An out of office email template is an essential tool for any professional who wants to ensure a seamless communication experience during their absence.

Crafting the perfect message requires a balance between providing necessary information and maintaining your brand’s voice, all while keeping it engaging and relevant.

In this post, we’ll examine ways to craft the perfect (OOO) out of office email templates that provide necessary information while staying true to your brand’s voice.

From incorporating company content to adding a personal touch in your auto-reply, our guide will cover different approaches that cater to diverse business needs. We’ll also discuss how promoting company content through newsletters, blog posts, and social media connections can enhance your out-of-office message’s value.

Apart from these suggestions, we’ll explore innovative techniques to customize your automated reply through humor or distinctive ways of informing recipients about your absence.

Furthermore, we will emphasize the importance of including essential details such as:

  • Duration of absence including your start date and end date
  • Alternate points of contact for folks who need immediate assistance.
  • Business associates to contact in your absence
  • Who to contact if an urgent matter comes up

All this can help make your autoresponder OOO messages more effective.

Crafting an Effective Out-of-Office Email Template

woman smiling and sitting down with her legs crossed and a laptop on her lap and the words email template behind her

An effective out-of-office message is crucial for maintaining professionalism and clear communication with colleagues, clients, and partners during periods of absence from work. By incorporating elements such as promotional content links, personal touches like humor or creativity, essential personal details, regarding availability/unavailability dates, and alternative contact options/resources online when someone needs an immediate response.

Importance of a Well-Crafted Out-of-Office Email Message

envelope with a one on the top right corner as an out of office email template

A poorly written out-of-office message can leave recipients confused about your availability and may lead to missed opportunities or delayed responses. A well-crafted message ensures that everyone who contacts you knows when to expect a reply and how to reach someone else if necessary.

Balancing Professionalism and Personality in Your Out-of-Office Email Messages

  • Professionalism: Clearly state the dates you’ll be unavailable, any limited email access during this time, and provide alternative contact information for urgent matters for immediate help.
  • Personality: Add some flair by using humor or sharing something interesting about your time away – just make sure it’s appropriate for all audiences.

Incorporating these elements into your out-of-office emails will help maintain open lines of communication while also showcasing your unique personality.

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Promoting Company Content in Your Absence

Make the most of your out-of-office email by promoting company content with links to recent newsletters or blog posts that may interest the recipient.

Adding Clickable Banners Featuring Upcoming Events or Promotions

cursor clicking as a click iconIncorporate clickable banners into your automated email response to showcase upcoming events, promotions, or product launches and encourage clients to engage with your brand.

This increases the visual appeal as well as functioning as a lead generation feature driving clicks.

Encouraging Networking Opportunities Through Social Media Platforms

social media icon

Include connections to your socials in the out-of-office reply, inviting people to join you on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for updates about business news and activities. In fact, consider adding those to your regular signature line, not just your out-of-office emails!

Personalizing Your Out-of-Office Emails

When creating an out-of-office reply email, add humor or creativity to make it memorable.

Examples of creative out-of-office messages

  • “I’m on vacation, recharging to better serve you upon my return. Contact [alternative contact] for assistance.”
  • “As I explore new horizons, your email has landed safely in my inbox. I’ll respond on [date].”

Tips on finding the perfect balance between professionalism and personality

  1. Maintain clarity: State your absence period and alternative contacts while keeping a friendly tone.
  2. Add value: Include links to helpful resources like relevant blog posts or articles from your company’s website using anchor text such as “5 Tips for Effective Communication”.
  3. Avoid overdoing it: Inject humor, but avoid going overboard with jokes or informal language that may not resonate with all recipients.
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Alternative Contact Options During Your Absence

text being written by scrabble pieces for the word absence

In your out-of-office message, it’s crucial to provide alternative contact options for those who need immediate assistance while you’re away. This ensures that important matters are addressed promptly, even when you’re unavailable.

