When I set it out to curate a list of the best sales podcasts for this year, I had two motivating forces in mind:

  1. Continuous Learning and Growth is not an Option for Sales Professionals
  2. Practicing the Art and Science of Listening

In sales leadership, we always talk about growing and doing. Growing in the craft is critical to our sales success. Practicing what we learn or making an application of it is just as critical. Sales professionals, the same as any other profession such as doctors, lawyers, bankers, accountants, supply chain experts, professional athletes, you name it…

We all need to be in a continuous learning mode or we will eventually become irrelevant. The buyer is better at buying than the seller is at selling. And, therefore that means sellers are at a disadvantage.

That is why I wanted to develop a list of the best sales podcasts for sales professionals (in no particular order) that every sales leader and sales representative can tune to always be continuously learning and to put into practice our sales craft.

Sales podcasts are an awesome way to contribute to continuous learning for any sales professional. Frankly, there is no excuse for salespeople to not listen to podcasts because it’s a passive listening activity. If you’re already a podcast listener, you probably have some routine activities during which time you tune into your favorite podcasts.

For me, it’s at the gym and also by connecting my iPhone to my car radio through Bluetooth enabling me to listen while I’m driving. I’ve heard others say they listen to podcasts for salespeople while walking the dog, jogging, vacuuming the living room, even while doing the dishes.

However you choose to listen, the point is that podcast content is as easy as it gets to contribute to your continuous learning to get better at being the modern seller the modern buyer demands.

Also included inside this article is what I believe is the best sales podcast of all time!

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The Best Sales Podcast for sales reps and sales leaders

1. The Modern Selling Podcast – Mario Martinez, Jr.

I have to say it, this is the best podcast for sales professionals. With his “don’t do normal” strategies for growing sales pipelines, sales expert and top-rated digital selling evangelist Mario Martinez Jr. is here to help businesses of all sizes grow. Tune in to his Modern Selling Podcast to find out how entrepreneurs, small business owners, sales leaders, and sales professionals connect technology, tactics, and motivational thoughts to overachieve.

Mario’s guests are sales practitioners and sales leaders in the trenches who bring actionable expert advice to listeners. Some great guests include Seismic’s Founder and CRO, Ed Calnan, Marcus Jewel, CSO and EVP of Juniper Network, Christoph Schell, Chief Commercial Officer at HP, and Chris O’Brien, CCO at C.H. Robinson.

The Best Sales Podcast for Sr. Sales Leaders

2. The SBI Podcast – Sales Benchmark IndexBest Sales Podcasts - SBI podcast by Sales Benchmark Index

Join the Sales Benchmark Index team to learn about the latest developments in sales and marketing. Listen to The SBI Podcast to glean tried-and-true tactics for making your sales numbers every quarter without fail.

Achieving success as a startup founder isn’t always easy, but the LTV podcast helps you tackle the toughest aspects. Host Kyle Racki, founder of Proposify, talks sales, funding, company culture, and many more startup topics.

4. Masters of Scale Podcast – Reid Hoffman

Best Sales Podcasts - Masters of Sales podcast by Reid Hoffman

If anyone knows how to scale, it’s Reid Hoffman, Silicon Valley investor and entrepreneur. Tune in to his Masters of Scale podcast to hear fascinating stories from the founders of some of today’s fastest-growing companies. Whether you’re in sales, sales leadership or you’re an entrepreneur, Reid Hoffman’s Masters of Scale podcast will inspire you to take your game to the next level.

5. Sales Enablement Podcast – Andy PaulBest Sales Podcasts - Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul

With millions of downloads and 800+ episodes of in-depth conversations with the most exciting B2B sales and marketing leaders in the business, the Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul explores critical sales insights, sales perspectives, sales skills, and sales technologies that enable peak sales performance.

6. What’s Next! – Tiffani BovaBest Sales Podcasts - Whats Next by Tiffany Bova

Innovation is essential for driving sales, and Tiffani Bova’s What’s Next! podcast has the keys to growth. Tune in to this keynote speaker and “Harvard Business Review” contributor to find out how your business can stay ahead of the competition.

