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The Best AI Sales Software In 2024

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Favorite AI Sales Tools

Fly logo on a white background.



From $2.25/mo

A blue circle containing a white arrow pointing upwards with an orange square at the tip, representing growth. Below the circle, "SalesIntel" is written in bold blue text with the letter "t" in orange, symbolizing advanced AI sales tools.



From $69/mo


*Pricing varies

A white, eight-pointed starburst shape is featured against a solid purple background. The points of the starburst have varying lengths, creating a dynamic, irregular look that mirrors the innovative nature of AI Sales tools.


*Pricing varies

A square icon with rounded corners displaying a gradient background transitioning from purple on the left to orange on the right. In the center, there are white, uppercase letters "AI," with "A" slightly taller than "I." This is the logo for Adobe Illustrator, a premier vector graphics design tool.

FlyEngage AI


Free Plan Available

A white silhouette of a person wearing a suit and tie is enclosed within a circular magnifying glass icon on a solid blue background, symbolizing the AI tools essential for sales professionals.



*Pricing varies

A stylized pencil graphic against a dark background. The pencil's upper part is divided into pink, white, yellow, green, and blue vertical segments, resembling a colorful stripe pattern. The pencil tip area is depicted in white, symbolizing creativity inspired by AI Sales Tools.



*Pricing varies

FlyPosts AI


Free Plan Available

Image of a stylized paper airplane icon rendered in a gradient of pink hues. The design is simple with clean lines, and the airplane is tilted upward to the right on a white background, suggesting motion or forward movement—symbolizing the dynamic progress AI sales tools can drive.



From $79/mo

Maximize Your Sales The Best AI Sales Tools to Transform Your Strategy in 2024

2024’s sales superstars are wielding the ultimate weapon: AI sales tools. These aren’t just fancy gadgets – they’re game-changers that turbocharge your sales engine with automation and smart data analysis. From streamlining your daily grind to personalizing every interaction, in this guide we unveil the top AI sales tools that savvy sellers are using to dominate the competition.  Ready to level up your sales game? Buckle up!

Key Takeaways

What is an AI Sales Tool?

Picture a tireless sales collaborator, an analyst with the keen insight of a detective, and a mentor dispensing sound advice without fail. An AI sales tool embodies this combination—integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning to boost the prowess of your sales teams. These tools act as accelerators within your company’s selling framework, enhancing efficiency in operations, automating routine tasks, or offering unified insights into sales data. They serve as:

Visualize technology that not only grasps every nuance of your selling activities, but also energizes them with strategic intelligence based on customer behavior patterns. This is what top-tier AI-powered tools deliver—an opportunity to improve time management skills significantly while boosting output levels dramatically.


Why Should You Use AI Sales Tools

In sales, standing still is like moving backward. To stay ahead of the competition, sales teams are finding AI-powered tools to be essential. By integrating these advanced tools into your strategy, you’ll be able to:

The advantages extend even further. Imagine the surge in productivity achieved when both the efficiency of your processes and effectiveness of meetings improve through unified intelligence exclusive to a sophisticated buyer intelligence platform. 

With powerful AI tools at hand, for example, you have the ability not only to fine-tune pricing using past performance but also pinpoint what tactics work best by monitoring where successes originate from – all enhancing how both sales representatives operate alongside marketing divisions thanks primarily to advances in analytics.

This leads to a streamlined process operating at peak efficiency, enabling your team, equipped with powerful tech-enhanced capabilities, to surpass any competitors in the field.

Revolutionizing Your Sales Game with AI

AI sales herald the beginning of a transformative era in which sales representatives are liberated from monotonous tasks and unclear approaches. AI-powered sales software acts as a torchbearer for innovation, steering sales teams through today’s intricate selling terrain. It assures that choices are well-informed, exchanges make significant impacts, and endeavors are fine tuned for triumph.

Incorporating artificial intelligence into the sales methodology isn’t merely an incremental improvement. It represents a profound overhaul propelling companies to lead in competitive markets. This integration equips them with advanced tools to capitalize on prospects and amplify conversion rates unprecedentedly.

