How Templates Lead to the Best LinkedIn Profiles for Sellers

How do your salespeople’s LinkedIn profiles reflect your brand? Are they incomplete, dated, or even damaging?

It’s common for sellers’ LinkedIn profiles to be blank, to list old jobs, or to tout the individual’s “rockstar” abilities as a salesperson. LinkedIn profiles are meant to be a resume, right?


Vengreso CEO Mario Martinez, Jr. and the rest of the leadership team have been addressing this lie for several years now. The best LinkedIn profiles explain to the reader or prospect who you help and how you help them, and you can start reflecting this in your LinkedIn headline. In addition to a website and other web content, LinkedIn profiles are another brand resource.

In the video below, Vengreso Chief Sales Officer Kurt Shaver and Mario explain why using templatized profiles for your sales team is a good idea. Continue reading or watch the clip to discover their reasons, and learn why a template doesn’t mean that all your sellers’ profiles will be the same.

True or False? #LinkedIn profiles are meant to be a resume. False! Vengreso CSO @KurtShaver & CEO @M_3Jr address this misconception in this article. #SellingWithLinkedIn #DigitalSellingClick To Tweet

Why Customizable Templates Can Lead to the Best LinkedIn Profiles for Sellers

Your brand has established messaging to position the company within your market. Phone and email cadences, scripts, sales enablement content, and sales training are all a part of standardizing that same top-level message. It’s all about brand consistency.

Why then, do so many leaders question templatizing LinkedIn profiles for their sales teams?

Because they’re stuck in the past.

In a recent LinkedIn post, Mario referenced a message he received from a phone carrier to block unwanted calls (i.e., cold calls).  He questioned why so many professionals are still not embracing the new ways of selling, like selling with social, for example, or video, email, text, and AI. Kurt makes a salient point:

History is a great teacher. Here’s what sales managers have said by the decade:

I’m not sure what sales managers will say in the 2030’s, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that the Omnichannel digital approach will dominate for the next 10 years.

Don’t get left in the past!

When Vengreso creates templates for sales teams, 4-8% of the profile is customizable by the individual. Their authentic self has a place to shine.

“We don’t want every profile to look exactly the same,” says Kurt. “But they should look similar and convey the same spirit since they’re doing the same job for the same company.”

He further points out, “If you want to sell, you have to be noticed. You need to showcase what you do and be clear and professional about who you are online.”

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If you don’t templatize things for salespeople, they likely won’t do it. By purchasing Vengreso’s LinkedIn Profile Makeover for Teams, you’ll have professional writers, designers, and all-around media experts working to turn your sellers’ LinkedIn profiles into customer attracting websites. Learn more about our LinkedIn Profile Makeover services.


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