recruiter app.

Do recruiters use LinkedIn in 2024?

linkedin page logo closeup

Traditional employment websites are no longer enough for hiring managers. They need an all-encompassing platform to improve brand awareness, promote company culture, post jobs and source passive candidates.

That platform is LinkedIn.

So, yes—recruiters use LinkedIn in 2024 still. According to a survey, 87% of hiring managers leverage LinkedIn daily. It is the top talent acquisition website for all professionals, including sales, and top management.


What is the LinkedIn Recruiter app?

The LinkedIn Recruiter app is a premium hiring platform for the HR department. It comes with AI-based recruiting tools to ensure you find and contact candidates on LinkedIn faster.

Subscription to LinkedIn Recruiter gives you access to its key features:

  • More than 40 advanced search filters
  • The latest Recruiter app updates to connect with people more seamlessly
  • Recommended matches
  • 150 InMail messages for each team member per month
  • LinkedIn analytics tools to manage prospective candidates

Unlike traditional employment websites, LinkedIn Recruiter lets you look for employees and not the other way around. It is useful for a hiring manager who wants to interview only candidates with relevant experience.

How much does LinkedIn Recruiter cost?

LinkedIn Recruiter doesn’t have a publicly listed price. The cost depends on factors like your location, company size, and the number of seats (licenses) you need. However, here’s a ballpark range based on current estimates:

  • Recruiter Lite: $1,680 to $2,670 per seat annually (around $170 to $270 per month).
  • Recruiter Corporate: $10,800 per seat annually.

Here are some additional points to consider:

These are estimates and the actual price may vary. LinkedIn offers volume discounts for multiple seats. You can contact LinkedIn sales for a specific quote and for the most accurate pricing information.

It might seem too much, but your talent professionals can search the entire network on LinkedIn, both basic and premium users. This isn’t an option if you use a free LinkedIn account. When it comes to accessibility, what is LinkedIn Recruiter worth?

Remember that you can choose LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn Recruiter Lite. Let’s see how they differ.

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What is the Difference Between LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn Recruiter Lite?

a man with glasses looking at a woman sitting in a room with books

Image source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is an entry-level version of LinkedIn Recruiter. It is suitable for small-to-medium businesses that don’t have many job openings.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite lets you search and manage profiles to find candidates with the best qualifications. You can then reach out to them to discuss a specific job posting.

This version, however, comes with certain limitations. Let’s check the comparison table to see the differences.

table with linkedin feature comparison

You should choose between the two versions based on your business needs. The LinkedIn Recruiter app is a better choice if you have many job openings, especially because multiple hiring managers can use it.

They won’t need to send numerous LinkedIn connection requests because the app lets them contact people through InMail.

How Does LinkedIn Recruiter work?

linkedin logo over a linkedin example box
Image source: LinkedIn

The first step is subscribing to the LinkedIn Recruiter app. It will give you access to a user-friendly dashboard that lets you improve your recruitment process.

Here is what you need to do to make the most of LinkedIn Recruiter:

  1. Search LinkedIn’s entire network of over 1 billion users and review candidate profiles – enter any keyword on LinkedIn search to get results. You can then use filters to find and save candidates that fit your job description best.
  2. Prioritize candidates – look at LinkedIn recommended matches. You’ll see people who have interacted with your company page or are more likely to respond.
  3. Send a message – remember, you get 150 InMail credits per team member every month. Access candidate profiles and connect with them in a few easy steps.
  4. Track the performance – LinkedIn Recruiter lets you stay on top of your recruitment. The analytics tool gives you insight into your pipeline and all candidate profiles your team is considering.
  5. Connect a recruiter system –LinkedIn integration options allow you to connect to other recruiting technology to access information easily and help you hire the best candidate.

Vengreso can help you streamline the LinkedIn recruitment process further. Our FlyMSG is a speed writing messaging tool. It lets you add your best-performing content or use pre-made recruiting templates in your LinkedIn InMails with just a few keystrokes.

You don’t need to waste time writing the same messages. FlyMSG inserts text instantly using shortcodes you saved in the FlyMSG dashboard. Start recruiting faster!

6 Pros of Using LinkedIn Recruiter

6 pros logo over the top right corner of a screen showing google

Here are some advantages of using LinkedIn Recruiter:

  1. Receive real-time notifications – you won’t overlook any message because the app informs you when candidates reply.
  2. Monitor potential candidates – the app sends saved search alerts informing when candidates leave their current company or are open for work.
  3. Source passive candidates – according to LinkedIn, 70% of its workforce are passive candidates. You can easily identify these individuals and send them messages.
  4. Find future employees using keywords – LinkedIn helps you quickly find relevant candidates through keyword search. It saves time for the HR department. This is the importance of doing a LinkedIn profile optimization on a regular basis.
  5. Get profile recommendations – you’re not on your own. LinkedIn recommends prospects who are an excellent match for your job ad. You can enable the push notifications option always to stay up-to-date.
  6. Tailor your messages – LinkedIn users are more likely to respond if you send them tailored messages. The app shows you what you have in common with a specific user. You can leverage this information to send InMails that engage candidates.

4 Cons of Using LinkedIn Recruiter

4 cons logo behind a linkedin screen

There are also some downsides of LinkedIn Recruiter you should consider when sourcing the right candidates:

  1. Higher costs – the app is costly for companies that don’t hire often. That’s why they mostly go with other job boards.
  2. A huge talent pool – this is both a positive and negative side of LinkedIn Recruiter. Some recruiters may find access to a global pool overwhelming.
  3. Passive candidates may not respond to your job posting – you can contact as many candidates as you want, but most of them might not show interest in your job ad. It means that you’ve wasted your time on them.
  4. Credibility issues – hiring managers are never sure that a candidate has accurate information on their account. They might exaggerate their job description to ensure you review their profile.