Unpacking the Power of AI in Sales

AI acts as a crucial catalyst, unleashing the latent abilities within sales teams by taking over monotonous, repetitive tasks. This shift enables sales professionals to dedicate their energy toward high-level strategic endeavors that contribute significantly to revenue growth. The influence of AI is not confined solely to task automation.

In fact, it revolutionizes interaction through predictive and generative AI technologies, ensuring each customer experience is tailored uniquely using insights rooted in data analytics. Such information optimizes sales forecasting and sharpens the approach taken with various strategies.

The AI Advantage: Boosting Sales Efficiency

Sales busywork is SO yesterday! AI is rewriting the sales playbook, taking efficiency to warp speed. Platforms like are making calendar Tetris a thing of the past, while AI assistants like Apollo are like your super-powered wingman, identifying ideal prospects and streamlining interactions. This frees up sales reps to focus on what matters most: building killer client relationships and sealing the deal. 

But wait, there’s more! AI tools like Sembly AI record your client calls and dish out golden nuggets of insight, so you can crush your next conversation with laser focus and skyrocket your productivity.

From Data to Deals: Leveraging AI Insights

Within the sales domain, leveraging data is essential and AI-driven sales tools hold the power to transform vast amounts of data into strategic paths for achievement. Clearbit serves as a prime example by delivering:

AI acts as a navigational aid leading sales teams from raw data to finalized deals, be it via applications like Clari, which offer instant predictive analytics or Aptivio, which unveils patterns in prospect behavior.

Curated List of AI Tools Elevating
Sales Teams in 2024



Robust and versatile text expander tool that integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn, Google, and more.

Plans start at $2.25/mo

A minimalist logo featuring a stylized orange hippopotamus face. The design includes simple shapes to represent the eyes, ears, and snout against a circular peach-colored background. The overall look is playful and friendly, similar to intuitive AI Sales Tools, with a focus on clean lines and a two-tone color scheme.

Hippo Video

Video Distribution Platform to Easily Create Personalized Videos And Distribute Them Through Multiple Channels.

Plans start at $20/mo

A square icon with rounded corners displaying a gradient background transitioning from purple on the left to orange on the right. In the center, there are white, uppercase letters "AI," with "A" slightly taller than "I." This is the logo for Adobe Illustrator, a premier vector graphics design tool.

FlyEngage AI

Want to drive LinkedIn engagement and reach more buyers? Use FlyEngage AI, the FREE LinkedIn AI comments tool to help you get noticed!

You can try it for free

FlyPosts AI

FlyMSG recently launched a FREE social media AI post generator that will revolutionize the content creation process.

Use it for free today!

A blue square icon features a white magnifying glass symbol with a person wearing a suit and tie centered inside the circular lens area, representing sales tools. The person is depicted as a simple, white silhouette.


Seamless.AI is a real-time B2B data provider that provides verified emails, cell phone numbers and sales insights.

Free trial available

A white, eight-pointed starburst shape is featured against a solid purple background. The points of the starburst have varying lengths, creating a dynamic, irregular look that mirrors the innovative nature of AI Sales tools.


Gong transforms organizations with an accurate understanding of customer interactions to increase business efficiency.

Pricing varies



FlyMSG automates the written word with just a few keystrokes, helping you to type less and do more. Set up your free personal writing assistant and auto text expander today!

1. Get Your Time Back and Do What Matters Most

With a few short keystrokes, FlyMSG reduces the time it takes for you to complete repetitive tasks. Using our auto text expander, FlyMSG, saves you 20+ hours a month, allowing you to do more in less time.

2. Communicate More Efficiently with an Auto Text Expander

Categorize, organize, and store your best-performing messages or snippets in the cloud with FlyMSG so you can deploy them anywhere within seconds, not minutes.

3. Increase Engagement Through Consistency

FlyMSG’s content storage and text expansion capabilities allow you to quickly leverage branded content, making it easy for you to maintain consistent language and tonal uniformity.

Pricing: FlyMSG has freemium or plans start at $2.25 per month

Ratings: 4.8 out of 5 on G2

2. HippoVideo

HippoVideois a software for video prospecting that lets users produce personalized outreach videos on a large scale.

It aids businesses in crafting and distributing video content to connect with prospects and clients. HippoVideo enables users to create AI-powered interactive videos customized for each prospect, making it especially beneficial for sales prospecting. The platform includes both pre-built and custom workflows, automating the video creation process and removing the need for manually recording numerous videos.

