Get Your Customized
Digital Selling Benchmark Assessment

Are any of these true
of your B2B sales team?

They’re not reaching more than 3% of buyers contacted by email?

They’re reaching less than 10% of buyers contacted by phone?

They’re not expanding within their accounts?

They’re not creating enough sales CONVERSATIONS?

What is the Digital Selling Benchmark Assessment?

Vengreso has surveyed thousands of B2B sales reps across more than 100 companies. We will survey your sales team (minimum 25) with 10 questions designed to assess their digital selling skills across the 6 Phases of the Modern Seller.

The results will be reported to your Sales Leadership in your Customized Digital Selling Benchmark Assessment in a one-hour briefing session.

Get Your Customized Benchmark Assessment

Here is a sample survey question with actual results.

How many times do you share content with your LinkedIn connections to build credibility and provide value?

Today’s modern buyer is digitally connected, socially engaged, mobile attached and video hungry. Consider these facts from LinkedIn®:


of sales leaders report that sales technology is either important or very important to closing deals.


of decision makers won’t engage with salespeople who don’t have insights or knowledge of their business.


of decision makers look for an informative LinkedIn profile when deciding whether to work with a sales professional.


of social sellers outsell peers who don’t use social media.


Social selling leaders are 51% more likely to reach quota.

Does your sales team have the
digital selling skills to engage the modern buyer?

You need the Vengreso Digital Selling Benchmark Assessment if your sales team:

Reaches less than 10% of the people they try to contact

Doesn’t know how to prospect effectively on LinkedIn®

Lacks enough pipeline to make their quota

You’re eligible to order your Digital Selling Benchmark Assessment if:

You’re a B2B sales leader with at least 25 sales reps to assess

You will commit to sending our survey to your sales team

You can commit to a one hour virtual meeting to review the assessment results

You’re committed to helping your sales team understand where they need to improve in digital selling

What makes our Assessment unique?

We’ve surveyed reps at more than 100 companies

Your rep’s results will be benchmarked against industry standards

Designed by our Gold Stevie® Award winning digital selling experts

What does the $2,995 cost of the Vengreso Digital Selling Benchmark Assessment include?


Data collection



One-hour review with sales leadership

Get your team’s digital selling skills assessed.

What you'll discover

  1. Missed opportunities to boost sales pipeline
  2. How your sales team stacks up to industry averages
  3. Immediate remedies to strengthen your team’s digital selling skills

How it works

  1. Have your sales team complete our 10 question survey
  2. That’s it…We’ll do the rest.

We’ll collect your sales team’s information and score it against the 100+ B2B sales teams we’ve previously benchmarked.

Common Questions

Q: Why do I need Vengreso to survey my sales team?

A: We have the Benchmark data for more than 100 B2B sales teams.

Q: Our industry is unique; how will the Benchmark apply to our industry?

A: Digital selling skills are common across all B2B industry segments.

Q: What’s the cost?

A: The cost is $2,995 to run the benchmark analysis. To qualify you must have a B2B sales team of 25+ and be a VP of Sales or C-Level executive and you must agree to a one-hour online meeting to review the findings and our recommendations to improve your sales results.

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