Regardless of the downsides, LinkedIn remains the go-to tool for hiring new employees. According to statistics, three employees get a job every minute on LinkedIn.

How to optimize your recruiting process with LinkedIn Recruiter and FlyMSG

A veteran or new recruiter can enhance the recruiting process with LinkedIn Recruiter and FlyMSG. Let’s explain how.

What is FlyMSG and how does it work?

The LinkedIn Recruiter app helps you review candidate profiles to find your perfect match. When the time comes to connect with them, however, you need a platform like FlyMSG.

FlyMSG is a personal writing assistant and text expander. Recruiters use it to automate the messaging process on LinkedIn since FlyMSG removes the need to write recruiting messages manually.

Since finding, copying, and pasting your best messages can be time-consuming, FlyMSG lets you save the text under a specific FlyCut, i.e. shortcut.  Every time you type the FlyCut on LinkedIn, your pre-made message will appear.

All you need to do is install our free Chrome extension or free Microsoft Edge add-on.

Our industry experts also prepared pre-written recruiting templates for you. We call them FlyPlates.

What are FlyPlates for recruiting professionals?

flmsg flyplates example screen

FlyPlates are templates you can use in various HR processes, including recruitment. Most recruiters have to address the same situations at work. FlyMSG helps you by providing templates to deal with these situations.

We divide FlyPlates recruiting templates into the following categories:

  1. Application
  2. Interviews
  3. Pre-Hire
  4. Recruiting
  5. Rejection templates
  6. Referrals
  7. Requisitions
  8. Updates

FlyPlates are available in two subscription plans:

  • Starter plan ($3.97 per month) – you get up to 50 FlyPlates to use to generate better recruitment results
  • Growth plan ($9.97 per month) – includes an unlimited number of FlyPlates at your disposal

You can see the full list of perks that come with each plan, in our pricing page.

Let’s see what benefits FlyMSG brings to the table.

What are the benefits of using FlyMSG?

Here are the advantages of using FlyMSG:

  • Increased productivity – you can write entire messages with just a few keystrokes
  • Effective communication – FlyMSG stores all templates in a centralized location, in the cloud
  • Brand consistency – the tone remains the same throughout the recruiting processes

8 ideas on how to use FlyMSG in the recruitment process

How can you use FlyMSG to improve the recruitment process? Let’s see some FlyPlates examples in the following sections.

Application acknowledgment

flymsg recruitment example screen


Candidates appreciate it when a hiring manager confirms they received the application. You can use our “Application acknowledgment” FlyPlate to respond quickly to each candidate.

Recruiter introduction to candidates email

flymsg flyplates recruitment example screen

Let’s say you review a LinkedIn account and decide to connect with a candidate. You need to introduce yourself and your company. It is where our FlyPlate comes in handy.

Don’t waste time writing the introductory message—insert our template instead.

Interview availability email

flymsg recruitment example screen 3

After carefully reviewing an application, it’s time to interview candidates.  Our template lists all the information a candidate must know about the interview. Your only job is to fill in the required fields.

Sending an interview assignment

flymsg recruitment example screen assignment

You can also use FlyMSG to inform a candidate about an assignment. It is a helpful template because most companies now expect potential employees to complete quick tasks.

Post-interview rejection email template

flymsg recruitment example screen rejection

Crafting a rejection message isn’t easy, but FlyMSG has you covered. You’ll probably have to send the rejection email to multiple candidates. Speed up the process by using our template.

Refer a friend for a job email

flymsg recruitment example screen referral

You can ask employees to refer a friend if your job posting doesn’t attract suitable candidates. It ensures you connect with people who tick all the boxes.

Email from employer to a recruitment agency or external recruiter

flymsg recruitment example screen email

Sometimes you might need help from a recruitment agency to hire a new employee. The agencies usually list people who are looking for jobs you advertise.

FlyMSG helps you in this situation as well.

Keeping candidates warm email

flymsg recruitment example screen email candidate

People dislike nothing more than not hearing back from a company, especially after an interview. If you don’t want to lose a potential employee, you should use our template to update them about their application status.

It ensures they don’t forget about a job they applied for while you leave a professional impression. This also applies to Thank You emails after an interview.

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LinkedIn Recruiter: The key takeaway

man looking at laptop

LinkedIn Recruiter is a good choice if you’re looking to advertise and fill your job opening. This productivity app gives you access to numerous professionals that match the required skills. You have a chance to approach them and list all company benefits to impress them.


FlyMSG is the best productivity hack to help you during this step. Our digital writing assistant enables you to increase productivity and efficiency by automating repetitive writing tasks.

It helps you achieve brand consistency and increase the overall candidate experience with your company.  With FlyMSG, you can save 20+ work hours per month, improving your overall operational efficiency and letting you focus more on each potential candidate. To do more and type less, sign up now!

LinkedIn Recruiter: FAQ

We have answered the most asked questions regarding LinkedIn Recruiter.

How much does a LinkedIn recruiter cost?

The LinkedIn Recruiter pricing ranges from $800 to $900 per month. We suggest you contact your LinkedIn account team for more information.

Is LinkedIn Recruiter free?

No, LinkedIn Recruiter isn’t free. You have to subscribe to use the tool, which will cost you around $800 per month.

How do I get recruiting on LinkedIn?

You can start recruiting and posting jobs on LinkedIn by using LinkedIn Recruiter.

How do I know if a LinkedIn recruiter is legit?

You can search for the person who tries to connect with you on LinkedIn. A search of their name should be enough to tell you whether they work for the company they advertise.

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