Unleashing the power of the omnichannel prospecting strategy in modern selling.

Unleashing the Power of the Omnichannel Prospecting Strategy

Does this sound familiar? You’ve been told to send countless generic emails, hoping that one will catch the attention of your prospects. But instead, you’re left feeling frustrated and defeated as your inbox remains empty and your sales win rates plummet. It’s time to break free from ineffective actions and address the pain of wasted time and missed opportunities. Discover the power of an omnichannel approach tailored to individual prospect preferences and unlock the key to enhanced prospecting and increased sales deals.

  • Build lasting relationships and close more sales by learning the importance of human connection in sales.
  • Maximize your prospecting efforts and reach your target audience effectively with an omnichannel approach tailored to individual preferences.
  • Discover the power of phone calls in prospecting and unlock a less cluttered channel for reaching and engaging potential customers.
  • Increase your sales by understanding the unique pain points and challenges of different buyer personas within an organization and tailoring your value propositions accordingly.
  • Save time and motivate your sales teams with good data by investing in high-quality prospecting data and using it effectively in your outbound efforts.

About our guest:

David Kreiger, founder of SalesRoads, has been in the sales game for nearly 17 years. He started his company with a vision to create a distributed workforce and build a remote inside sales team. With a belief that the core of selling lies in connecting with people, David aimed to recruit the best salespeople regardless of where they lived. Over the years, SalesRoads has worked with a wide range of companies, from seed stage startups to established organizations, helping them accelerate their sales and generate more top-of-the-funnel appointments. David’s experience has taught him that while an omnichannel approach to prospecting is important, the phone remains the most powerful tool for connecting with prospects on a human level and truly understanding their pain points.

In a cluttered digital landscape, the personal touch of a phone call can break through the noise and lead to meaningful conversations. By developing a solid strategy, understanding buyer personas, and crafting tailored messaging, sales professionals can enhance their prospecting efforts and drive more sales. So, if you’re looking to improve your prospecting game, take a page from David’s book and start dialing.

Being able to connect one on one with individuals, understand their pain, and engage in a dialogue with them is essential for successful sales. There is no replacement for the phone or a meeting to truly understand what a prospect needs. – David Kreiger

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The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:08 – Introduction,

00:01:33 – About SalesRoads

00:04:23 – Impressive Case Studies

00:05:46 – Fun Fact

00:06:27 – The Power of Phone Calls

00:15:23 – Understanding Persona-Based Messaging

00:16:41 – The Importance of Preparation and Practice

00:18:36 – The Role of Data in Sales Prospecting

00:21:44 – Creative Lead Generation Strategies

00:23:16 – Prospecting for Small Businesses

00:30:57 – The Importance of Personalization in Sales Outreach

00:32:24 – Customization vs Personalization Based on Team Size

00:34:10 – The PVC Sales Methodology

00:37:13 – The Importance of Patience in Sales Outreach

00:44:12 – The Power of Building Relationships

00:45:52 – The Challenges of Virtual Communication

00:46:21 – The Hardest Job in Sales

00:46:55 – Emerging Trends in Sales Development

00:49:26 – Best Way to Connect with the Guest

Timestamped summary of this episode:

00:00:08 – Introduction,
Mario Martinez Jr. introduces himself and the podcast, highlighting that each episode focuses on helping sales professionals grow their sales numbers. He introduces his guest, David Kreiger, and mentions that they will be discussing appointment setting strategies using phone calls over email.

00:01:33 – About SalesRoads,
David Kreiger shares that he is the president of SalesRoads, a company that specializes in SDR outsourcing and appointment setting. He explains that SalesRoads was founded with the goal of creating a distributed inside sales team that can recruit the best salespeople regardless of location.

00:04:23 – Impressive Case Studies,
David highlights some of the impressive case studies of companies SalesRoads has worked with, ranging from seed stage startups to established companies like Paylocity and Samsung. He emphasizes their focus on generating top-of-the-funnel appointments to drive sales.

00:05:46 – Fun Fact,
David shares a fun fact about himself, revealing that he was almost killed by a yo-yo when he was younger. He explains that he was into yo-yoing and accidentally hit a glass lamp, narrowly avoiding injury.

00:06:27 – The Power of Phone Calls,
Mario and David discuss the challenges of sales prospecting and the importance of booking the first meeting. David explains why he believes phone calls remain a powerful tool in today’s digital age, emphasizing the human connection and the ability to understand prospects’ pain points. He also mentions that phone calls can be less cluttered

00:15:23 – Understanding Persona-Based Messaging,
Developing a value proposition based on the unique challenges and pains of each persona is essential for effective sales. Tailoring your messaging to address the specific needs of each individual will lead to better engagement and success in selling.

00:16:41 – The Importance of Preparation and Practice,
While you don’t want to sound scripted, being prepared and knowing what you want to say is crucial. Practice and develop your messaging to ensure you can articulate it effectively to different personas.