7. The Ziglar Show – Tom Ziglar and Kevin MillerBest Sales Podcasts - The Ziglar Show with Tom Ziglar and Kevin Miller

Building a successful business isn’t easy, but Tom Ziglar, son of renowned motivator Zig Ziglar, knows a little something about making progress. Join Ziglar and co-host Kevin Miller on The Ziglar Show to find out how to take your business from zero to hero.

The Best Sales Podcasts for Managers

8. The Sales Engagement Podcast – Outreach

Best Sales Podcasts - The Sales Engagement Podcast - OutreachThe Sales Engagement podcast is the #1 podcast focused on engaging your customers and prospects in the modern sales era. This show features real-life stories and best practices from revenue leaders doing the job day in and day out, in a casual, radio-like talk show. Each episode features modern tactics, strategies, hacks, and tips to get the most out of your sales engagement strategy and help you navigate the next generation of sales.

9. The Alignment Podcast – Jeff DavisBest Sales Podcasts - Alignment Podcast by Jeff Davis

Struggling to get your sales and marketing teams on the same track? Listen to The Alignment Podcast with Jeff Davis to find out how your teams can work together to drive more revenue. This conversation-based podcast is ideal for business to business (B2B) executives.

10. B2B Revenue Leadership – Brian BurnsBest Sales Podcasts - B2B Revenue Leadership by Brian Burns

Brian Burns interviews experienced B2B sales leaders on his B2B Revenue Leadership podcast. Tune in to hear firsthand from accomplished sales leaders driving B2B revenue.

11. Sales Game Changers: Tips from Successful Sales Leader‪s‬ – Fred DiamondBest Sales Podcasts - Sales Game Changers Podcast

Institute for Excellence in Sales co-founder Fred Diamond interviews top business-to-business sales leaders from companies such as Cisco, AT&T, Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, Hilton and others about their sales journey, career highlights, mentors, and lessons learned while asking them to offer tips to help emerging sales professionals and leaders to grow their careers. It’s an interview-style podcast that has become even more popular as sales professionals look for solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

12. Sales Pipeline Radi‪o‬ – Matt HeinzBest Sales Podcasts - Sales Pipeline Radio

Sales Pipeline Radio features the brightest minds in B2B sales & marketing, sharing secrets to driving greater volume, velocity and conversion of sales pipelines in any industry. Matt covers the entire pipeline – demand generation, lead management, sales effectiveness, technology and more – all focused on helping you find, manage and win more business. Thank you for joining host Matt Heinz, president of Heinz Marketing, in this fast-paced, power-packed program.

13. Sales Enablement Society – Stories From The Trenche‪Best Sales Podcasts - Sales Enablement Society Podcasts‬

Sales enablement practitioners share their real-world experiences. Get the real scoop on what’s happening inside Sales Enablement teams across the SES member global community. Each segment of Stories from the Trenches shares the good, the bad, and the ugly experiences inside corporate sales enablement initiatives. Learn what worked, what didn’t work, and how obstacles were eliminated by corporate teams and leadership.

The Ultimate Sales Managers Guide to Leading in a Virtual World!

The Best Sales Podcasts for Reps

With these two motivations in mind, I offer you a list of the best sales podcasts for a reps continuous learning and listening skills development.

Whether you’re new to the sales profession or you’ve been closing deals for decades, it’s critical to stay at the top of your game. This list of the best sales podcasts is produced by some of the most respected expert sales leaders in the industry sharing their latest sales best practice insights.

Without further ado check out my curated list of the best sales podcasts for reps to add to your playlist this year.

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14. Hey Sales People – Jeremy Donovan

Best Sales Podcasts - Hey Sales People Image for podcastSales is an art and a science. Join Jeremey Donovan, SalesLoft’s VP of Sales Strategy and self-proclaimed sales nerd, as he interviews the brightest minds in modern sales to bring you immediately actionable advice. If you have a passion for sales, are looking to further your career, or just want to hear some great, practical tips, this is the podcast for you.

15. Outside Sales Talk – Steve BensonBest Sales Podcasts - Outside Sales Talk by Steve Benson

Steve Benson, Founder and CEO of Badger Maps, got his start at Google and has learned invaluable lessons as an entrepreneur. Listen to his Outsides Sales Talk podcast as he shares advice and interviews other outside sales experts.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Vengreso’s CMO, @BernieBorges has done the hard part by assembling the 30 sales podcasts most likely to help reps and leaders succeed in 2021. #salessuccess #digitalsales #salespodcast” quote=”Vengreso’s CMO, @BernieBorges has done the hard part by assembling the 30 sales podcasts most likely to help reps and leaders succeed in 2021. #salessuccess #digitalsales #salespodcast”]

16. SalesIQ Podcast – Luigi Prestinezi

Best Sales Podcasts - Luigi Prestinezi on SalesIQ PodcastJoin him as they talk to thought leaders from around the globe about the art and science of sales and marketing, personal development, and the mindset required to sell more every day.