This enables users to engage a large number of prospects while maintaining a personal touch, which helps achieve a high conversion rate.

Pricing: HippoVideo has four plans priced at $0, $20, $60, and $80 per month, with increasing features for customers to choose from.

Ratings: HippoVideo is rated 4.5/5 on G2 (633 reviews)

3. Woodpecker

Woodpecker is a handy cold email tool that makes it easy for B2B companies to reach out to potential clients and business partners while keeping communication lines open. It takes care of email tasks automatically, letting you personalize messages and set up custom delivery scenarios. Plus, Woodpecker gives you insights on open and response rates, so you can fine-tune your content for better engagement. Managing your subscriber lists is also simple and transparent.

In short, Woodpecker is a great asset for boosting sales, building business relationships, and enhancing email marketing efforts.

Pricing: Woodpecker is rated 4.4/5 on G2 (40 reviews)

Ratings: Woodpecker starts at $49 monthly per email profile

4. Buzz

Buzz leverages advanced AI algorithms to sift through trends and data points, pinpointing prime investment opportunities. The platform meticulously scans social media, news outlets, and various sources to spot conversations about specific stocks or industries.

Buzz redefines how people connect, offering a smooth, predictable funnel of interactions that seamlessly bridges users to their ideal clients. It’s an effortless sales engagement platform for revenue teams, optimizing prospecting activities and empowering teams to engage with more prospects, ultimately closing more deals.

Pricing: Buzz has a basic plan that starts at $95 per month.

Ratings: Buzz is rated 4.7/5 on G2 (67 reviews)


Reply  is a cold outreach solution designed to automate your efforts in connecting with potential clients. With tools for managing contact lists, sending automated messages, and scheduling follow-ups, it helps you save time and boost your outreach success.

The platform features an AI writing assistant that gives tips on writing more effective sales emails. It also supports multi-channel outreach, enabling you to use LinkedIn for semi-automated interactions.

Reply’s pricing varies based on the number of profiles you integrate.

Price: Reply offers several plans starting from $60/mo per user.

Ratings: Reply is rated 4.6/5 on G2 (1026 reviews)

6. Outplay

Outplay is a comprehensive sales engagement platform designed to enhance the efficiency of sales teams through a range of features. These include multichannel outreach, automated outbound sales, prospect tracking, a lead-sourcing marketplace, and a meeting scheduler.

It serves as an all-inclusive solution for personalized multichannel outreach, detailed reporting, and seamless integration with various CRMs and email platforms. Outplay stands out with features such as power dialing, AI-driven conversational insights, and access to a vast lead-sourcing database, all aimed at revolutionizing sales engagement without the expense of multiple tools.

Additionally, Outplay offers specialized tools like Sales Prospecting, a Multi-channel Sales Engagement platform, Inbound Conversion and Scheduling tools, and a Conversational Intelligence platform. With an intuitive user interface and robust customer support, Outplay ensures teams can swiftly achieve their targets without logistical hurdles.

Pricing: Outplay starts at $79 per user per month.

Ratings: Outplay is rated 4.5/5 on G2 (226 reviews)

7. Amplemarket

Amplemarket  is a sales platform rooted in data, offering advanced outreach capabilities like customized messaging, multi-channel sequences, and AI-driven optimization.

Its integrated AI streamlines operations for sales reps, providing data-driven insights to refine targeting strategies and ensure emails avoid spam filters. In cases where issues arise, it autonomously takes corrective actions, such as inbox warming, to enhance deliverability.

Price: Amplemarket’s plans are custom and require you to talk with their sales team beforehand.

Ratings: Amplemarket is rated 4.5/5 on G2 (138 reviews)

8. Smartlead

Smartlead  is a cold email software designed to streamline sales prospecting activities. It features contact list management, automated messaging, follow-ups, and email warm-up capabilities.

With Smartlead, businesses and sales professionals benefit from unlimited profiles at a fixed price, making it a cost-effective choice for managing high-volume cold email campaigns. It can be significantly more economical—up to 10 to 20 times less expensive—compared to alternative solutions, making it ideal for scaling cold email efforts efficiently.

