How to Use LinkedIn’s Jobs Tab for Sales Prospecting

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How to Use LinkedIn’s Jobs Tab for Sales Prospecting

If you’re a business owner or a salesperson and you’re happy in your current role, you probably don’t click on the Jobs tab in LinkedIn very often. But, did you know that you can use it for sales prospecting?

In the short LinkedIn training video above, Brynne Tillman, Strategic Advisor for Vengreso, explains a powerful tip using LinkedIn’s Jobs tab to get a list of every company your connections work for. If you’re in business development, keep reading or watch this video for sales prospecting advice you can’t afford to miss.

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Sales Prospecting Using LinkedIn’s Jobs Tab is Easy!

You may not be looking for a job, but the next time you’re prospecting jump over to the LinkedIn Jobs tab to find a list of companies in your network. It’s a goldmine of information and prospects. As you scroll down, each company is shown along with the number of your LinkedIn Connections employed there.

The Jobs tab includes highly valuable data for anyone working in sales. Even if the person you have a first-degree connection with at your target company is not the person you need to talk to, they can help you navigate and get in touch with the right contact. All you have to do is send them an InMail and ask for a phone call. What’s the least they can say? No.

Remember, any time you’re sales prospecting, don’t view LinkedIn Profiles anonymously! Even if you don’t send them a message, just seeing your name may trigger people to reach out to you.

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As a business development professional, you should be using LinkedIn and other digital sales strategies to find people and contact them. Request your free Digital Selling Benchmark Assessment now to find out how your team’s digital selling skills can improve!

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