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The Top 21 Best Writing Apps for 2023 to Improve Your Writing Skills


Are you looking to transform your writing in the next couple of years? We have carefully curated a remarkable collection of 21 best writing apps that have been specifically developed to enhance and refine your written communication abilities, regardless of whether you are working on a piece of imaginative fiction, a screenplay, or even a blog.

So let’s get started on this amazing list of the best free writing apps that will elevate your wordsmithing abilities!

When utilized effectively, writing tools can be immensely powerful in refining word choices, improving syntax, and correcting spelling errors. So why wait? Familiarize yourself with these amazing resources today.

As an English major who is also the author of 4 (soon to be 5) books, and a contributor to many more books and well known magazines and blogs, let me tell you – writing ain’t easy! I struggle with the actual typing, spelling and grammar. Others are challenged by ideation and creation. But whatever challenge you face when it comes to your writing project, some of the writing apps and writing software out there might be the solution for you!

Short Summary

  • Discover the top 11 writing apps for creative writers to stay organized and productive!
  • Explore amazing productivity tools like FocusWriter, Freedom & Evernote to maximize focus and creativity.
  • Enjoy convenient access on mobile devices with Scrivener (Mobile), Microsoft Word (Mobile) & Google Docs (Mobile)! Get excited – it’s time to write!

Top 11 Writing Apps for Creative Writers

hands typing on a keyboard

As we enter 2023, creative writers require reliable and efficient tools to stay productive in this fast-paced world. With a wide range of the most fascinating writing tools, and apps available online, selecting the right one for your needs can be tricky.

If you want to boost your writing skills and save valuable time, our top 11 selection of powerful writing applications is exactly what you need! These tools are perfect for both professional writers and aspiring authors.

From grammar checkers to organizational functions – these best writing software and creative writing apps will undoubtedly help improve your entire writing process and get you to that final draft quicker!

1. Scrivener

Scrivener is an excellent writing app, specially tailored for those who do long form writing. Like books. It offers a range of templates and advanced features to help streamline the creative process while providing helpful tools such as virtual notecards and research tracking.

While there is no free version, with its competitive pricing structure coupled with these refined elements, it’s ideal for novelists, scriptwriters or any other long form writers that demands longer written content production.

This would be a nonstarter for me – there isn’t a built-in spelling checker included. So if you decide to use Scrivener for all its other awesome options, you might want to add a spell checker browser extension like Linguix, if this is something important in your workflow.

2. Ulysses

ulysses logo

Ulysses is a very user-friendly, distraction-free writing app designed specifically for MacOS and iOS users. It’s considered a best writing app on the market because it offers keyword labeling options with easy split screen view, progress tracking capabilities as well as organizing all your writing projects together in its sidebar.

One of the things that makes this software truly remarkable is its Markdown formatting. It enables writers to maintain their workflow during each session while also simplifying the editing process.

Despite being limited in features, the free version still stands out as the perfect option for those who prioritize ease and simplicity when utilizing such tools.

3. iA Writer

iA Writer is fairly standard writing app and a great option for those looking to have an uncluttered writing experience. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or new to the craft, this app caters to all. With convenient tools like dark mode and syntax highlighting, you can focus on your writing without any unnecessary distractions.

Best of all, users can take advantage of a free 14-day free trial period plus affordable pricing once they decide it’s right for them. The minimalistic design makes this tool especially preferred by those who seek simplicity in their work processes while still maintaining its advanced characteristics.

4. Plottr

Plottr logo best writing apps

For authors in search of a well-structured story outline,Plottr offers an invaluable solution. Its user-friendly interface, visual organization capabilities, and color-coded scene and plot point categorization make it a valuable tool for your planning process, all for the affordable price of $25.

Aside from these impressive capabilities, users can take advantage of off timelines functionality, template plots cards to get you started quickly too!

5. Reedsy Book Editor

The Reedsy Book Editor is a perfect tool for authors seeking an efficient, uncluttered writing environment that transforms their manuscript into the final product with all the necessary typesetting elements. This powerful program includes helpful notifications that remind writers to stay on task if they slip up in achieving goals and deadlines.

This editor is designed to be easy to use and has impressive features. It can create books that are ready for publication without needing a lot of manual work. This saves a lot of time during the production process. (Note to self – take a look at this for your next self-published book!)

It’s not cheap – but does offer a 14-day free trial, so you can try it out!

6. yWriter

yWriter logo best writing apps

yWriter is novel writing software that makes it effortless for novelists to organize their works into scenes and chapters. It offers an extremely orderly user interface which can divide stories up, measure progress conveniently, and generate summaries like an expert.

yWriter, with its useful features for storing notes on characters, locations, objects, and scene layouts in a single location, offers exceptional organizational capabilities. This makes it ideal for many fiction writers, who require efficient methods of structuring their books while keeping track of their progress.