Price: Smartlead offers several plans starting from $29/mo. We recommend going for the $94/mo that allows you to scale your outreach efforts with almost no limits.

Ratings: Smartlead is rated 4.9/5 on G2 (10 ratings)

9. Apollo AI

Apollo is a robust sales intelligence platform designed to support prospecting, engagement, and revenue generation efforts. Sellers and marketers rely on its tools to identify potential customers, connect with contacts, and develop effective go-to-market strategies.

With a vast B2B database containing over 260 million contacts and 60 million companies, Apollo offers extensive and accurate data resources. Teams can efficiently scale outbound activities and sequences using the platform’s Engagement Suite. Additionally, Apollo’s Intelligence Engine provides insights and analytics to optimize go-to-market processes and enhance closing rates.

Apollo recently introduced an AI assistant integrated with their existing data.

Currently in beta, Apollo AI offers early access registration for interested users.

Pricing: Apollo starts at $39 per user per month

Ratings: Apollo is rated 4.8/5 on G2 (4,484 reviews)

10. Kixie

Kixie boosts sales team efficiency with automated calling and texting integrated into top CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce. Initiate calls or texts with a single click from your CRM or any Chrome webpage. All interactions are automatically logged, streamlining data management.

For customer-facing teams, the Kixie PowerCall Chrome extension unlocks advanced calling features. It identifies phone numbers on webpages and provides click-to-call buttons for effortless dialing. Kixie also automates logging calls, texts, and activities in your CRM, freeing salespeople to focus on closing deals.

Pricing: Kixie starts at $35 per month

Rating: Kixie is rated 4.6/5 on G2 (360 reviews)

AI Video Prospecting Tools

What is an AI Video Prospecting Tool?

Video prospecting tools are great for elevating your outreach and help you engage potential clients on a more personal level. Forget the days of blasting generic emails that vanish into the inbox abyss. Video prospecting is the sales engagement secret weapon you need to stand out from the crowd and skyrocket conversions.

These innovative tools empower you to ditch the script and connect with prospects on a human level – through the power of video.

Here’s the real game-changer: AI-powered personalization. Imagine crafting personalized video messages at scale, where each prospect feels like they’re getting a one-on-one intro.

Ready to unleash the video prospecting revolution? Scroll down for the top AI-powered software to watch your response rates soar.

Top AI Video Prospecting Tools


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo

11. Reachout AI

Reachout.AI: Ditch the Inbox & Connect with Personalized Video Emails (Starts at $249): Streamline your sales process and boost engagement with Reachout.AI! This platform lets you ditch the traditional inbox struggle and connect with prospects through personalized 1:1 video messages. No need to record endless videos – simply craft catchy scripts, personalize emails, or upload pre-recorded videos with dynamic backgrounds. Reachout.AI empowers you to create impactful video emails in a flash, even allowing customization of thumbnails, avatars, and even voice-overs.

Reachout.AI offers a one-time fee starting at $249, making it an affordable way to personalize your outreach and stand out from the crowd. (5/5 rating on G2)

12. Tavus

Tavus Make Millions of Personalized Videos with One Recording (Pricing Not Public): Tired of creating endless videos for your outreach efforts? Tavus is your game-changer! This AI-powered platform lets you record one video and magically personalize it for a massive audience. Imagine sending targeted sales messages, lead generation content, or even recruitment videos – all seemingly unique to each recipient. Tavus automates personalization, making your outreach feel genuine and increasing engagement.

Schedule a demo and discover how Tavus can revolutionize your video outreach strategy.

13. Potion

Potion: Craft Personalized Video Outreach in a Flash (Starts at $250/mo/user): Tired of one-size-fits-all video messages? Potion is your secret weapon for personalized outreach at scale! This AI-powered platform simplifies video creation and customization, letting you craft targeted messages for prospects, partners, or even job seekers. Unlike clunky video tools, Potion uses AI to personalize each video automatically. This ensures every recipient feels like they’ve received a unique message, boosting engagement and response rates.

Level up your video outreach with Potion and watch your connections soar. (4.8/5 rating on G2)

AI Sales Copywriting Tools

What is an AI Sales Copywriting Tool?

AI sales copywriting software is your secret weapon for crafting high-octane sales messages  powered by the magic of artificial intelligence. Imagine a tool that analyzes customer data and behavior to churn out personalized copy for all your marketing firepower – emails, social media, landing pages, you name it.

