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The Power Of Human In Growth Marketing During A Pandemic


Growth marketing is what drives pipeline and increases sales in the long run. The correlation is undisputed. During a time of social and financial disruption like the current COVID-19 pandemic, growth marketing can be perceived by some as insensitive and opportunistic. What is the modern marketer’s best response?

I’m happy to have Meredyth Jensen as my guest on this episode of the Modern Marketing Engine podcast. She serves as Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Brand Communications at RGP. During our conversation, I learned that RGP is a spinoff from Deloitte in 1996 and has become a global company that has served more than 80 of the Fortune 100 companies with services spanning financial, legal, HR, IT and supply chain.

Meredyth’s perspective is simple yet powerful: Marketing that is human is marketing that works, no matter the social or economic climate. Join us for this intriguing conversation where Meredyth outlines her personal approach to her own marketing career, why RGP has not missed a beat in its marketing efforts despite COVID-19, and to benefit from her advice on ways you might want to adjust your marketing approach to reach your ideal customers.

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We Marketers Still Need To Do Our Job During Social And Economic Crisis

Every season in the life of a business has its unique challenges, but right now (H1 of 2020) companies worldwide are facing unprecedented obstacles. COVID-19 has changed the story when it comes to the needs of the consumer or business we’re marketing to. Many things that used to be pertinent talking points have become irrelevant — or at least no longer appropriate to be part of the marketing conversation. In this environment, marketing teams still have to do their job, albeit with more compassion than ever. Meredyth acknowledges that although this is true, it doesn’t change the approach of brands who have been doing marketing with an authentic emphasis on people all along.

Meredyth approaches marketing from a “human” perspective, meaning she leads her team to craft both her marketing approach and messages to the person on the other end of the conversation. She wants to provide true care FOR that person, whatever form it might take. That’s a big reason why her transition into her current role at RGP is such a perfect fit. Hear more about it when you listen to this episode.

RGP’s moniker is, “The Power of Human.” This is a mindset that most marketers would say they want in their approach but one that’s not always practiced. Listen to this podcast episode to hear Meredyth explain the RGP mindset to get inspired in your own growth marketing strategy.

How Can A Company Be Truly Human and Balance Growth Marketing?

It may sound like hyperbole to say that RGP, a business that serves over 80 of the Fortune 100 companies is a “human” company, but it’s legit. Meredyth explains that she hears it from their customers. One of the most common sentiments expressed by their customers goes something like this, “You don’t just work for us, you work with us.” To Meredyth, that’s proof that the RGP team has “the power of human” in their DNA. The vision is more than a slogan at RGP. Human is how they do business.

The people on the other end of their marketing are what matter. The assumption that when the customer is cared for in a human way, loyalty and profitability are natural outcomes, has proved to be true since their founding in 1996. Marketing practitioners have much to learn from such a great example. Listen to learn more about how to orient your growth marketing around a human approach.

How can a company be truly #human? Join @BernieBorges, #CMO of @GoVengreso and guest @mljinpdx of @RGP for this episode of @MMEnginePodcast. 🎧 Listen! #marketing #SocialSellingClick To Tweet

Growth Marketing Cares For The People On The Other End

At the outset of this episode you’ll hear Meredyth say the following…

“I don’t even want to say we’re marketing to people right now. We’re helping people. How can we be helpful and be a resource and be useful?”

Her comment is at the heart of what it means to be human as a company. It’s a practice of care and concern for the people behind any possible sales conversation. COVID-19 is a stark example of how the circumstances that happen in life impact both the needs of companies as well as the needs of the people within those businesses.

Think it through for your situation — as those you seek to do business with work through the situations caused by this pandemic. Consider how you can be a resource to them in ways that are helpful and of value. That type of care and concern for the people your business serves builds a level of trust that may not yield immediate business results but may open the door to a relationship that can serve both you and them in the future. This mindset is well suited for a virtual sales team as well as they engage in their selling activities with customers whether it’s an existing customer or a new customer.

Join us for this conversation to learn more about how growth marketing can be human. Click the play button above ☝🏽 or listen on your favorite podcast player.

True #GrowthMarketing cares for people. Understand this important mindset shift from @BernieBorges, #CMO of @GoVengreso and guest @mljinpdx of @RGP for this episode of @MMEnginePodcast. 🎧 Listen! #marketing #SocialSelling Click To Tweet

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Outline of This Episode on Growth Marketing

  • [2:06] Meredyth’s role at RGP and the mission of the company
  • [4:55] The three pillar approach to modern marketing Meredyth applies
  • [7:12] What drove RGP’s recent rebrand?
  • [10:45] How RGP achieved its “more human” reputation in the industry
  • [13:28] COVID-19 has impacted growth marketing in these ways
  • [17:04] The sales mindset shift required in the COVID-19 era
  • [22:12] My summary of this conversation and Meredyth’s take away points

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We #marketers still need to do our job during social and economic crises. Learn how from @BernieBorges, #CMO of @GoVengreso and guest @mljinpdx of @RGP for this episode of @MMEnginePodcast. 🎧 Listen! #marketing #SocialSellingClick To Tweet
“I don’t even want to say we’re #marketing to people right now. we’re helping people.” Truth from @mljinpdx of @RGP, guest of @BernieBorges, #CMO of @GoVengreso on the @MMEnginePodcast. 🎧 Listen! #SocialSellingClick To Tweet

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