FlyMSG's Accelerated Growth Demonstrates Remarkable Productivity Gains for Users


San Francisco, CA, March 4th, 2024 – Vengreso Inc., the creator of FlyMSG®, a leading text expander and AI writer, proudly announces a significant milestone in its journey. FlyMSG has typed nearly 1.1 billion characters for its 14,000+ customers worldwide, revolutionizing the way individuals and sales teams communicate.

From April 2022 to July 2023, FlyMSG typed 638 million characters for its customers. FlyMSG’s remarkable growth has led to an increase of nearly 600 million characters typed in the last six months, bringing the total to nearly 1.1 billion characters.

FlyMSG’s impact goes beyond character count. On average, active power users save 25 hours per month, equating to over $9,000 in total productivity savings. This showcases FlyMSG’s capacity to generate measurable business results.

“Our mission at Vengreso is to empower individuals and teams with tools that streamline their communication and enhance productivity. Lost productivity is something that I have struggled with as a career seller and leader my entire 27-year career, ” said Mario Martinez Jr., CEO of Vengreso Inc. “The exceptional growth of FlyMSG underscores its effectiveness in helping users save time and focus on what matters most.”


Key factors contributing to FlyMSG’s accelerated growth include:

  1. Robust and Feature-Rich Auto Text Expander: FlyMSG’s text expander product line is now more robust and feature-rich, working seamlessly across millions of websites and SaaS applications.
  2. Introduction of FlyEngage AI: FlyEngage AI, the human-assisted AI LinkedIn commenting tool powered by Google AI and soon to be OpenAI, has been released to enhance buyer engagement for sellers.
  3. Launch of FlyPosts AI: FlyPosts AI, is an AI social media post generator, also powered by Google AI, is now available to simplify social media writing for leaders and individuals.
  4. Growth of Sales & Customer Success Teams: Sales & Customer Success Teams are increasingly adopting FlyMSG Sales Professional for Teams to leverage FlyLearning, which includes 14-hours of digital sales prospecting, messaging, and engagement training.

Liz Bishop, Chief Sales Officer of Heffernan Insurance Group, highlighted their decision to partner with FlyMSG. This collaboration aims to enhance their sellers’ interactions with buyers through the on-demand education offered by FlyMSG’s FlyLearning feature set and the technology to help them engage with buyers better. “FlyMSG now helps our sellers engage with buyers by deploying messaging everywhere online, and it also helps us scale buyer engagement with the addition of FlyEngage AI and FlyPosts AI,” said Bishop. 

To get started, anyone can sign up for FlyMSG® for free. Users can install the extension on their Chrome and Edge browsers. After adding the extension to their browser toolbar, users can easily leverage FlyMSG® on any web-based platform they communicate on, such as LinkedIn,, Outlook 365, Gmail, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Zendesk, HubSpot, and more. Sales and customer success teams may also leverage the entire FlyMSG portfolio too. 

About Vengreso, Inc.

Vengreso is the creator of FlyMSG®, the text expander and personal writing assistant. FlyMSG® helps individuals and sales teams automate the written word by removing the time drain it takes to find, copy, paste or write messages. Vengreso’s cloud-based productivity platform saves users 1-hour+ a day by expanding text of any length – anywhere online – with just a few short keystrokes. Today, users around the globe, in companies like Heffernan Insurance, Qlik, Uber, Google, and Netflix use FlyMSG and FlyMSG AI to communicate more effectively, simplify writing and drive better personal and business sales outcomes. Learn more at

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