The result? Time saved, resources freed, and content that converts like a dream.

While AI is impressive, it’s not quite human. It’s crucial to review and edit the output to ensure it packs the punch and creativity of a human copywriting pro.

Top AI Sales Copywriting Tools


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo

14. Regie

Regie: Your Personalized Sales Automation Powerhouse (Starts at $29/month): Stop wasting time crafting individual emails and scripts! Regie is your AI-powered solution for automated personalization at scale. This innovative platform generates custom prospecting workflows, scripts, and even social media interactions – all tailored precisely to your target audience. Regie utilizes a data-driven approach to ensure optimal timing for each touchpoint, maximizing your prospecting efforts. Imagine sending personalized messages that resonate with every prospect, automatically optimized for peak engagement.

Regie offers flexible plans to fit your needs, starting at a budget-friendly $29/month. Scale up your sales outreach and close more deals with Regie. (4.7/5 rating on G2)

15. Warmer

Warmer: Break the Ice with Personalized Sales Outreach (Starts at $97/month): Ditch the generic sales intro and warm up your outreach with Warmer! This AI-powered tool crafts personalized icebreakers based on each prospect’s unique background. Warmer leverages data from LinkedIn profiles and websites to create opening lines that grab attention and spark genuine conversation. Imagine starting every interaction with a personalized intro that gets prospects talking, not deleting.

Warmer offers a paid plan starting at $97/month, empowering you to unlock the power of personalized outreach and convert more leads

16. Lavender

Lavender: Your AI Sales Email Coach (Free Plan Available): Struggling with emails that get lost in the inbox void? Meet Lavender, your on-demand AI coach! This platform provides real-time feedback and expert guidance to transform your email writing, boosting engagement, persuasion, and professionalism. Imagine having a personal writing assistant whispering expert tips in your ear – that’s the magic of Lavender. Its AI analyzes your emails instantly, suggesting improvements for a greater impact and positive replies. Test the waters with the free plan, or take advantage of their generous offer for job seekers.

Paid plans start at just $29/month, making it an affordable investment for improved email performance. (4.9/5 rating on G2)

AI Data Collection Tools

What is AI Data Collection Software?

Data collection tools build prospect lists and come in various forms. Scraping tools collect website information directly. B2B databases offer millions of filterable records. Custom solutions aggregate data from multiple sources to generate hard-to-obtain information.

AI enhances each tool category mentioned. It prioritizes which information to scrape, learns the most relevant data for databases, and simplifies complex processes in aggregating data from various sources.

Top AI Data Collection Tools


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo

17. People Data Labs

People Data Labs (PDL) provides a comprehensive dataset containing resume, contact, social, and demographic information for over 1.5 billion individuals. Enrich your profiles with ease using their free API Key.

PDL empowers businesses to create compliant people data solutions. They integrate thousands of compliant datasets into a single, developer-friendly source of truth. Access over 3 billion profiles to:

  • Enhance Recruitment Platforms
  • Power AI Models
  • Create Custom Audiences
  • And More

Pricing: PDL plans start at $99 per month. (4.6/5 rating on G2)

18. Bitskout

Drowning in paperwork? Bitskout is your lifeline. This powerful tool empowers teams to automate document workflows and extract data from various sources with lightning speed.

Think purchase orders, invoices, business cards, or Bills of Lading – Bitskout can handle it all. Create custom plugins to automatically extract the information you need and integrate it seamlessly with your favorite tools.

Bitskout’s intuitive interface allows you to configure validation workflows, ensuring data accuracy. Set triggers and define verification steps for each task, guiding the extracted content through a streamlined process.

Pricing: Streamline your document workflows with Bitskout. Plans start at just $59 per month.

19. Browse AI

Browse AI is a no-code web automation meets cutting-edge AI with Browse AI. This cloud-based platform simplifies data extraction from any website on the internet.

Extract data from thousands of pages with just a few clicks, and seamlessly integrate Browse AI with your favorite tools like Google Sheets and Zapier. Need custom integrations? Browse AI offers Webhooks and a REST API for ultimate flexibility.