How to Choose Appropriate Alternatives for Different Situations

  • Consider the nature of inquiries: Direct clients with technical issues to a support team member, and sales-related questions to a colleague in the same department. You could simply write something like, “For immediate assistance, please contact”.
  • Availability: Make sure the alternative contact person is available during your absence and has been informed about their role as your temporary replacement.
  • Expertise: Ensure they have adequate knowledge or access to resources needed for handling specific queries or concerns.

Setting Expectations About Response Times

Maintain transparency by informing recipients about potential delays in response times due to limited email access. For example:

“Thanks for reaching out. If you have any urgent matters that need immediate assistance, please reach out to or call my cell phone number at XXX-XXX-XXXX. I will not be taking phone calls, but my return date will be on (give date range.)

This approach helps manage expectations and maintains professionalism throughout your out-of-office autoreply process.

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Incorporating Video Content Into Your Auto-responder Email

Enhance your out-of-office message by including video content in the auto-responder email. Auto-responder emails offer a variety of opportunities for video content, including introducing yourself, showcasing your business’s products or services, or even adding a touch of humor to let people know you’re away but returning soon.


Benefits of using video content in out-of-office email messages

man sitting in front of his camera creating video content for out of office email templates

  • Videos are more engaging than text alone, increasing the likelihood that recipients will remember your out-of-office message.
  • A well-produced video can showcase your personality and professionalism simultaneously.
  • Including videos can help promote company culture and build rapport with clients and colleagues during periods of limited email access.

Tips for creating engaging videos that leave a lasting impression

Keep video emails short: Aim for under one minute to ensure viewers watch until the end without losing interest.

Here are some other tips to help you be more successful when sending video in emails.

  1. Capture a visually appealing screenshot from the desired portion of the video, ensuring it’s not blurry and catches attention. Avoid placing the play button over your face.
  2. Upload your video to a video hosting platform like YouTube or Vimeo, or use tools like BombBomb, HippoVideo or OneMob.
  3. Use your preferred email software to compose the email.
  4. Insert the video thumbnail into the email and hyperlink it to the URL of the uploaded video.
  5. Make sure the thumbnail accurately represents the content of the video.
  6. Include the word “video” in the subject line of your email.
  7. When everything is ready, click the “send” button to deliver the email.

We have a lot more tips in our Video Sales Mastery course. You can find it in FlyMSG Sales Pro.

Professional Email Signatures and Out-of-Office Email Templates

Don’t let your out-of-office message ruin your professional reputation – follow these tips for a consistent and credible email signature.

Elements of a Professional Email Signature

  • Include your name, title, and company affiliation.
  • Include contact information such as phone number or email address to enable further networking opportunities.
  • Add social media profiles for networking opportunities.
  • Consider adding a company logo or personal headshot for visual appeal.
  • Include a relevant call-to-action (CTA) that aligns with business goals.

How to Create Consistency Between Signatures and Out-of-Office Email Templates

Maintain consistency between your standard office email templates and signature and out-of-office message by using similar formatting styles like font type, size, and color schemes.

Include elements from your regular signature in the automated response but modify them slightly to reflect limited access to email access during this time off. For example, add a line that says “I will have limited email access during this time, but will respond as soon as possible. For immediate assistance, please reach out to”

By following these tips, you can send automatic replies without sacrificing professionalism or credibility.

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Using FlyMSG and For Your Out-of-Office Email Template

FlyMSG, your personal writing assistant, can really enhance your communication and productivity, especially when it comes to creating a series of different office email templates, including an OOO or Away office template.