00:18:36 – The Role of Data in Sales Prospecting,
Good data hygiene is vital for successful sales prospecting. Utilizing tools like Apollo, Lucia, Seamless, and ZoomInfo can provide data, but it’s important to verify its accuracy and engage in manual data mining to ensure the information is up to date.

00:21:44 – Creative Lead Generation Strategies,
Sometimes existing lists don’t meet your specific criteria. In these cases, creative strategies like web scraping can be employed to find the right leads. Additionally, combining multiple data providers and waterfalling leads can help improve accuracy and increase the chances of success.

00:23:16 – Prospecting for Small Businesses,
Outbound prospecting can be done by small businesses, but it requires a strategic approach and investment in good data, a sales acceleration platform, and the necessary time and resources. Doing it right is more important than rushing into it and wasting time and money.

00:30:57 – The Importance of Personalization in Sales Outreach,
David Kreiger highlights the importance of personalization in sales outreach. He advises that while it may be more effective to send personalized messages to a smaller number of high-value prospects, for larger teams targeting a larger number of leads, it is more efficient to personalize the approach rather than customizing every single message. He emphasizes the need for brief and focused messaging that addresses the specific challenges and interests of the prospect.

00:32:24 – Customization vs Personalization Based on Team Size,
David explains that the approach to customization and personalization should depend on the size of the team and the number of leads they are targeting. For smaller teams and high-value accounts, customization and deep research are recommended. However, for SDRs with a larger set of leads, being personal and personalized without customizing every message is more effective. The focus should be on asking relevant questions and providing value in a concise manner.

00:34:10 – The PVC Sales Methodology,
Mario Martinez Jr. introduces the PVC sales methodology, which stands for personalization, value, and a call to action. He provides examples of how personalization can be done on an individual level, such as referencing a prospect’s shared interest in a message. He also suggests a persona-based approach for sales automation, where a concise message addresses the common challenges faced by the target audience and offers value-added content.

00:37:13 – The Importance of Patience in Sales Outreach,
Both David and Mario emphasize the need for patience in

00:44:12 – The Power of Building Relationships,
The guest shares a story about how building a strong relationship with an executive assistant helped him gain access to the CIO’s office. He emphasizes the importance of finding and connecting with key gatekeepers to increase sales opportunities.

00:45:52 – The Challenges of Virtual Communication,
The guest discusses the challenges of virtual communication and the lack of personal interaction in today’s business environment. He acknowledges the difficulty of reaching decision-makers without the assistance of receptionists and highlights the role of platforms like LinkedIn in connecting with prospects.

00:46:21 – The Hardest Job in Sales,
The guest believes that the hardest job in sales is prospecting. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the CXO’s perspective and the roles of various stakeholders. He suggests that prospecting will become easier as the sales environment evolves.

00:46:55 – Emerging Trends in Sales Development,
The guest mentions two emerging trends in sales development: the experimentation with full cycle Account Executive Sales (AES) and the integration of AI in sales processes. He advises caution in relying solely on AI and encourages leveraging it while curating and refining its use.

00:49:26 – Best Way to Connect with the Guest,
The guest shares that the best way to connect with him is through LinkedIn, where he is very active and responsive. He also mentions his company’s website as another means of reaching out.

Build Lasting Relationships and Close More Sales

The podcast episode highlights the importance of forging strong relationships to achieve sales success. David Kreiger shares his experiences of gaining access to decision-makers by developing good rapport with key individuals such as executive assistants and receptionists. This rapport builds trust and paves the way for a deeper connection with potential clients, reducing the sales cycle time and increasing conversion rates.

Maximize Prospecting Efforts with an Omnichannel Approach

An omnichannel approach to prospecting is discussed throughout this podcast, emphasizing the need to tailor communication channels to each prospect’s preferences for optimal results. The shift towards virtual phone systems and digital communication platforms like LinkedIn has created new opportunities for initial contact. Balancing these tools with traditional phone calls, according to David and Mario, can significantly maximize outreach and engagement efforts.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit Vengreso.com to learn more about their personal writing assistant and text expander application, FlyMSG.io
  • Take notes during the podcast episode to gather valuable insights and strategies for growing your sales numbers at scale.
  • Check out SalesRoads, the company founded by David Kreiger, to explore their expertise in appointment setting and sales prospecting.
  • Read the case studies on SalesRoads’ website to see impressive results in terms of booking more meetings and growing the sales pipeline for various companies.
  • Consider incorporating phone calls as a powerful tool for cold prospecting, as suggested by David Kreiger. Recognize the importance of human connection and understanding prospects’ pain points through engaging conversations.
  • Embrace an omnichannel approach to prospecting, combining phone calls, emails, LinkedIn messages, and other channels to reach prospects in the most effective way for them.
  • Implement effective phone call strategies, such as using scripts, practicing active listening, and adapting to each prospect’s communication style.
  • Utilize sales automation tools like SalesLoft and Outreach to enhance your prospecting efforts, but avoid relying solely on automated emails and LinkedIn messages. Remember the value of personal connection through phone calls.
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