Scale your data extraction needs with Browse AI’s robust capabilities. Extract data lightning-fast from thousands of URLs with the help of cutting-edge technology.

Pricing: Unleash the power of Browse AI. Plans start at just $19 per month for 10,000 credits a year. (4.6/5 rating on G2)

20. Tactic

Empower your sales team with the power of data. Tactic automates the research process, gathering crucial insights on prospects and customers across diverse platforms like Google, LinkedIn, job boards, and annual reports.

Tactic delivers:

  • Targeted Accounts: Identify the perfect fit for your offerings.
  • Intent Triggers: Hone in on buying signals for optimal outreach timing.
  • Detailed Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of your prospects’ needs.

Close more deals with less effort – let Tactic guide your sales strategy.

Pricing: Schedule a demo to explore customized pricing options for Tactic.

21. UseDouble

Say goodbye to tedious manual research. UseDouble, your AI-powered spreadsheet companion, revolutionizes the way you gather information.

Looking for a company’s industry or headquarters location? Simply enter their name and let UseDouble scour the web with GPT’s power. Uncover valuable details like LinkedIn profiles for leads, all within your familiar spreadsheet interface.

Pricing: Unlock the efficiency of AI-powered research. UseDouble plans start at just $19.99 per month

is an internet-connected spreadsheet powered by GPT that can help you search for a company on Google and gather information about its industry and headquarters location. One use case is finding the LinkedIn profile URLs for leads by starting with their full names on a list.

Pricing: Double starts at $19.99 per month

22. IDS

Need to scrape data from websites quickly and easily? Look no further than Instant Data Scraper (IDS). This free browser extension empowers you to grab the information you need with minimal effort.

Simply point IDS at the webpage and select the data you want to extract. With the help of AI, IDS can handle tables, lists, and other structured data formats, saving the extracted content in various formats like CSV, JSON, or Google Sheets.

Pricing: IDS is completely free, making it an accessible solution for anyone needing basic web data extraction. (5/5 rating on Chrome Web Store)

23. Clay

Clay streamlines your prospecting efforts with a comprehensive suite of tools designed for creativity and lead generation. Access over 50 data sources to find your ideal customers, including:

  • Live LinkedIn Data
  • Automated Google Searches
  • Website Keyword Searches
  • Job Listing Scraping

Clay eliminates the need for complex manual data collection. Built-in sources and intuitive automation features empower you to generate high-quality prospect lists efficiently.

Plus, leverage Clay’s GPT-4 integration to personalize emails and connect with prospects on a deeper level.

Pricing: Clay plans start at $129 per month.

24. Ocean

Unlock powerful business intelligence with This platform leverages AI and machine learning to analyze massive datasets from various sources, including social media, company websites, and public records. empowers you to discover and connect with potential customers, providing valuable insights and identifying business opportunities. Stand out from the crowd with features like:

  • Buying Intent: Know the ideal time to reach out to an account.
  • Lookalike Audiences: Build targeted lists similar to your best customers.

Pricing: requires a demo to discuss customized pricing options. (3.9/5 rating on G2)

25. Mattemark

Unearth valuable insights about potential customers and companies with Mattermark. This influential platform empowers you to:

  • Build actionable lead lists
  • Assess signals for buying intent
  • Identify and capitalize on business opportunities

Gain a comprehensive overview of your leads with Mattermark, including location, industry, and company size. Monitor trends in team size, web traffic, media mentions, and more, staying informed about your target market.

Pricing: Mattermark plans start at $49 per user per month.

AI Data Insight Tools

What are AI Data Insights Tools?

Imagine you have a giant box full of puzzle pieces. Regular data insights tools are like helping hands that sort the pieces by color, size, or shape. This lets you see some patterns and connections, but it can still be slow and overwhelming.

AI Data Insights Software is like having a super-powered assistant in that box. It can not only sort the pieces, but also use its knowledge to identify what the picture is supposed to be. It can even predict which pieces go together next, making the whole process much faster and clearer for you.

This is especially helpful in sales. For example, you can use AI to find your ideal customers, predict who’s most likely to buy, and even tailor your pitch based on who’s visiting your website. It’s like having a secret weapon to close more deals.

Top AI Data Insights Tools


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo


FullEnrich is a waterfall enrichment tool that finds emails & phone numbers.

Plans start at $29/mo

26. Nektar

Effortless Sales Data Collection with Nektar (Free Demo): Sales reps, rejoice! Nektar eliminates manual data entry by automatically capturing your sales activity and contact details across various channels. This valuable data syncs to your Salesforce objects, equipping your revenue team with insights into sales productivity, pipeline health, and revenue predictability. Schedule a free demo and supercharge your CRM.

27. MeetGeek

MeetGeek: Revolutionize Meetings with AI ($15/user/month): Enhance collaboration with MeetGeek, your AI-powered meeting assistant. It captures and transcribes conversations, summarizing key points for easy access. Eliminate follow-up calls, ensure everyone stays informed, and focus on high-quality discussions. Ideal for consultants, sales professionals, and hiring teams. (4.7/5 rating on G2)

28. Freshsales

Empower Your Sales Team with Freshsales Suite (Starts at $15/user/month): Attract high-quality leads, engage in personalized conversations, leverage AI insights, and nurture customer relationships – all on one platform. Freshsales Suite seamlessly integrates email, phone, chat, and telephony, streamlining workflows and boosting productivity through automation. Close more deals and accelerate growth. (4.6/5 rating on G2)

29. Humantic AI

Build Stronger Relationships & Drive Revenue with Humantic AI (Starts at $16/user/month): Unlock the power of human behavior prediction. Humantic AI analyzes prospect preferences and communication styles, empowering you to foster long-term customer relationships. Sales teams leverage Humantic’s Personality AI to identify early adopters, personalize outreach, and gain critical customer insights for each deal. Boost your sales effectiveness and close more deals.

30. Clearbit

Clearbit: Unify Customer Data & Gain Business Insights (Pricing Not Public): Consolidate customer and prospect data from various sources into a single view with Clearbit. Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and interests, allowing you to create targeted marketing campaigns, improve sales and customer service processes, and make better business decisions. (4.4/5 rating on G2)

31. Autobound

Autobound: Generate Personalized Sales Emails with Data-Driven Insights (Pricing Not Public): Leverage data sources to auto-generate personalized sales emails with Autobound. It gathers insights from news, technologies used by companies, and job hiring trends to craft relevant outreach.

32. Crystal

Crystal Knows: Understand Personalities & Build Relationships (Starts at $49/month): CrystalKnows uses AI to analyze publicly available information and create personality profiles. Gain insights into people’s communication styles and preferences, allowing you to better approach and interact with clients and build stronger relationships. It can also be used to gain insights into potential hires. (4.5/5 rating on G2)

33. Tomi AI

Tomi AI Prioritizes Revenue Over Leads ($1500/month): Put website visitor privacy first with Tomi AI. It offers lead scoring to help businesses understand which visitors are most likely to convert. Leverage this data to create targeted advertising audiences and maximize revenue while reducing marketing expenses. Tomi AI also provides insights into traffic quality and generates lead scores to help sales teams close more deals. (4.7/5 rating on G2)

34. Momentum

Streamline Sales Workflows with Momentum (Pricing Not Public): Boost sales efficiency with Momentum, a no-coding platform that integrates with existing sales tools. It offers features like Slack deal rooms, deal desk approvals, and automatic file capture, promoting faster deal closures, improved collaboration, and accountability. Reduce context switching and focus on what matters most – closing deals.

AI Email Deliverability Tools

What is an AI Email Deliverability Tool?

If you’re writing a super important letter, you want to make sure it gets right into the hands of the person you’re sending it to. Regular email delivery is like tossing it in a giant mail chute – it might get there, but there’s a chance it could end up lost or stuck in the spam pile.

AI Email Deliverability Software is like having a personal mail carrier for your important messages. It checks to make sure the address is real (like an email verification tool), avoids any suspicious characters (like spam testing), and even warms up the recipient’s mailbox with friendly greetings (like email warming tools) to build a good reputation. All thanks to the power of AI!

This way, you can be confident your emails are landing safely in inboxes, ready to be read, not gathering dust in the digital spam room.

Top AI Email Deliverability Tools


Mailivery boosts email deliverability with AI-generated messages. ‍

Plans start at $40/mo


Mailreach is the best email warm-up tool to land in the inbox every time.
Plans start at $25/mo