It’s no secret that the B2B sales game has become harder and harder. With more informed buyers, the same old sales techniques aren’t working at the same success rate to convert prospects to customers.

But, what should sales reps and leaders do to really move the sales needle? The answer is simple: better prospecting! Yet, the key to doing this successfully often comes down to your sales cadence and the specific actions you’re taking and when.

This is the topic we cover in a special episode of the Modern Selling Podcast with one of the greatest minds in sales.

Priya Sachdev is the Chief Customer Officer, here at Vengreso. She is responsible for Vengreso’s Customer Success and Support team as well as all implementation, training, sales coaching, and delivery of the entire LaaS (Learning as a Service) and SaaS technology suite to the 1,100+ companies that Vengreso has served.

Priya has been in the sales training industry for over 20 years and has overseen sales enablement for a leading global provider of digital transformation services as well as serving for 13 years at Miller Heiman Group, where she was the Enterprise Sales Transformation Leader, responsible for consulting with clients globally in sales transformation.

In addition, she served as the Vice President of APAC where she was instrumental in overseeing, accelerating, and delivering sales training, methodology, and consulting to the APAC region.

If that wasn’t enough, Priya has been named as one of the top 25 Most Influential Women in India by CEO Magazine and recognized as one of the 10 Successful Women to Watch by Insights Success.

Make sure to tune in to the full conversation to see the specific sales cadence and prospecting strategies are working now to book more meetings, fill pipelines, and get to a sale even faster!

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How Do You Get to the First Sales Conversation?

Going from a cold outreach message to a sales call is often the hardest part of the entire sales cycle. That’s why when we polled almost 1,300 sales professionals, 69% of them acknowledged that the most challenging part of their work was getting the first conversation.

At Vengreso, we created a full prospecting guide with our unique PVC methodology that walks through the secret formula we’ve found that works to engage prospects with EVERY message.

So, I was curious to hear Priya’s perspective on what sales reps can do to lower the barrier to entry and get to a sales call faster.

She shares, “we’re in a sales pandemic and the biggest problem with prospecting is that sales reps are not following through. The sales cadence and the sales channels used are not right for the target audience.”

I’ve seen in my 20+ years of sales that follow-through is everything if you want to close big deals. But, all too often, sales leaders overemphasize quantity over quality, which leaves lots of money left on the table.

Join the conversation and download this episode to learn more about what’s working to get prospects to lean in with the first message.

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What Are the Best Channels for Prospecting?

In today’s hyperconnected world, there are so many ways that we can reach and engage with prospects. From social media to email, to SMS, to phone calls – we’re not short on channels to choose from.

However, so many sales reps focus on one channel and never diversify their approach. Studies have found that when you use one channel you can expect about 10% engagement. If you add a second, third, or fourth channel to reach prospects, then you can increase your engagement by 400%!

That’s why at Vengreso, we take a multi-channel strategy that includes four key parts of our sales cadence:

  1. Connecting on LinkedIn
  2. Sending a personalized text message
  3. Following up with email
  4. Using video to engage

In my conversation with Priya, we dive deeper into how to implement each of these channel strategies to increase prospecting success. This part of the conversation alone can be game-changing if you’ve been struggling to get higher prospect engagement with your current sales cadence.

Get a pen and paper ready and listen to the episode now. Pay particular attention to the first 15 minutes for actionable insights that you can apply today to your sales cadence to produce better results – without adding extra work.

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How Should You Use Sales Automation Tools?

This can be a tricky question to answer. Because although automation can help to streamline processes and increase your sales productivity, it can also be the reason sales reps aren’t closing deals.

Modern B2B buyers are savvy enough to know a personalized message from an automated response. Personalized messages get responses back. Automated, generic messages do not. It’s really that simple.

But, automation does still have its place in the sales process. Using powerful tools like FlyMSG can be great to make it easier for you to quickly personalize your sales messages. In addition, leveraging LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator can give your sales teams incredible insights into which connections to make, who to engage to get to a sales call, and what personalized bits of information you can insert into your messages.

Modern seller beware! Sales tools are only effective when you know how to use them properly. As I always say, “a fool with a tool, is still a fool.”

This is why having the right sales training and using sales tools in the right parts of your sales cycle are so critical.

Make sure to listen to this episode to hear what unique strategies we’re using at Vengreso to land bigger deals, increase our prospecting success, and make the B2B selling process seamless! 

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