17. Salesman Podcast – Will Barron

Best Sales Podcasts - The Sales Man Podcast LogoThe Salesman.org – podcast feed gives you the world’s best sales content.

18. The Sales Evangelist – Donald KellyBest Sales Podcasts - The Sales Evangelist Podcast

You should be earning 6 figures easily as a sales rep. But chances are you are not…yet! Sales is the most important department in every company but many sellers are never taught how to effectively sell, much less how to earn their way to high-income status. Donald’s career limped along until a company he worked for invested in sales training to help him succeed. Immediately afterward, he closed a deal worth 4X what the company spent on him and saw hockey-stick improvement in his performance. So he started a podcast to “Evangelize” what was working.

19. Limitless: A Sales and Marketing PodcastBest Sales Podcasts - Limitless Podcast

Limitless is the place for all the sales and marketing professionals out there where they can thrive and get specific answers for specific queries in sales and marketing. No beating around the bush, no sweeping statements. That’s a guarantee. All the episodes in this podcast will have a perfect blend of relevant context, right questions and straight answers.

20. Sales Hustle – Colin MitchellBest Sales Podcasts - Sales Hustle Podcast

This is the Sales Hustle podcast hosted by Collin Mitchell.

21. Authentic Persuasion Show – Jason CutterBest Sales Podcasts - Authentic Persuasion Show

The Authentic Persuasion show is a 5x a week show with one goal – to help you be more effective in your sales career or with running your sales team. Jason Cutter brings his nearly 20 years of sales experience with this updated podcast centered around his book: Selling With Authentic Persuasion. If he can do it (a guy with a marine biology degree), then you can to!

22. RevAmp by DealHub.ioBest Sales Podcasts - RevAmp Podcast

Effective Revenue Growth. The hottest topic right now in successful B2B companies. So, what better way to help you learn more about Revenue Amplification than listening to insights from leading professionals? DealHub has sourced a great lineup of experts who deliver fresh insights on the Strategies, Tools, Sales Process, Analysis, and Alignment that they use.

23. The Sales Hacker Podcast – Sam JacobsBest Sales Podcasts - Sales Hacker by Sam Jacobs

As the premier community for modern sales pros, Sales Hacker offers high-level insights from the industry’s top thought leaders. The Sales Hacker Podcast with Sam Jacobs features invaluable advice for veteran and new sales professionals alike.

24. Sales Paradise – Chandler BarronBest Sales Podcasts - Sales Paradise

On the Sales Paradise podcast, excelling in the sales world doesn’t have to be a grind. Find out how to do better in business while making time for what you love.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Stay committed to your continuous learning #sales skills development in 2021 with these podcasts. #salestraining #salespodcast #salesdevelopment @BernieBorges” quote=”Stay committed to your continuous learning #sales skills development in 2021 with these podcasts. #salestraining #salespodcast #salesdevelopment @BernieBorges”]

25. The Sales Podcast – Wes Schaeffer

Best Sales Podcasts - The Sales Podcast by Wes SchaefferAs The Sales Whisperer, Wes Schaeffer is a master of inbound marketing and sales. Tune in to The Sales Podcast to learn how to align top technology with high-performing sales strategies.

26. Sales Reinvented Podcast – Paul WattsBest Sales Podcasts - Sales Reinvented Podcast by Paul Watts

With his Sales Reinvented Podcast, host Paul Watts aims to recast sales in a savvy new light. Through interviews with experienced professionals, he explores how to do sales differently.

