Vengreso Announces the Merger of Seven Digital Leaders to Offer the Most Advanced Solutions to Digital Sales Transformation


June 20, 2017, San Francisco, CA (PRWeb) – Vengreso announced today its merged availability as a full spectrum provider of digital sales transformation services. The company is founded by sales and social selling expert Mario Martinez Jr., along with six co-founders. The founding team has earned recognition by media and industry peers as experts in digital marketing, sales and social selling practices. Collectively, the Vengreso founders have educated more than 140,000 professionals in modern selling strategies.

The company is filling a void in the market by working with business professionals to align marketing with sales to provide the needed mindset, skillset and toolset in digital and social media channels to enable professionals to engage online effectively, build their personal brand, grow their network, attract buyers and accelerate revenue results.

The Vengreso approach, has been developed for entrepreneurs and Fortune 50 companies alike. The Vengreso founding leadership team is:

  • Mario Martinez Jr. Founder and Chief Executive Officer
  • Colleen McKenna, Co-Founder and Chief Administrative Officer
  • Kurt Shaver, Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer
  • Brynne Tillman, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer
  • Phil Gerbyshak, Co-Founder and Chief Digital Officer
  • Viveka von-Rosen, Co-Founder and Chief Visibility Officer
  • Bernie Borges, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

The Vengreso way is intent on enabling transformation through a digital sales ecosystem, including:

  • Content Strategy and Distribution, a blueprint for the messaging and content assets that meet the needs of the buyer at each stage of their journey, as well as employee advocacy practices and distribution platforms to ensure the content will be distributed at scale;
  • Personal branding, ensuring each professional’s LinkedIn profile is written to attract the buyer because it is written through the lens of the buyer;
  • Digital Sales Trainingsocial selling training and coaching delivered to understand how to attract and engage the buyer in digital channels to build trust and build sales pipeline results;
  • Talent Recruiting, the critical piece to enable an organization to grow the sales team with digital sales experts, using social recruiting methods to attract—and retain—the best salespeople for an organization.

“The Vengreso team is uniquely qualified to deliver valuable services to business professionals ranging from small business to the enterprise,” says Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO of Selling Power Magazine. “Due to the founders’ collective experience and their approach to digital sales transformation, Vengreso’s collective footprint makes it the leader in the field of digital sales and marketing services.”

The Vengreso Story

Despite the increasing investment in social selling by companies of all size as well as small business owners and entrepreneurs, there is a lack of alignment between marketing and sales.

Business professionals need the proper mindset to leverage digital channels with prospects and customers to add value. They need the skillset to use the digital channels effectively to connect and build trust with prospects and customers throughout the sales journey. And, they need an understanding of how to use the proper tools to maximize efficiency.

There has been a rush to train sales teams on “social selling” with an approach that puts emphasis on technology. The results for many have been limited.

“The Vengreso founders understand that digital sales transformation is more than a lesson on ‘how to use LinkedIn’,” says Mario Martinez, Jr., Founder and CEO of Vengreso. “Together, we enable a business of any size to achieve a digital sales eco-system that accelerates revenue growth.”

Vengreso is launching with the experience to lay claim to these three statements:

  • The only full spectrum provider of digital sales transformation services.
  • Largest personal branding service provider for sales and marketing professionals.
  • Largest social selling training provider.

About Vengreso

Vengreso is the only full spectrum provider of digital sales transformation services helping business professionals from small business to the enterprise accelerate growth through marketing and sales alignment, the mindset to be persistent and the toolset to scale. Learn more at: