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This HUGE Vengreso announcement couldn’t come fast enough for the world’s one billion knowledge workers.

Because with stats from a recent study like 49% of knowledge workers doing repetitive tasks that take them away from strategic work, resulting in over 17.3 hours in lost productivity every week – the days of copying and pasting are finally numbered!

Imagine a workplace where messages follow you in the cloud and don’t stay stuck in a Google Doc, Word Doc, One Note, Evernote, Online Notepad, Notebook or a draft email.

A “personal writing app” that with a few keystrokes, and in a few seconds, can easily populate a message that would have taken you 3-15 minutes to find and then copy and paste.

A productivity workflow that enables you to save not just an hour a day, but empowers you to consistently reclaim your energy to focus on other strategic tasks that actually move the needle in sales, customer engagement, HR, operations, marketing, etc.

The great news is…

You don’t have to imagine anymore because Vengreso is leading the way with a new business productivity tool called FlyMSG. It’s instantly saving global knowledge workers significant time and boosting their companies’ bottom line.

But, how did the world’s largest digital sales training company ‘stumble’ upon what could be the biggest time saver and productivity driver of a generation?

Two words: Observation and Luck.

What does that mean exactly?

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The Evolution of Vengreso and Birth of FlyMSG

As you know we invested over 10,000 hours in creating best-in-class, digital sales prospecting education to drive more sales calls and help them consistently hit their sales quotas became our core specialty for the past 5 years. We were the first sales training company to launch a virtual sales training and remote selling program for B2B sellers starting in 2018.

During this incredible journey in serving the amazing B2B sellers and business owner community, we noticed a common trend in how these sellers were using the sales email templates and messages that were part of our digital sales courses.

Whether it was a cold email outreach message to a prospect, a LinkedIn prospecting message, or an email template – sellers were spending countless hours constantly copying and pasting the same messages over and over again.

The more we observed how sellers were using our messages, the more it became clear that they needed a highly efficient and automated way to get sales messages out faster and with more consistency.

It is through this desire to help B2B sellers become more efficient in their sales prospecting that was born! is an innovative text expander that stores thousands of message templates (called FlyPlates) that can instantly be retrieved using shortcodes (called FlyCuts) and used anywhere online. From Gmail, Slack, Outlook, LinkedIn, Facebook, HubSpot, or Salesforce – sales reps could pull in their “greatest hits” of messages without ever needing to copy and paste.

Well, that’s what we thought. Little did we know that FlyMSG wasn’t just a “sales productivity” tool. What it would become was much bigger than what we forecasted!

Want to see the power of in action? Check out the quick demo video below.

Learn exactly what is #FlyMSG and where it came from, its growth, and its future - on this episode of the @GoModernSelling #podcast 🎙️ - w @M_3Jr #productivity #tool Share on X

The Growth of – The First Productivity Tool of Its Kind

Initially when we released FlyMSG, in December 2020, we set out to increase sales productivity to empower sales teams and leaders to free themselves from the incessant copy and paste time drain.

Afterall, our focus for half a decade has entirely been on improving sales prospecting.

But, it turns out that we didn’t have just a sales productivity tool, we actually created a business productivity tool.

Not just any business productivity tool either!

While FlyMSG had immediate value for sales teams, sales professionals, what the stats showed us was that nearly any professional in every industry in the world could benefit from it and was in fact using it.

From sales enablement, to HR teams, to medical professionals, to marketers, to customer service managers, to teachers, to operations specialists, the list is virtually endless.

Which is why FlyMSG, in under 18 months, has been able to powerfully save thousands of professionals valuable time – ultimately increasing productivity, efficiency, and sales within their organizations.

Whether it is…

  • An HR Manager sending out a standard onboarding message to a new employee…
  • An online pharmacist sending a fulfillment email to a new customer…
  • A customer service rep answering a frequently asked question through online chat…
  • A marketer sending out a standard creative request to their design team…
  • A realtor sending a follow-up message to a homebuyer to book a consultation…

FlyMSG is changing how people are connecting with customers, building engagement, and saving time from having to copy and paste templated messages or snippets of messages.

That’s why in under two years (with NO marketing at all), FlyMSG has grown from no users to over 3,000 users worldwide.

And, as a result, our focus, as a company, has shifted from just enabling sales teams to reclaim their time and teaching how to prospect, to continuing to build out FlyMSG to empower the billions of knowledge workers worldwide.

