How to Use Digital Prospecting to Get Referrals on LinkedIn

VengresoSelling With Video How to Use Digital Prospecting to Get Referrals on LinkedIn
How to Use Digital Prospecting to Get Referrals on LinkedIn

How to Use Digital Prospecting to Get Referrals on LinkedIn

Are you using digital prospecting to get referrals? I’m sure you have some connections on LinkedIn that would be happy to provide an introduction to your prospective buyers –  buyers who also happen to be your second or third connections.

Did you know that 73% of executives prefer to work with salespeople referred by someone they know?

In this video, Mike Moore, International Account Manager at CHG Meridian, talks about his experience in Vengreso’s half-day social selling program with Mario Martinez, Jr. on how to leverage digital referrals.

Mike secured FIVE new opportunities after completing Vengreso’s digital sales training program! He applied the steps he learned for the  “perfect digital referral” and achieved quality results.

Do you want to learn Vengreso’s two-step digital referral process? Then keep reading!

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Using Digital Prospecting to Connect with Buyers

Mike was using LinkedIn to generate business in the past but said to himself, “Why not follow somebody that’s making a living off this!” Vengreso has solidified a two-step process that works to generate referrals. Here it is.

Two Steps for a Perfect Digital Referral:

  1. Look at your target buyer and assess mutual connections.
  2. Reach out to at least three of your mutual connections and ask for a favor, and, if they have a strong enough relationship, to make the introduction.

If during the first round of contacting three people you don’t get a positive response, try again. Reach out to three more mutual connections.

Digital prospecting is perfect for selling in the modern age and since B2B buyers are to engage when introduced, you need to start seeking out referrals on LinkedIn.

Why did Mike Moore say, 'Why not follow somebody that’s making a living off this!” to @M_3Jr in this #VengresoTestimonial? Find out. #DigitalSelling #SocialSelling #SellingwithLinkedInClick To Tweet

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