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How The Right Sales Stack Can Grow Sales Faster, with Erroin Martin, Episode #57


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Every growing company reaches the point where a powerful and integrated sales stack is needed to manage the sales cycle. It’s a necessity because there are many places within the sales process that a prospect or customer can fall through the cracks. Every time it happens, an opportunity is lost. But putting together an effective and efficient sales stack can be very difficult. For this episode of #SellingWithSocial, Erroin Martin of Conversica shares about the various elements of a sales stack that enable timely engagement, coaching, forecasting, and more. We talked about the role AI plays in the stack, how a great sales stack can drive out inefficiencies in the sales cycle, and why people will always be involved in the process in spite of the power of AI. This episode is worth much more than the time you’ll invest in it, so be sure you listen.

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What If It Was Possible to Only Engage With Buyers When They Are Ready?

One of the most intriguing things happening when it comes to sales software is the integration of AI. Software already exists that takes a good deal of the follow-up engagement off of the salesperson’s plate until the timing is right for an actual sales conversation. These intelligent programs are able to take cues from social media, email and text interactions, and other data points to stay engaged with the prospect in meaningful ways until they are ready to respond. Erroin explains how it works and why this kind of engagement software is a vital consideration as you develop your own sales stack, so don’t miss this episode.

A Great Sales Stack Enables You to Know Your Buyer Before You Talk With Them

As sales professionals, we know how important it is that our buyers feel that we understand the problems they are facing. It’s that understanding that enables them to trust our expertise and feel comfortable with our solutions to their problems. That means we need to know our buyers as well as possible before we pick up the phone for a sales conversation. In this episode, Erroin and I chat about the different pieces of software available that enable us to do exactly that. It’s one aspect of an effective sales stack that is becoming more and more powerful over time due to the integration AI. But it’s not technology for technology’s sake. It’s for the purpose of an enabling us to build real relationships with our buyers that foster the kind of trust needed to establish a long-term relationship. If you’re curious about the possibilities available today when it comes to sales software, you have got to hear this episode of Selling With Social.

A great #sales stack enables you to know your #buyer before you talk with them. Listen to this episode of #SellingWithSocial with @M_3Jr & @Erroin VP of #Sales at @MyConverscia to learn how to create an effective stack. #LS2018 #SalesTechClick To Tweet

This podcast is being brought to you by The 10th Annual AA-ISP Leadership Summittaking place this April 3rd – 5th, 2018 in Chicago, IL. Register Now by using the Vengreso only discount code “Leadership1095” for your deeply discounted rate.

Your Sales Stack Should Drive Out Inefficiencies in Your Sales Process

Every sales professional knows the frustration of not being able to engage with buyers effectively. There are so many pieces in motion during the sales cycle it’s inevitable that something will fall through the cracks if the problem isn’t addressed. That is where an effective sales stack comes into the picture. The software your sales organization uses should drive out the inefficiencies in your sales process to enable the sales team to not only stay on top of engagement but increase sales as a result. If that is not happening in your sales organization, you’ve got to hear what my guest shares on this episode.

AI Won’t Replace Salespeople: Emotional Connections With Buyers Still Matter

Every now and then an article is published that tries to forecast whether salespeople will ever be replaced by AI. Neither myself nor my guest on this episode believe that day will ever come. Why? Because there will always be a need for emotional connections with buyers. A piece of software simply can’t do that, no matter how smart it is. Salespeople are the human element of the sales cycle, which is perhaps the most vital because it is what assures a buyer that they are more than a number and they are dealing with real people who are reliable and trustworthy. That’s why Erroin, the Vice President of Sales for Conversica still trains his sales team in emotional intelligence skills even though their company produces AI-based software for sales that actually talks to customers. That makes his perspective not only unique, but incredibly valuable. I encourage you to take the time to listen to what he has to share on this episode.

#AI will never replace #salespeople because emotional connections with #buyers will always be needed. Learn how to make them a one-two punch on this episode of #SellingWithSocial with @M_3Jr & @Erroin VP of #Sales @MyConversica #LS2018 #SalesTechClick To Tweet

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:10] Erroin’s history in sales and software tech
  • [4:47] How AI can be used to make engagement and follow up happen
  • [11:58] What is AI and why is it helpful for sales follow up?
  • [14:16] Tech tools are needed to weed out inefficiencies in the sales cycle
  • [22:55] Automating and predicting are two powerful functions of a good sales stack
  • [24:10] Knowing your buyer before you even meet them using sales tech
  • [32:19] How Erroin is building emotional intelligence into his sales team

Resources Mentioned

The 10th Annual AA-ISP Leadership Summit– April 3-5, 2018 – use the code “Leadership1095”


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Your sales stack should drive out inefficiencies in the #sales process. If it doesn’t, it’s wasting opportunities and you’re losing sales. Learn how to fix it from @Erroin & @M_3Jr - Listen now! #LS2018 @MyConversica #SalesTech #SocialSellingClick To Tweet

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