How to Use FlyMSG to Create an OOO Series

To use FlyMSG to create your Out-of-Office (OOO) messages, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a FlyMSG account if you have not already done so.
  2. Install the Chrome FlyMSG Extension or the FlyMSG Edge AddOn to your browser.
  3. Open FlyMSG write your OOO message in the snippet. Include the relevant information such as the dates of your absence, alternative contact details, and any other essential details you want to convey.
  4. Assign a unique abbreviation or keyword (FlyCut) that will trigger the expansion.
  5. Consider creating an OOO or Auto Reply category, so you can preemptively create multiple OOO messages depending on your needs.
  6. Save your FlyMSG and ensure it is active or enabled within the auto text expander application by using the preview panel.
  7. Open your email software or web-based email client and compose a new email.
  8. When you want to insert your OOO message, type the designated abbreviation or keyword that you set up previously.
  9. The auto text expander should recognize the FlyCut and automatically expand it to your complete OOO message.
  10. Customize any additional details as necessary such as who they should reach out to for immediate attention (since you are OOO!)
  11. Your automatic response should be ready to go!

Using FlyMSG for OOO messages can save time and ensure consistent and accurate responses. Make sure to adjust your email settings accordingly to enable automatic replies while you’re away.

Using LinkedIn’s Out-of-Office Email Feature

linkedin logo for Using LinkedIn's Out-of-Office Email Feature

While LinkedIn’s Out of Office message feature has limited access because it’s a premium feature, it’s definitely worth mentioning here.

How to Use LinkedIn’s Out of Office Messages

LinkedIn now offers the option to set up an out-of-office or away message, notifying other members that your response to their messages may be delayed. Wondering how to set it up? Read on for the simple steps:

1. Locate the “More” icon at the top of your messaging box.

2. Select “Set away message” from the options.

3. Toggle the switch to the right to activate the “Away” message. (Toggle it to the left to deactivate it.)

4. Enter the start and end dates for your OOO message.

5. Optionally, personalize your Away or OOO message. For example, you can use: “I’m currently away. I’ll respond to your message promptly when I return.”

6. Finally, click “Save” to save your OOO message.

If you need to make changes to your “Away” message later on, follow these steps:

1. Again, click the “More” icon at the top of your messaging inbox.

2. Select “Edit away message.”

3. Edit your OOO message as desired and click “Save.”

Setting up an “Away” message on LinkedIn can be highly beneficial if you’re taking time off or unable to respond immediately.

Please note that this feature is available only for Premium LinkedIn accounts.

If you have a Premium LinkedIn account, take advantage of this useful feature. It allows you to catch up on messages at your convenience while assuring your connections that you will respond promptly to them in due course. Give it a try!

FAQs in Relation to Out of office Message Template

How to Inform Others About Your Out-of-Office Status

If you’re going to be out of the office, it’s important to inform others about your unavailability. The best way to do this is by setting up an autoresponder email with a clear and concise message. Your out-of-office autoresponder email message should include the dates you’ll be unavailable, when they can expect a response, and alternative contact information for urgent matters. Make sure your colleagues are aware of your absence and have access to necessary resources during this time.

Creating a Good Out-of-Office Email Template

A good out-of-office message should include the following:

  • Your name
  • Dates of unavailability
  • Reason for absence (optional)
  • Expected response time upon return
  • Contact information for urgent inquiries or alternatives

How to Structure Your Out-of-Office Email

When structuring your out-of-office message, keep it simple and to the point. Use a professional tone and avoid using humor or sarcasm. Here’s an example:

Remember to turn on your out-of-office autoreply before leaving the office on business trip. This will ensure that anyone who emails you during your absence receives an automated email response letting them know that you are out of the office and when they can expect a response.


In conclusion, crafting an effective out-of-office email template can be a powerful tool for promoting company content and personalizing your message to recipients. By incorporating relevant newsletters and blog posts, utilizing clickable banners for a company event or promotion, providing essential details in the subject line of your autoresponder message, and even incorporating video content, you can make the most of your time away from work while still staying connected with clients and colleagues.

Make the most of your time away from work and don’t miss out on this chance to improve your out-of-office messages – visit Vengreso today! Visit Vengreso today to learn more about optimizing your communication strategies!

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