The reality is FlyMSG became a personal writing assistant and auto text expander application to everyone outside of sales. In fact, as of today sales represents only 33% of our total user community!

In other words, if there is a repeatable message or snippet being sent anywhere online, FlyMSG is the automated business productivity tool that can help!

The Name Vengreso – Past and Future

Our company name, Vengreso, comes from the combination of the Spanish words Ventas and Ingreso which translate to Sales and Revenue, respectively. Our focus from the beginning was to help sellers drive more sales and increase revenue for the company – thus the words Ventas and Ingreso.

Graphic showing how Ventas and Ingreso (words in Spanish) became the name of Vengreso

We thought FlyMSG in it’s original form would continue to drive the same for sellers. And… It did in fact do that, but it did more as you know. It began saving 1/hour a day or more for the non-sellers. In fact, 67% of our users are non sellers!

So does the name still apply today even though we aren’t just focused on sellers?

Yes! It sure does.

Because FlyMSG can help a knowledge worker increase their productivity, this in turn boosts their time savings and efficiency, which improves their job satisfaction, and ultimately helps the company hit their financial goals.

And, as our name implies, FlyMSG continues to position Vengreso to empower companies to increase their sales and revenue!

The Future of Vengreso &

After 5 years as a digital sales training company, we’ve decided to pivot Vengreso into a SaaS-based, productivity management software company with a focus on providing education to every knowledge worker in the world.

Because we don’t focus on the just sales anymore rather every vertical, this puts us into the PLG category. As a result now of focusing on every knowledge worker, across every vertical we are now considered a PLG or product-led-growth company.

Our goal with FlyMSG?

To save knowledge workers at least an hour every day.

And with FlyMSG, as your personal writing assistant and a productivity tool, it’s now part of the rapidly-growing Productivity Management Software space – a space that is expected to grow to $122 billion by 2028.

Which puts Vengreso in prime position to capture a significant share of this market. (After all we’ve reached 3,000 active FlyMSG users without spending anything on advertising)

Now, you may be wondering…

What does this mean for the 10,000+ hours invested into our award-winning, digital sales training?

It won’t go anywhere!

In fact, we’ve structured FlyMSG’s paid subscription plans to be able to add on for $15.00 extra per month, it can include our entire library of sales prospecting courses. Who would leverage it?

If you combine business owners, entreprenuers, with sellers, it represents about 50% of our total user population! So there is plenty of people that still need to know how to prospect.

So, whether you want to learn how to master LinkedIn for prospecting or leverage video to get more sales calls booked – FlyMSG users will also have full access to our proven content.

Not only does this major pivot give knowledge workers a leg up to save time, but it also opens up an incredible and truly unique opportunity for investors.

Currently, the #Productivity Management Software space is sitting at $42 billion dollars. But, this market is expected to balloon to over $122 million!🤑 We’re actively seeking investors who are willing to invest in FlyMSG!… Share on X

A Rare Opportunity for The Right Investor

Currently the Productivity Management Software space is sitting at $42 billion dollars. But, this market is expected to balloon to over $122 million by 2028.

So, with the right financial backing and technology build out of new features and tools for knowledge workers – FlyMSG could be a $65M+ company in just 5 years!

To achieve this level of growth, we’re actively seeking investors who are willing to fund the vision we have for FlyMSG.

That brings me to the MOST exciting part of this article.

We’ve officially opened up a crowdfunding round to any investor who is looking to be a part of history. Whether you want to invest $100, $1,000, $10,000 or more – this is just the beginning of what we’ll achieve with FlyMSG over the coming years.

In this Modern Selling Podcast episode, I go into a lot more details about what this transition means for Vengreso’s growth trajectory, what we anticipate the return for FlyMSG investors to be (it’s significant!), and why we chose now to go full force with this pivot.

Falcon Icon at the top left corner representing FlyMSG logo and announcing historic pivot of Vengreso

Want to skip the line and invest in now? Visit to grab your share of this historic technology deal.

If you know an angel investor or venture capitalist who invests in early stage technology, feel free to send them my way at

And, if you haven’t already, download the free version of FlyMSG to give it a try today.

Trust me… you’ll be saving at least 5 hours a week!

While you’re at it, be sure to schedule a free 30-minute onboarding call with one of our Productivity Specialists so you can maximize all the incredible built-in features of FlyMSG!

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