Sales Mindset Habits of Highly Effective Sellers

Top 6 Sales Mindset Growth Hacks & Habits of Highly Effective Sellers

Being a sales superstar requires more than just knowing the key benefits and features of the product or services that you’re selling. Because, in order to be a highly effective sales person, you must also build a positive sales mindset that is driven toward building relationships with your customers and being committed to getting results.

So, let’s consider the question: what makes a great salesperson consistently achieve success?

The sales process can often be characterized as a ‘marathon’ that requires many touch points with a customer before selling something – as opposed to a ‘sprint’ where fast sales and cold calling dominate.

Research has found that a successful salesperson has to do at least 8 outreach attempts before a prospect will book a sales call. This can “feel” like a grueling and often frustrating process, if you don’t maintain the right sales focus and mindset.

Having a sales mindset rooted in positive thinking is what ultimately drives sales people to see opportunities for selling where others may not. In addition, the right mindset will also keep you agile, open-minded to change, and ready to pivot when things don’t go as planned.

It is this mental attitude, self awareness and level of resourcefulness and positivity that helps a salesperson to soar beyond just ‘good enough’ to become great sellers and sales leaders in the industry that others want to emulate.

That’s why the fastest (and most permanent) way to have a positive mindset shift and to consistently increase selling success within any sales organization is to add sales mindset as a skill to a sales training program.

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How Do You Keep a Positive Mindset in Sales?

The phrase ‘good mindset’ is often misinterpreted to mean being continuously happy or positive. Although it can be true that successful sales professionals with good mindsets tend to be friendlier, easier to get along with, and generally more team oriented – having a good sales mindset extends much deeper than that.

The right mindset means that your perspective is always open to new possibilities, to new learning opportunities, and to new ways of doing things to generate better results. So, rather than focus on setbacks as failures (e.g. fixed mindset), a salesperson with a good mindset will view these ‘hiccups’ as valuable lessons to learn from as part of their continual professional development. This sales mindset requires belief and trust in the journey that leads to sales mastery. Adopting such a mindset can be facilitated by utilizing tools and resources designed to enhance learning and skills development, such as an earning app, which can provide additional avenues for growth and success in the sales profession.

And now that everyone is working from home, modern sellers need the skills to find, engage and connect with prospective buyers digitally. Our FlyMSG Sales Pro for individuals program is a virtual sales training that is designed to teach sales teams those skills and help them build their sales pipeline digitally.

Why Is it Good To Have A Positive Mindset in Sales?

Another question you might ask is: What kind of sales mindset do you to nurture? Because, it’s not just important to have a positive mindset, it’s equally important to understand why you need one.

Your mindset is what drives how you view your work, and overall, yourself on a daily basis. And, it is what we believe about ourselves that can also impact how we feel about our ability to execute at work. For example, if you view your work as draining, unfulfilling, or hard, then you’re more likely to approach prospects with frustration or less patience, which can negatively shape the interactions, sales conversations, and the sales conversions you generate.

Psychology shows that your mindset dictates your emotions, which in turn influences the level and type of action(s) you take. And, it is your actions as a sales rep (i.e. being short or impatient with a prospect) that can determine the sales results you produce (i.e. missing out on closing a lucrative deal).

So, you can imagine that by having a healthy mindset that is focused on doing your best work and being optimistic toward finding sales opportunities – how that can transform how you show up for your sales team and your customers.

Not to mention it will improve how you feel about your abilities and that ripple effect will carry over into your interactions with prospects, your collaborations with your sales coach, team members, and the level of customer conversions you’re able to achieve.

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What Characteristics Make a Good Salesperson?

Building a winning sales mindset can be developed over time, especially through consistent coaching in your company sales meetings or during annual sales performance training. Although some successful salespeople and sales managers have innate qualities that enable them to excel in this industry, there are some key characteristics that top performers have that keep them dialed into achieving repeatable sales results.

Here are what best salespeople do to crush the sales process and stay ready to look for sales opportunities – no matter what!

They Don’t Give Up

We briefly touched earlier on how having the right sales mindset can open your eyes to what’s possible, but it takes more than just optimism to be a top sales performer. Successful salespeople have unwavering motivation, stay positive, AND are persistent. That perseverance is what drives them toward success because while 44% of salespeople quit after one follow-up call, a top performer keeps trying until they can convert a prospect into a loyal customer.

Check out this episode of The Modern Selling Podcast, about the importance of perseverance and strategies to overcome stalled deals:

They Respond Fast

In a world where nearly every adult has a mobile device, providing near real-time responses often means the difference between getting a sales meeting or losing out because you missed the opportunity. Top performers understand this principle and they make fast and reliable communication a top priority. And, sales numbers show that this works with, sales reps that respond first, on average, generating 35-50% more sales than reps that take longer to respond.

They Constantly Adapt to Get Results

Being successful in sales favors those that can be analytical in their sales strategy and look for ways to optimize what may be working to make it even better. Sales studies show that 59% of salespeople find a method or a sales process that works for them and they stick with that routine.