Unfortunately, this application only runs on Windows, but still proves useful nonetheless!

7. Storyist

Storyist is a powerful writing tool with an array of features, such as including comments and images in formatted manuscripts or screenplays. It provides affordable pricing options geared towards those just beginning to write scripts. With special manuscript and screenplay templates, Storyist allows aspiring authors to focus on their craft instead of having to worry about formatting complexities.

There is no free trial, but the iOS version is only $19 (at the time of this publication.)

8. Linguix

One of my favorites, (I’m using it right now), Linguix is an easy-to-use, cost-effective spelling and grammar checker app which offers advice to enhance writing style and clarity.

This program powered by AI is extremely valuable for non-English speakers, as it offers a spellcheck feature, a punctuation validator, and even support for grammar and text paraphrasing. These incredible tools are ideal for enhancing written communication skills.

The interface has been designed so that users have no problems operating the tool with ease, viewing full explanations when errors are encountered in writing prompts, enabling them to grasp why they occurred in order gain more control over their writing proficiency.

9. Grammarly

Grammarly logo best writing apps

Unlike the novel writing software above, Grammarly works on all online writing! It is an effective, web-based writing tool that helps improve grammar and spelling, a helpful companion when writing short pieces.

It offers great advice such as preventing passive voice or using shorter sentences to increase the variety of words used.

To offer spell checking services, Grammarly also provides users with AI assistance for their compositions. For just $29.99 per month, you can have access to a plagiarism checker tool that will ensure your work is flawless before it gets published. It’s definitely worth investing in if you want to present your work in its best possible form!

10. ProWritingAid

Want to make your writing more interesting and easy to understand? ProWritingAid could be the perfect solution for you! It provides an analysis of vocabulary, sentence structure, and other features that can help polish up your text.

Moreover, it offers a complimentary trial in addition to budget-friendly pricing alternatives, rendering this formidable instrument an excellent value for your money, particularly if you frequently produce extensive written content.

With its remarkable range of features and intuitive interface, writers of all levels, from novices to experts, can unleash their full potential in creating captivating works from blank page to final draft that will captivate readers worldwide.

11. Hemingway

Hemingway logo

Named after the celebrated American novelist who was renowned for his clear and concise writing style, Hemingway is a useful app which offers feedback about sentence length, word count, choice, passive voice usage and adverb frequency in order to enhance your prose.

The software features a user-friendly interface which simplifies the process of pinpointing areas that require improvement. This is made possible by a well-designed color-coded system that identifies lengthy sentences as well as redundant phrases with ease.

You can spot any passive language within seconds using this incredibly convenient application!

12. Wordtune

Wordtune logo

Wordtune is a writing tool with an AI-powered interface that helps you improve your skills by suggesting different words and phrases to enhance your copy. With its straightforward design, it allows for quick revisions, so the content can become more clear.

This app offers users free access to the app. Reasonably priced plans from $9.99/month, perfect for anyone wanting to take their writing abilities up a notch!

13. is a top-notch writing and editing tool, with exceptional features that equip writers to create consistent content for their marketing, HR and social media teams.

I remember playing around with in its earlier iterations (before AI.) Now it offers an advanced editor, customizable style guide and template library alongside its user-friendly layout – this AI word processor has it all!

You can make your documents as visually appealing or simple as desired using the built-in design options while you also have the choice to craft personalized templates to ensure uniformity across various platforms when conveying messages.

Not only does this writing app save time, but it also produces professional-looking output quickly with minimal effort required from its users.

14. Ginger Software

Ginger logo writing app

Ginger Softwareis a good writing app for people who want to improve their grammar and spelling, but don’t need all the fancy features from the other writing apps. This incredibly affordable writing app has powerful AI-based features, including an advanced spell checker, punctuation verifier and efficient grammar checking tool.

If you’re seeking an uncomplicated alternative to pricier competitors that also boasts features for enhancing English writing, Ginger Software is the perfect choice. Not only is it budget-friendly, but it also delivers dependable language accuracy without sacrificing excellence.

Best Writing Apps for Productivity and Focus

Maintaining productivity and focus while writing is essential, which is why we’ve collected the best apps that are suited for this task. These writing tools will help you get going quickly and maintain concentration throughout your creative project. Whether it’s a novel or blog post, these best free writing resources can fight off distractions so that progress comes more easily during each session!

Productivity and distraction-free workflows have never been easier with the top list of applications specifically designed to enhance one’s creativity. Consider making use of them today if you’re after sharpened focus when working on written pieces!

