How to Achieve Success with a Virtual Sales Team

VengresoBlog Post How to Achieve Success with a Virtual Sales Team
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How to Achieve Success with a Virtual Sales Team

The term “virtual sales team” makes many sales managers more than a little nervous. How do you coach them on productivity? Can you really create a positive, high energy culture with a team if they are not physically rubbing elbows with each other?

As a digital sales transformation company, we offer a two-time Gold Stevie® Award-winning virtual, instructor-led sales training. At Vengreso we live, breathe, and die what we teach with our own sales team through our virtual sales training. In fact, our entire workforce is virtual.

In this episode of Vengreso “Ask the Expert,” I asked our Founder and CEO, Mario Martinez, Jr.,  How Do You Preserve Culture within a Virtual Sales Team? It’s challenging when the whole team doesn’t gather together in a physical office space – but it’s absolutely possible to preserve a positive culture.

Mario says that Vengreso was created as a 100% virtual company for three reasons.

First of all, as a startup, it made financial sense.

It also eliminated any geographical constraints to find the best talent. The Vengreso team is scattered across the globe with people in the Philippines, India, and all over North America.

Finally, as a digital sales transformation company, our sales strategy demonstrates to our customers that digital selling works! In fact, it’s even proven by science! There are seven proven neuroscience benefits to virtual sales training.

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How to Succeed with a Virtual Sales Team

Everyone from start-ups to enterprise companies are exploring virtual and hybrid training to lower overhead and find talent across regions.

The challenge is keeping everyone connected and in the know to maintain a culture of success.

Mario recommends using tools and technology to build connection and create a sense of bonding. He says, “Video is really central to building the right type of culture within an organization, and more specifically a sales culture.” This applies internally to the company and externally to customers.

We use to stay connected and have our meetings. It allows us to see each other’s expressions and body language. You can learn a lot more about a person’s emotions and their challenges when you can see their face. Whereas on a phone call you will not see the frown line across their forehead or their confused expression.

In Episode 69 of Selling With Social, Greg Holmes, Head of Sales for goes into more detail and explains 4 Ways to Build a Winning Company and Sales Culture Using Video.

Top Tip to Connect Buyers and Sellers in a Virtual Environment

Keeping your team connected is only part of the puzzle though. Mario also shared his best advice for connecting buyers and sellers in a virtual environment.

He says, “We’ve moved so far past traditional landline audio connections,” that you shouldn’t be sending your customers an audio bridge. Instead, think about what your customers want. You can look at these four cardinal attributes to figure that out. Modern buyers are:

  1. Socially engaged
  2. Digitally connected
  3. Mobile attached
  4. Video hungry

With these qualities in mind, the draw to video is obvious. Don’t let your appearance hold you back from getting on camera with your customers. When a customer can see your facial expressions and gestures it helps them to relate to you and builds a sense of trust.

Mario recommends leading with video, adding that whenever he schedules a meeting, “Virtual Video Conference” is in the subject line. Video is, in a sense, your shortcut to building trust. Use it!

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David Goad

David’s 30-year career spans digital marketing, sales enablement, voice of the customer and demand generation disciplines. He’s passionate about helping to capture and share content that drives more conversations, whether in writing, on video or live on stage. He has a special knack for video storytelling and conducting compelling interviews on camera, including hosting the long-running Launchcast Talkshow with an audience of 18,000 sellers worldwide. As a coach and mentor with Vengreso, he helps individuals become powerful communicators and better sellers through social strategies and video tools. David loves seeing professionals communicating with more clarity and confidence and expanding their personal networks, ultimately resulting in better business outcomes.

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