This can generally work well, although, sales coaches, top sales organizations and top sales performers often recommend continually studying call analytics and sales methods to find ways to make small tweaks and new skills that can net big customer conversion wins.

They Learn from Their Peers

When a sales professional starts in their sales career, they often get tips from their peers, managers, and other resources. Sales experts have found that 44% of salespeople solely relied on advice from their sales manager to reach their sales goals.

However, a great salesperson go a step further and seek out advice, strategies, and coaching from other high-performing peers. In this way, they’re always dialed into what’s working, what changes can be made in their sales process, and who can help them get better sales numbers at achieve an even higher level.

They Leverage Digital Selling to the Max

In today’s digital age, our modern buyer is digitally connected, socially engaged, mobile-attached and video hungry. This means that sales teams have to be online, in some capacity, to reach their customers. However, with so many options for your target audience to choose from to create sales engagement with you or you with them, the challenge is how to stand out and get prospects to book a meeting or consider your offering over your competitors.

This is where knowing how to use social media to do digital selling can be so powerful. And, it’s no wonder that top salespeople leverage tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and to make LinkedIn connection requests and to engage with prospects that help them outsell more than 78% of their peers.

Leverage Digital Selling tools in order to save time and make more sales.

How? With a text expander! The FlyMSG Chrome plugin is just the sales tool to give you hours back so you can do what you do best: sell! We have also developed two very complete OnDemand sales training for prospecting programs: FlyMSG Sales Pro for Individuals, and FlyMSG Sales Pro for teams.

Watch this video to learn how easy it is to download the Chrome plugin and implement FlyMSG to be on your way to a better pipeline and more sales conversations:

Why Is Attitude Important in Sales?

As a sales professional you are often the first touchpoint for a potential client that inquires about your company. If a prospect has a great initial experience, then they are going to be more likely to become customers. However, if they have a less than stellar interaction – that can dramatically affect conversion rates. And, the best way to increase the chance of turning a prospect into a customer during the sales conversation often comes down to your attitude when you approach the sales process. Your sales mindset can make or break your sales call.

Having a healthy sales mindset enables you to show up fully present and engaged with prospects during sales calls and will improve your sales success and enhance your sales techniques. That’s why understanding a customer’s needs is such a critical part of your sales role. And, it’s where you can outshine your competition, if you do it the right way.

Market research has surprisingly found that only 13% of customers believe they are understood. This opens up an incredible opportunity for a successful salesperson to improve sales calls just by actively listening. This is a skillset that is often hard for a salesperson to learn to master but is critical if you are to serve as a consultant to your buyer.

One way to put this into practice is to limit how much you speak about your product, in the beginning of a sales conversation. Instead, a top performer will seek first to understand their prospect’s problem and/or needs by asking a series of open-ended questions. That way, they are more strategically positioned to pitch the most relevant benefits or features of their offering that will directly solve a prospect’s specific problem.

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How To Adopt a Positive Mindset in Sales

We’ve discussed the importance of mindset in sales, what a good growth mindset is, why self awareness is critical in sales, and how to leverage your mindset to find opportunities. However, the key to building a better mindset is rooted both in the intentions you set for yourself, and your sales team, and in putting these principles into practice.

One of the best things you can do is to surround yourself with successful sales professionals who have mastered the mindset game and who can show you, by example, how to do the same. That will help you especially during your prospecting efforts.

The network you keep around you is incredibly powerful and as we see, top performers and great sales leaders seek out sales mentors, other sales management leaders, and sales coaches that they can turn to for continual support, advice, and guidance.

It is by building and maintaining the right sales ecosystem of support that you can continuously propel yourself into a space of limitless possibilities. With this support system, you will ensure your belief or mental toughness can (and WILL) achieve your sales goals.

Additionally, it’s okay to not feel good all the time, but it’s up to you to seek help to feel better. There are different types of therapists, including occupational therapists and travel OTs, that can help to get you in a positive mindset to do your job.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Why is maintaining a positive sales mindset important for sellers?

A positive sales mindset is crucial for sellers because it directly influences their confidence, resilience, and ability to overcome challenges. It helps sellers stay motivated, focused, and proactive in pursuing their sales goals, leading to increased productivity and ultimately higher sales success.

2. How can I cultivate a positive sales mindset?

Cultivating a positive sales mindset involves various strategies such as setting realistic goals, practicing gratitude, visualizing success, embracing failures as learning opportunities, surrounding yourself with supportive peers, and engaging in self-care activities to manage stress and maintain mental well-being.

3. What should I do when facing rejection or setbacks in sales?

Rejection and setbacks are inevitable in sales, but how you respond to them can make all the difference. Instead of dwelling on the negative, use setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow. Analyze what went wrong, adjust your approach if necessary, and maintain a positive outlook by focusing on the next opportunity.

4. How can I stay motivated during challenging times in sales?

Staying motivated during challenging times requires a combination of self-motivation and external support. Remind yourself of your goals and the reasons why you started in sales. Seek inspiration from success stories, motivational quotes, or mentors in the field. Additionally, surround yourself with a supportive network of colleagues, friends, or mentors who can provide encouragement and guidance.

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