15. FlyMSG and FlyWrite AI

FlyMSG Logo Best Writing Apps

I’m not gonna lie. FlyMSG is one of my favorite productivity apps for a lot of reasons! Even if it wasn’t one of my company’s software products, I’d still be using it!

FlyMSG is an AI writing app and auto text expander that allow users to create shortcuts or abbreviations for frequently used phrases, which then expand into the full text when typed. These tools can be useful for increasing typing efficiency and productivity.

But wait – there’s more….

Introducing FlyWrite AI: Your Ultimate Writing Assistant for Marketers, Sellers, Business Owners, Customer Service and Knowledge Workers

Download FlyMSG NOW and get ready to experience the revolutionary new feature, FlyWrite AI. (Coming Soon.) With its advanced capabilities, FlyWrite AI writer is here to transform the way you compose messages and emails using the power of artificial intelligence. This total writing assistant is designed to enhance your productivity and enable you to create compelling content effortlessly.

Whether you need assistance with crafting engaging comments, thought-provoking social posts, or impactful emails, FlyWrite AI has got you covered. It simplifies the writing process and helps you achieve your goals more efficiently. Let’s explore the incredible features and functions that FlyWrite AI brings to the table:

1. Effortless Composition: With FlyWrite AI, writing paragraphs, creating lists, composing messages, and crafting emails becomes a breeze. The AI-powered assistant provides real-time content, suggestions and guidance to help you convey your thoughts effectively.

2. Seamless Social Engagement: When someone shares a post or sends you a message on social media platforms, FlyWrite AI empowers you to respond promptly. You can choose from pre-defined options like “Agree” or “Disagree” and effortlessly generate a well-crafted reply. If needed, you can go back, delete, or regenerate the response until it perfectly aligns with your intentions.

3. LinkedIn Messaging and Sales Nav Integration: FlyWrite AI seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn Messaging and Sales Nav, bringing its writing prowess to these platforms. By using the “Write an email with AI” button or popup in Gmail or Outlook, you can harness the power of FlyWrite AI to compose or respond to emails with ease.

4. Customization and Personalization: Tailoring your messages to match specific use cases and voices is made simple with FlyWrite AI. Whether you need an academic, general, creative, neutral, parody, poetic, or shorthand tone, FlyWriteAI adapts to your requirements, allowing you to express yourself uniquely.

5. Templated Prompts and Custom Content: FlyWrite AI offers a range of templated prompts to jumpstart your writing. You can also create your own prompts using custom content, giving you the flexibility to address various scenarios and industries.

6. Variable Integration: Personalization is key, and FlyWrite AI enables you to add variables like first names, company names, or your own name to create more customized and engaging messages. This feature ensures your communication feels tailored and relevant to your audience.

7. Create a FlyMSG from FlyWrite AI: With FlyWrite AI writer, you can save your well-crafted messages, lists or emails as a FlyMSG to use over and over again. This allows you to build a repository of high-quality content that can be reused and even shared with your team – saving you time and effort.

FlyWrite AI will revolutionize the way you write and engage with others, making the process faster, more efficient, and highly effective. It will empower marketers, sellers, business owners, customer service and knowledge workers to generate impactful content effortlessly. Upgrade your skills and maximize your productivity with FlyWrite AI from Vengreso’s FlyMSG.

Coming soon, download your free version of FlyMSG now and instantly get the updates as they are launched!

16. FocusWriter

FocusWriter is a free writing app for both Mac and Windows users. It has been designed to create an environment without any distractions, helping writers remain focused on the task at hand through its minimalist interface.

The font size can be adjusted as desired while progress tracking lets you keep tabs of your work, all topped off with a timer that allows writers to set themselves sprints! If having few interruptions is what’s needed in order for creativity to flow uninterruptedly, then FocusWriter provides just that. Offering convenience, clarity and allowing one to only concentrate solely on their written words.

17. Freedom

Freedom logo butterfly best writing apps

For writers looking to become more productive and focused, Freedom provides a popular solution. It blocks distracting websites and apps so that writing sessions can stay uninterrupted.

With the seven-session free trial available as well as reasonable subscription fees, many respected authors have credited this service for their improved productivity when it comes to crafting words on paper or online! Give it a try today – you won’t regret making use of its features!

18. Evernote

Evernote is a great free writing app that comes with various organizational layouts, tags and the Web Clipper for individuals to save their thoughts. This tool is indispensable for executives, entrepreneurs, and creative individuals, helping them organize and record their thoughts. It is an outstanding productivity and writing app that is perfect for all writers.