27. Sales Secrets from the Top 1% – Brandon BornancinBest Sales Podcasts - Sales Secrets from the Top 1%

Brandon Bornancin is a serial salesperson, entrepreneur, and Founder & CEO of Seamless.AI. Twice a week, Brandon interviews the world’s biggest and brightest business experts including Kevin Harrington, Jordan Belfort, Ryan Serhant, Bob Burg, Jill Konrath, Anthony Iannarino, and many more — to uncover actionable strategies, tips, and insights that you can use to generate more revenue and accelerate your business. Ready to learn exclusive secrets from top sales, business, and entrepreneurs from around the world? Then Sales Secrets From The Top 1% is the place to find them.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”This list of 30 #sales podcasts will improve your listening skills as well as your #sellingskills in 2021. #modernselling @BernieBorges” quote=”This list of 30 #sales podcasts will improve your listening skills as well as your #sellingskills in 2021. #modernselling @BernieBorges”]

28. Sell or Die Podcast – Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer GluckowBest Sales Podcasts - Sell or Die Podcast by Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gluckow

Mastering sales is both an art and a science, and hosts Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gluckow explore both sides in the Sell or Die Podcast. Tune in to hear insightful interviews with experts in sales, marketing, personal development, and more.

29. Confessions of a Serial Seller – Tony MorrisBest Sales Podcasts - Confessions of a Serial Seller Podcast

Tony Morris is an International sales speaker who runs a sales training organization. He is the author of 5 books on sales.

30. Predictable Prospecting Podcast – Marylou TylerBest Sales Podcasts - predictable prospecting by Marylou Tyler

Marylou Tyler is a lead generation machine, and her Predictable Prospecting Podcast has the tools you need to follow in her footsteps. Tune in for tips on sales automation, customer-centered sales, analytics assessment, and more.

31. The Sales Development Podcast – David DulanyBest Sales Podcasts - The Sales Development Podcast

The Sales Development podcast is the only audio forum focused and dedicated to helping Sales Development professionals get better at their jobs and push the practice of Sales Development forward. This is a place for practitioners in the trenches getting it done every day, whether they are called SDRs, BDRs, ADR’s or others, its the team charged with creating pipeline out of inbound lead activities and outbound approaches.

32. Make It Happen Mondays – B2B Sales Talk with John BarrowsBest Sales Podcasts - Make It Happen Mondays - B2B Sales Talk with John Barrows

John Barrows is a leading B2B sales trainer and founder of JBarrows Consulting. His clients include Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Okta. Each Week he gives you actionable sales tips to close more business and brings on industry leaders.

33. The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling – Brian BurnsBest Sales Podcasts - The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling

Learn about The Maverick Selling Method, models the world’s best salespeople and what they do differently. If you are in sales and have a passion for selling you will like this podcast. The focus is on b2b sales and selling. If are selling or in sales this podcast is for you.

34. Surf and Sale‪s‬ – Richard Harris and Scott LeeseBest Sales Podcasts - The Surf and Sales Podcast

In sales, everyone is looking for help, yet so few are willing to give it unselfishly. Scott and Richard teamed up to bring their best advice from their own life experiences, real-world job experiences, and what they see sales reps and leaders do right, and equally important do wrong so you don’t have to. And yeah, there will be the occasional surf story as well.

35. Sale‪s with Aslan‬ – Aslan Training and DevelopmentBest Sales Podcasts - Sales with Aslan

This podcast series is intended to be a light and fun way to talk about a serious subject: selling. Buyer behavior has changed dramatically over the last several years, and salespeople have failed to change with the times. This podcast series will delve into fine beers and remove fears in the hearts and minds of those who sell.

Practicing the Art and Science of Listening for Sales Success

To be an effective modern selling professional, you must be an effective listener. This is easier said than done considering that we are attacked by distractions all day long. How do you practice the art and science of listening, so you can be a better sales professional?

Give this a try… Listen to a podcast while you’re doing a passive activity such as going on a walk… Then, when you have five minutes of focus time, write down at least one key take away from the podcast. Consider journaling this for cumulative continuous learning. You’ll find yourself evaluating your listening skills and striving to improve them. And, you’ll carry this skill over to your sales conversations.

It’s hard enough to reach qualified buyers to have a sales conversation. It’s critical that when you have them, you are at the top of your game with strong listening skills.

There you have it!

This list of sales podcasts delivers tried-and-true sales secrets and social selling tips, insights and strategies to help you level up your sales skills throughout 2021.

If you run a search for top sales podcasts, you’ll find well over 100. This list is my list of the top 30 sales podcasts. Should it be yours? You decide…

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