I used Evernote exclusively before we developed FlyMSG. Now I house, sort and find my snippets in FlyMSG – but I still use Evernote to house my one off writing!

To its structuring benefits, this writing program provides users the opportunity to cooperate on projects while being able to access notes from any electronic device quickly too! Thus Evernote has become incredibly adaptive, allowing you to customize your needs. Keeping all ideas in easy reach at any time.

Best Writing Apps for Mobile Devices

woman with glasses looking at her mobile phone for best writing apps

For the modern digital worker, having a reliable free writing app available on their mobile devices is necessary. Whether you are brainstorming thoughts during your daily travels or altering manuscripts while waiting in line – these superior free writing apps made for portable gadgets make sure that productivity never stops and it can be easily achieved when out of office.

The appropriate applications make creation, adjusting and publishing documents simple with any device allowing access to progress even when away from home. So finding an effective best-free program becomes vital for keeping ahead of projects wherever you go!

19. Scrivener (Mobile)

Scrivener logo (Mobile)

Scrivener (Mobile) is a mobile writing app and a version of the acclaimed desktop writing application, offering writers powerful organization and editing functions when they’re on the go.

Its text editor, outliner and keyboard allow users to take advantage of all the features that Scrivener has to offer away from their desktop computer. This makes it an ideal choice for those needing flexibility in terms of where they write, giving them access anytime anywhere! For only $24!

20. Microsoft Word (Mobile)

Microsoft Word (Mobile) is a best free writing app I use all the time. It brings the exceptional writing experience of its highly acclaimed desktop counterpart to mobile devices, empowering users with a suite of robust and convenient formatting tools that can be readily accessed from their portable devices.

The app’s user-friendly interface provides an array of features that let you format text efficiently, add images effortlessly, and work with other people collaboratively. Plus it can open files in various formats, so sharing your output isn’t difficult at all!

This popular software tool offers unmatched convenience and top-notch performance when creating texts, thanks to its specially designed efficient advanced capabilities for mobile devices and Microsoft Word’s signature characteristics.

21. Google Docs (Mobile)

Google Docs (Mobile) logo

And for those of you who are avid Google Drive and Google Docs users, we can’t forget Google Docs (Mobile). This best writing app is an effortless, web-based writing application that offers a secure way to store and share content from mobile devices.

With its user-friendly interface an. seamless integration with Google Drive, this versatile tool makes accessing documents a breeze for writers who are constantly on the move. Moreover, it enables them to work in real-time with colleagues who are also engaged in similar projects.

Collaborating on file sharing is made much easier as individuals can grant access to others and work collaboratively on the same project without any difficulties in viewing each other’s real-time updates. As such, Google Docs Mobile proves valuable for those needing multi-person collaboration when creating written works!


These 21 best writing tools and apps are the perfect way for anyone, professional writers, to dabblers and hacks, to reach their full potential and create amazing work.

No matter what type of material you wish to write, these incredible software tools are specifically designed to enhance your creativity, productivity, and even accessibility on mobile devices.

Discover how each tool enhances your skills by exploring them all today! No longer do writers have to be limited when it comes to using top quality creative writing tools. Now there’s an app out there that is just right for whatever kind of project one has in mind.

Boosting your abilities as a scribe does not require much effort either – take advantage of modern day technology’s offerings like never before with this selection of 21 first-class applications from 2023!

Frequently Asked Questionscubes with the letters FAQ on it


What writing apps do writers use?

Writers rely on a range of different free writing tools and applications to craft compelling stories, from well-known programs such as Scrivener and Microsoft Word right through to free offerings like Google Docs and Grammarly.

Using the correct desktop app used for your project can make it easy for you to research, write, rearrange and revise your work in order that it really stands out.

Is Linguix the best writing app?

Linquix is the perfect tool to take your writing up a notch. With its support, you can quickly recognize mistakes in what you write and have detailed information about why they are errors.

Which software is best for writing?

a cube with a question mark on it

Are you in search of the optimal software to compose a book? Look no further! Among these top 15 selections, from word processors to exclusive writing programs for books, there is sure to be one that satisfies your needs. Thus select what fits best and begin your magnum opus!

Make sure not miss out on any essential detail while crafting words into sentences with these nifty tools. Each having distinct features making it easy to write down masterpieces without compromising facts or overall tone. Don’t hesitate!

What apps should I use for writing?

If you’re set on writing a book in 2023, then some of the leading apps available to help you write books now are FlyWrite AI, Microsoft Word, Scrivener, ProWritingAid and Google Docs. To assist with the final draft of your composition masterpiece, there is also Freedom Editor, Hemingway App and Storywriter! All eight of these tools offer great features for creating a literary classic.

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